The Mysterious Pyramid

Level by Leandro Dubost

Walkthrough by Yoav

You begin with Lara sliding down a short slope onto the top of a high tree. Drop safely down onto the trunk of a tree below, keep dropping down to the ledge under you, then turn facing the trunk. Run jump over the ledge in front of you and pick up the medipack from the right side, run and jump back to the ledge you come from. Go under the high ledge, jump grab it, you're back again to first ledge, look in front of you for faraway ledge. Run and jump over there, it's a secret place, get 20xCrossbow normal ammo, now it's the right time to jump over to the ground.

Take care of two wild boars, head to a small hill, climb on to pick up the Crossbow normal ammo. Proceed to NE side corner and pass the hidden opening, it's covered with green leaf, slide down the slope, at the end flyby will show the next area to go. Jump into the canal, flow of the water will drop you right onto a stone at a middle of the waterfall, look carefuly over the right side, down below there's another stone with slope. Drop down onto a slope and immediately jump forward into the opening in a wall behind the waterfall to secret place passage, pick up shotgun ammo.

Turn back and jump to the canal, get out of the water, you are standing in front of pyramid and whole area around is covered with grass. Head over to the pyramid. Climb up the stairs but be ready to jump left side to avoid from rolling stone trap, proceed to the top stairs where the Pharos Knot receptacles are. Climb onto the block to get the Crossbow gun, the skeleton wakes up, ignore for him and get down from the pyramid. Head to the NE way, two wild boars will come over to you, keep going further NE side to the swamp place. Walk in swamp forward and climb up into the high place, another wild boar is running around. Part of a place in front of you is swamp too, walk forward to the wall, then get on your knees and crawl into a crawlspace.

Get out to shady room, go toward the edge and take standing jump to the ledge, keep jumping to next two ledges ahead and pull the lever wall (flyby shows you black gate opening somewhere). Light flare to better see the invisible ledge you're going to use, as the others are burning now. Go back to the large area grass, head south, shoot on wild boar, proceed moving the same way, you'll see the black gate you opened. Take care of the crocodile now will come from behind the tree, then climb up to next high place through the open gate.

Kill the wild boar, then pick up the shotgun on the way, avoid from the poisoned darts and climb onto a stone ledge. Turn face to the tree, jump and grab the high trunk above climb and pull onto it. Jump to the right side ledge and pick up medipack, walk around the trunk, run jump and grab the rope, swing over the faraway ledge, it's secret place, get Crossbow explosive ammo. Drop down to the ground and back again to the trunk, but this time jump over the roof stone, send the skeleton to hell.

Drop into the hole, you slide down and land onto a tile in a middle of room with death water around, look for closed gate behind you, jump to the next tile and pull the lever to open the gate. Take care of harpy attacks, pass the two tiles and go through the open gate to pick up the lasersight. Go to left side, the gate in front of you will open automatically, climb up the ladder back to the roof stone, jump over the ground and head over the pyramid.

Go to the east side of pyramid, the one with the water canal, combine the
crossbow+lasersight and shoot on the underwater wooden barriers. Jump into the canal and swim through the large opening, get out of the water, draw the crossbow again and shoot the locked gate. Follow the passage to big room, get rid of the four harpy attacks, head over the pedestal at the middle room and take carefully from there the Pharos Knot.

Back to the water canal and swim out, climb back the stairs over the receptacles and place the Pharos Knot, look in a flyby. Back into the canal and swim under the stone into the the new openning, keep swimming in the short underwater passage. Get out of the water and wait a second, draw the crossbow and shoot the hanging ball, it will cancel the hidden spikes trap in floor in front of you. Head forward and turn left side, slide down the slope to get to the end.