The Princess and the Nasty Dragon


Level by masha


Walkthrough by Phil Lambeth, using notes provided by Tom.

After the opening flyby through a sun-drenched courtyard, loop around to the right and enter the NW opening.  Go up the stairs, and turn left at the landing.  Continue up more stairs, passing a window on your left, and when you emerge on the upper walkway shoot the archer W.  Turn around and jump E over the short fence and continue around the walkway until you encounter a second archer.  After dealing with him, continue clockwise around the walkway and light a flare near the W end and locate the moveable block to your right.  Push the block forward and it will drop off into the water far below. 

Go back downstairs to the courtyard.  Don't jump into the water and swim to the block, because the less attractive fish in there are deadly piranha.  Instead, go to the SW opening in the fence and note the text message that flashes on your screen.  Take a running jump W to the swingpole and jump off to land on the block.  Activate the jump switch in the wall to lower part of the drawbridge behind you.  To get back, save your game, jump to the swingpole and use the left arrow key to bring Lara to the end of the pole (so she won't bump her head on the wood supports jutting out from the wall).  Swing around several times and jump off to land safely on the other side.  This may take several tries, so be patient.

Get onto the drawbridge and pull down the wall switch on your left to open a gate elsewhere.  Return to the NW opening and go up to the first landing.  The opened gateway is to your right, so enter and pull down the wall switch beyond the curtains in the first alcove to your right.  A trap door is lowered next to the second alcove, so move the block between the two alcoves beneath the opening in the ceiling and climb up to an upper room.  Go into the next room N and pull down the wall switch in the open NW alcove to lower the other half of the drawbridge.   

Stand in front of that large pegged wheel, facing S, and pull the wheel about a half dozen times.  Turn to your right and run into the open alcove, aiming for the wall so that you land on the slope below and bounce off to hit the ground without losing any health.  Take running jumps SW to the drawbridge, then sprint across to the other end and hit the roll (or end) key when you reach the lowering door so that you wind up on the other side. Once inside, open the other half of the door  (if you so desire) by pressing the nearby shield on the wall. Go N into a small anteroom and take the MYSTIC BOOK from the plinth.  It gives you a message with a promise of great reward.  In the S anteroom is a closed gate requiring a key, so head W into another courtyard where you'll encounter a mounted knight.  The first time I played, the knight was stuck in place near the SW corner and refused to come out to fight, and if that should happen to you there's little to do other than reload and try again.  When the knight dies, he drops the TOWER KEY.

Go where the knight was originally positioned (there's a companion horse nearby) and shoot the small crate that's blocking the way to the sand box in the SW corner.  Pull back the sand box, jump over it and push it E.  Move it past the barrels onto the checkered floor, then push it W six times into the next room so that it comes to rest on a raising tile.  Go up the N stairs and push the floor lever you'll find on the upper ledge. Save your game at this point in case you encounter a reported bug in the task that now follows.  Go around to the raised sand box and push it S over the edge and down to the room below.  Some players have reported that Lara refuses to push the box, requiring either a reload from a previous save or use of someone else's savegame.  I did not experience this problem.  When the box falls, Lara goes down with it and the block lowers automatically.  Pull and push the box into the space between the other boxes against the S wall.  A door opens elsewhere.

Exit this room, loop around the left into the W corridor and locate the opened door immediately to your right.  However, go on past it into the next courtyard.  Shoot the vulture and push the button to open the S door.  Enter a palatial hallway and go across to the harp SW.  Pull out the nearby block and move it away from the passage it was blocking.  Note the keyhole there and move the block to the ledge over the entrance and use it to get some flares.  Shoot the two suits of armor on either side of the W stairs, and you'll hear the sound of a door opening up in the N wall.  You can jump there from the stairs.  Enter the den and locate a small medipack near the window.  Go toward the painting and turn right into a music room.  Stand in front of the cabinet in the NE corner of this room and take the MECHANICAL SCARAB KEY.  Again, some players reported that Lara refused to reach for this key, something that I did not experience.

Go back the way you came and stand in front of the blazing fire in the previous room.  Side flip over the flames, standing away from the center, and pull down the disguised switch in the W wall.  Go around to the NE alcove and pull out the suit of armor.  Move it S into the next room, then push it E into the den.  Station it near the fire so that it corresponds with the position of its companion across the way.  The fire then goes out, so step into the coals and pick up the SWORD. 

Exit S and jump over to the stairs.  Insert the sword in its rightful place in the shield to the right of the closed W doors.  As the double doors open, you're given a warning not to use any weapons in the next room.  Enter the dining room with mirrors along the S wall.  As you stand in front of the second mirror alcove, you can see a reflected torch on the floor near the far wall.  Go there and pick up the TORCH, then light it in the W fireplace.  Go back out and locate a total of four candles to light in the rooms you've already visited.  One is near the cabinet where you found the Mechanical Scarab Key, two are in the next room beyond that one in the SE and SW corners, and the last one is in that back room through which you pushed the suit of armor.  After lighting each one you'll get a cut scene of an outer courtyard, and when the fourth one is lit you see a block rising in that same courtyard.

Bring your torch with you and go back to the dining room with the wall mirrors.  Drop the torch near the fireplace and locate the misplaced suit of armor that's admiring itself in the mirror near the fire.  Move it across the room so that it's in the alcove directly opposite and  facing its companion.  A wall switch magically appears near the fire.  Go pull it down to raise a block behind you.  Get on the block facing E.  You'll have to take the next part on faith.  Take a running jump E and grab an invisible swingpole.  Swing around three times and jump off to grab another invisible swingpole.  Again swing around three times and jump off to grab an invisible ledge.  Pull up, turn left, take a running jump toward the Maltese cross and land on another invisible ledge.  Turn left and take a running jump and grab W to an invisible ledge.  Pull up, sidestep left and use two invisible swingpoles W in the same manner as you did earlier.  When you reach the second one, use the right arrow key to line up with the jump switch in the wall so that you can activate it when you jump off.  This second jump is tricky and will likely take you a few tries.  It appears to be necessary to release just as you begin swinging upward.

The fire has gone out, so step inside the fireplace and push the block on the right three times to reveal a passage.  Turn left and take the BAR from the plinth in the next room.  In the opposite room N is a private dining room.  Retrieve your torch and light the four wall torches and the N fireplace.  A door opens overhead.  There's a moveable block in the SE corner, so move it out and use it to reach the overhead rafters.  Jump the rafters N until you reach the opened gate with the suit of armor.  Pull it from the alcove and push it down N to the floor below.  Don't worry, it won't break.  Move it into the middle W alcove and another gate opens above.  Jump back up to the rafters, make your way to the opened gate E and pick up the MECHANICAL SCARAB.  Drop back down and push the block away from the exit.  Take your torch with you and exit this building.  When you reach the courtyard outside, note the receptacle in the NW alcove.  Go out SE and follow to the main courtyard with the rearing horse statue.  Go across to the N doorway and enter a smaller courtyard.  Loop around to the right and locate the raised block.  Drop the torch for a moment, climb up onto the block and from there onto the upper ledge.  Take a couple of steps forward and pick up the crossbow arrows for SECRET #1.   

Get back down, retrieve your torch and continue N into the next courtyard.  Get past the ramp and the obstructing crates, and toss your torch into the opening in the N wall (standing one step back from the wall).  Turn left and use the NW crawl space to access the small powder room.  Pick up your torch and use it to fire the cannon, which obliterates those crates.  You're not quite through with the torch, so hop back and toss it S through the opening.  Get out via the crawl space and go up the W ramp.  Push the boulder down the ramp and get a cut scene of a platform rising for a few seconds in the chapel.  The E gate is now open, so go up that ramp and push down the second boulder.  Another cut scene shows both a platform and a block rising in the chapel.   Go down and retrieve your torch.  Head back S to the rearing horses courtyard, go across and enter the SW alley and take the first right into the chapel. 

Drop your torch and get up onto the raised block as ethereal music plays.  Line yourself up with the rope hanging from the ceiling and save your game.  Take a standing jump to the nearer platform about a second after it rises, then from there take a running jump to the swingpole.  Swing around twice and jump off as the second platform is rising.  Take an immediate standing jump forward to grab the rope.  Turn slightly to your left and swing toward the plinth high up in the N wall.  Jump off and grab the BLUE CRYSTAL.  Jump into the E alcove for a small medipack and safety drop to the floor.  Say your prayers, pick up the torch and exit the chapel.  Turn right and follow the alley until you reach a familiar courtyard.  Insert the Blue Crystal in the NW receptacle to open the N door and release two dogs.

Enter the dark and forbidding building with your torch in hand and go to the back room N.  Light three candles (one to your left at the entrance and two across the room, not sure if this is necessary but do it anyway), then toss your torch onto the wooden floor and wait for the flames to break through.  Drop down into the sprawling basement and shoot the nearby small crate to open the E gate.  Enter and pull the lighter-colored bag of sand from the E wall.  Jump over it and pick up the SKULL KEY.  Exit this room, turn right, then turn right again to enter the E room.  Pull down the timed wall switch and watch the cut scene of a gate opening.  This gate is outside and to the right of the block in the hallway.  Wait for the switch to reset itself, then pull it down again, turn left and sprint to the exit, turn left again and turn right just beyond the block, then sprint into the open gateway W.  In this room is another wall switch, and it's timed as well.  The gate it opens is in the room straight across E with the bag of sand you moved earlier.  Turn right once inside that room and dash into the closed gateway.

Move the suit of armor onto the marked tile to open the W gate.  Activate the jumpswitch in the wall above the suit of armor to open the far W gate in the W room.  Go the far W room and locate another timed wall switch.  Pull it down and sprint N to the bag of sand and turn left.   Go past the block in the connecting hall into the W room and turn right to squeeze into the timed gateway.  Use the Skull Key in the keyhole next to the barrel.  The far N gate opens, so enter the gold-tinted room, go up the steps to your right and take the CRYSTAL from the left plinth (the one on the right is spike trapped).  Go into the E room and shoot the container to your left to reveal the SILVER KEY. 

Now it's time to use that truncated block in the central hallway.  Go there, hang from the edge facing W and tap the jump key to jump up and grab the edge of the burned hole you created earlier.  Pull up and exit S.  Continue through the S door on the right once in the courtyard and go to that keyhole you noted earlier when you pulled out the block connecting the two S anterooms.  Insert the Silver Key there to lower a block behind you.  Enter the dark room and take a TORCH.  Go up the N stairs and light the torch by using the fireplace in the private dining room. 

Exit this building, loop around to the right in the courtyard and return to the main courtyard with the rearing horse statue.  Stand in front of the nearby receptacle facing N, combine the Bar and the Crystal to form the SCEPTER, and insert it in the receptacle.  The statue to your left slowly slides aside and the ground underneath lowers.  Climb down and descend the stairs toward the W room where a giant spider drops down and attacks you.   Continue into the W anteroom and kill two baby spiders. 

Shoot the two suits of armor against the N and S walls to draw out two more baby spiders.  The SHOTGUN appears between the blue and red tiles for SECRET #2.   If you step on the blue tile you get a notice that pushing the button in that alcove allows you to tackle the easy (not timed) version of an upcoming task.  Pushing the button in the alcove beyond the red tile gives you the option of playing the hard (timed) version, and it also rewards you by allowing access to an extra secret upon successful completion.  Before making your choice, however, go W beyond the room with the suits of armor in the corners and stand at the SW opening to trigger a flyby through the lava room beyond. 

Before proceeding you need to kill that dragon.  It's not easy.  There's a provided Dragon Power meter that keeps you posted on your progress.  A steady barrage of gunfire just wastes ammo.  I found that a hit is registered only when an yellow-orange fireball appears in the dragon's mouth (and even then, only when the fireball appears when the dragon's head is raised, not lowered).  You'll hear the dragon issue a telltale yelp as the Dragon Power indicator goes down ever so slightly.  When you've finally killed the dragon (Nasty Dragon indeed!), jump to the W face of the ladder against the S wall and climb up to the top.  Face N and take a standing jump to the swingpole.  Swing around three times and jump off to land on a wooden platform.  Gauge the flame blower ahead before taking a running jump to the next swingpole.  Swing around and jump off to activate the jumpswitch before sliding down to a red tile.  Turn around to see that a block has risen in the lava in front of the floor switch.  Jump to the tile near the NE corner for a large medipack, then go to the raised block and push the floor switch.  A tightrope comes out to provide access to the W alcove.

Use the tightrope to get across, then shoot the glass cover and take the OCULAR PART 1 from the plinth.  Negotiate your way back across the tightrope, and on your way back to the SE arched doorway, jump into the interrogation room S for some crossbow arrows.   Go E through the large room with the suits of armor and return to the anteroom.  Make your choice by pushing one of the buttons in the two alcoves. 

Assuming you've opted for HARD GAMEPLAY, as all good raiders should, a block rises to shut off the blue alcove while a shield appears in the wall of the next room.  Go there, push the shield in the N wall (the shield appears in the S wall for the Easy Gameplay version), watch the flyby and read the directions.  You've got three and a half minutes to accomplish your task.  Pause your game while you read the following paragraph.

You need to move the suits of armor onto their corresponding colored tiles in the corner across the room.  You move them one tile at a time by stepping on tiles displaying the appropriate color that are located on each side of the tiled platform.  You must avoid moving a suit of armor under one of the boulders suspended from the ceiling, and you must get the suit of armor onto its correct tile before its accompanying phantom (presently occupying an alcove in the W wall) has a chance to cross the room.  As you place each suit of armor correctly, the corresponding phantom explodes.  When all three have been placed, the suits of armor slide toward the center of the room to point out the OCULAR PART 2.  If you've also brought all suits of armor underneath their corresponding ceiling tile, you're rewarded with the LASER SIGHT for SECRET #3. 

With these ground rules in mind, and with the gracious assistance of Scottie, who has provided the road map set forth below, get started on your timed run.  The directional signs indicate the tile on which you are to step, and the numbers followed by an X indicate how many times you are to step on each one.  You can save time on the multiple steps by running crossways across the tile and doing a reverse roll to run back.  Don't go into the alcoves, or you will die.


Green Suit of Armor:

E: 1X  S: 2X  E: 4X

Blue Suit of Armor:

W: 2X  N: 2X  E: 1X

Red Suit of Armor:

W: 6X  S: 2X

At this point the Laser Sight appears near the S wall.  If you have two minutes or more remaining on your clock, you're in good shape.


Red Suit of Armor:

E: 1X  S: 4X  W: 1X

Blue Suit of Armor:

N: 4X  W: 5X

Green Suit of Armor:

S: 2X  W: 1X  S: 2X  E: 2X

Your task is now complete, so pick up Ocular Part 2 in the center of the room to stop the game clock, exit E and stop by the Hard Gameplay alcove on your way out to pick up a COMPASS for SECRET #4.  Get on the ladder and climb out to the courtyard.  Go toward the E entrance gate and turn right into the S anteroom.  Use the Tower Key to open the gate and go up the circular staircase.  Follow the passage to an upper area and continue N.  Push the block at the far end to reveal a trap door.  Open it and drop down to the room below.  Shoot the suits of armor in the N and S alcoves.  A large medipack is revealed in the S alcove for SECRET #5.  Push the block as far as it will go for SECRET #6.  Climb over the block and hop down into the next room for the CROSSBOW, two stashes of shotgun ammo, flares and crossbow arrows. 

Go back to where you shot the two suits of armor and go out onto the W balcony to shoot a vulture.  Go up the circular staircase and then down some steps into a room high up in the castle.  Stand in front of the S passage, combine the Mechanical Scarab with the corresponding Key and place it on the tile to trigger the spikes.  Go to the other end, pick up the Scarab and combine the two ocular parts to form the SMARAGD OCULAR.  Place it on the post to open the gate to your right.  Enter the next room for a nice concluding flyby.