Castle Burgeck


Level by Zickenalarm


Walkthrough by Mytly

Thank you for reading my first walkthrough. If there are any mistakes in it, please PM me on forums to let me know. I may have missed mentioning some pickups, but otherwise I have covered all the necessary items.

Pick up Annika’s Book lying next to the well, and read her introduction of herself. Go straight ahead to the castle’s entrance courtyard. Four undead knights are guarding the castle door. Walk carefully forward and either to the left or right, and you can trigger them one at a time. Kill them all and pick up the Swords of the Thundering Daniel left by two of them. Use the swords in the shields on either side of the double doors to open them. Before entering the castle, explore the courtyard for some pickups: a small medipack behind the horse statue on the right, flares behind the left statue, and more flares on the wooden balcony on the left.

Enter the castle. Read Annika’s request to serve the Princess her tea and advice not to be afraid of the ghost. Go up the first flight of stairs straight ahead (to the North), and immediately take a hairpin turn to the right. Spot the jumpswitch on the pillar. Jump over the wooden banister to the small square balcony, then jump to use the jumpswitch. A door opens up. Go up the stairs to the east, then turn right to find that door. Take the Key of the Knight in Shining Armor from the pedestal. On the back way, open the door on the right to find a small medipack on the floor of the small room with bookcases.

Go back down the east stairs and up the north ones and turn left. Use the key to open the door, and pick up Piece 1 of Ocular of the Grave Digger with Rattling Teeth from the pedestal. The castle ghost (in his split form) will pass by, but he will not affect anything. Spot what looks like an unlit wall torch to the left of the door, but which is really a switch, and pull it.

Leave this room and go straight ahead and up another flight of stairs. The door you just opened is to the left. Get the Key of the Chalk White Abbot from under the book case (crouch to pick it up). Pull a switch next to the window to see a cutscene of a suit of armour disappearing into the ground (this is one of two suits of armour ‘guarding’ the door to the Princess’s room, on the second floor).

Leave this room and go left. Spot three suits of armour in a row, with the rightmost one coloured red. Shoot the red one, and the leftmost one will move backwards into an alcove. Push the middle one onto the square where the left one was, and the Key of the Cross-Eyed Coachman will appear on the floor. Go back to the main hall and up the east stairs again, and to the left. Use the key to open a door, and take the Key of the Knight Baldwin from the pedestal inside.

Return to the main hall, then go down the western stairs. Open the gate using the Abbot’s Key, and enter a courtyard with a gazebo in the middle, and a church on one side. Open the church door using the Knight’s Key. Stand on a block on the right of the altar, and take a running jump to grab the first swingpole on the wall with the windows. Swing to the next one, then up on the upper level of the church. Jump diagonally across the openings till the south end, then use a switch in an alcove to the right. This opens up a trapdoor in the ceiling of the church. Drop down and go back to the altar. Jump up to grab the crack in the wall, and again to grab the higher one. Position Lara such that she is hanging just to the right of the left cross on the wall, then press back to jump off and land on a floating block just behind. Climb up through the opening onto the roof of the church.

Go to the east to find Piece 2 of Ocular of the Grave Digger with Rattling Teeth, then return. Push the green boulder twice to push it off the roof and into the courtyard, which causes two blocks next to the gazebo to rise. Open the trapdoor on the ground to the left of where the boulder was, and drop down. Get Secret #1: a copy of a book called ‘Haunting for Everyone’.

Get back inside the church via the hole in the roof. Combine the two Ocular pieces and place them on the stand next to a door in the southeast corner to open said door. Climb up a ladder, go through a cobwebby doorway, and kill the resident spider. Pick up the Knife of Hugo the Coughing Hangman (i.e. a crowbar).

Return to the courtyard outside the church. Climb the blocks to get onto the roof of the gazebo. Walk across the tightrope, and pull the switch in the alcove opposite. You get another cutscene of a suit of armour disappearing into the ground, and this time, the door next to it opens.

Return to the main hall of the castle. You can go north up two flights of stairs to meet the Princess and hear her demand her tea, but it’s not really necessary. Instead go south, and into the entrance courtyard. Open the gate of the little garden in the southeast using the knife, and pick up the Crystal of the Eye-Rolling Beast from the ground. Now go back to the spot where the level began and open the gate on the left, using the knife again.

Watch the flyby which shows off some places and items of interest in the little village beyond. Run forward when it ends, and kill the dog and knight that attack you. Open the box on the left to get a large medipack. Make your way to the southeast end of the village. Kill another knight. Find a switch shaped like a shield near the corner and push it. This opens the barn door behind you. Go in, hang from the east, jump straight up to grab the upper ledge and pull up. Take the Key of the Purple Red Avenger. You can go into the sheep pen and kill them all if you’re in a cruel mood, but you don’t really need to.

Return to near the entrance of the village. Spot the house whose door is directly opposite the entrance and use the key to open it. Go inside, crawl into the crawlspace and get the Bar of the Eye-Rolling Beast. Open the trapdoor between the two crates and drop down into the cellar. Spot a moveable block in the middle of the north wall and move it over to the south wall. Pick up the torch lying on the floor and light it on one of the wall torches. Jump onto the moveable block, then jump out of the cellar.

Go out, and straight ahead. Open the door of the house to the left, and then go in and light a fire in the fireplace using your torch (be careful to stand well back, or Lara will catch fire). The ghost appears again and steals your torch, but don’t worry, you will get another later on.

The door next to the village entrance is now open. Climb up the ladder inside, and go out onto the balcony. Combine the Crystal of the Eye-Rolling Beast and the Bar of the Eye-Rolling Beast to make the Scepter of the Eye-Rolling Beast, and use it in the stand. The camera shows an amulet on top of a roof (this is the roof just behind you). Turn around, and take a running jump to the roof opposite (don’t use action – instead slide and then grab the edge of the roof). Shimmy to the left and pull up onto the flat spot in the corner. Jump onto the highest part of the roof and pick up the Red Amulet for the Hall of Magic.

Walk carefully to the southeast corner of the flat part of the roof and take a running jump onto the wooden platform opposite. Drop down into the little garden on the left and pick up the Key of the Starving Bandit Rogue from the pedestal. Climb back onto the platform and drop down into the street. Go left and into the courtyard to the south. Spot the low crawlspace and go in for Secret #2 (another copy of ‘Haunting for Everyone’). Now you can return to the castle, as your tasks in the village are done.

In the castle’s entrance courtyard, use the key on the door in the southwest corner. Follow the corridor into a room with a shallow pool with three torches in it. Shoot the grating till one part of it breaks. Note the hanging man (the starving bandit rogue, no doubt) and a pile of wood behind him. Leave this room via the cobwebby doorway and jump into the water. Swim around to the left side of the structure in the middle and spot an underwater triangular opening in it. Pull the lever inside and get a camera view of the ghost passing by near the hanging man, and apparently lighting a fire for you.

Go back to the room with the torches and light one using the fire. Return through the cobwebby doorway, but this time, instead of jumping into the water, walk down slowly into it using the ramp. Yes, Lara can swim above water while holding the torch! Swim to the right of the structure, and up another ramp. Get on top of the structure, and throw the torch down onto the wooden floor, which will burn and break. Drop into the room below.

Note the sack lying flat on the floor next to the bed. Stand near its mouth and press action, and Lara will pull it backward. Pick up the Green Amulet for the Hall of Magic that was underneath the sack. Look for a well-camouflaged trapdoor on the western side of the room, and open it to get Secret #3 (one more book). Press the button on a crate to reopen the door back to the entrance courtyard. Hang from the side of the crate to the right and jump straight up to grab the edge of the burnt opening, and climb out. Jump into the water on the side of the structure to get a small medipack in the hollow between the wall of the structure and the ramp.

Return to the castle. Go up the north stairs, then turn right and follow the corridor (past the three suits of armour puzzle) to the end. Use the two amulets in the openings on either side of the door to open it. Enter the Hall of Magic.

Watch the flyby as it shows you some of the important spots in the Hall. The (incomplete) tea set is protected by 4 transparent blue balls in the centre of the room. Around it are 4 water columns. Jump into the southwest column, pick up the flares from the bottom, and use the underwater lever to open the trapdoor at the top. As soon as you pull up out of the water, the topmost blue ball explodes.

Spot the 6 suits of armour on the western ledge. Shoot the 3 coloured ones (each time, the white one next to the coloured one falls down). When you shoot all 3, a flyby shows the second blue ball exploding, and 3 swingpoles sliding into place, leading up to a jumpswitch (which was also seen in the earlier flyby). Go to the northeast corner of the first floor of the room, and turn around to face the swingpoles you just triggered. Swing your way to the jumpswitch and pull it to deactivate the spikes around the northeast water column. Drop down to the ground floor and go to that water column and jump in. Swim down, straight ahead and pull out.

Walk out onto a stone bridge. Drop off it into the water on the right side and pull up onto a ledge in the corner. Use the switch to lower a drawbridge. Jump back in the pool and get the Key of King Julius from the middle of the pool (it’s rather hard to spot, so look carefully). Swim over to the western side of the stone bridge, and spot an underwater lever. Pulling it raises a timed trapdoor just behind you. Climb onto it, and take a running jump to grab the ladder on the southern wall before the trapdoor collapses again. Climb up and drop onto the stone bridge. (The trapdoor is very tightly timed, so it may take several tries to get the sequence right. Here’s the method that worked best for me: pull the lever, then turn up and left. Swim just slightly forward to climb up onto the trapdoor, and take a curving jump to the left to grab the ladder.)

Cross the stone bridge and the drawbridge, and push open the double doors at the end. Shoot the spiders. Pick up the Dish under the skeleton, then pull the jumpswitch on the eastern rafter. This explodes the third ball, and opens a gate high up in the Hall of Magic. Make your way back over the bridges and into the water tunnel. Open the underwater door to your left. Wade out of the water, jump onto a crate, turn around and jump into the higher tunnel. Use the King’s key to open the trapdoor in the ceiling. Climb out and back into the Hall of Magic.

Make your way to the first floor using the southwest water column as before, and go over to the grated floor on the north. Use the cracks in the wall to jump up and then shimmy around to the left and onto the second floor. Take diagonal running jumps to make your way across the openings towards the southern end, then turn east to face the floating transparent blocks. Take a running jump over to the first one, then just keep pressing jump till you reach a flat block. Face north, use the swingpole and grab the far ledge.

If you like, you can go to the west gallery, kill a knight and get his large medipack. Then return to the north room, pull out the box, go behind it and push it over the edge onto the grated floor below. Go back into the room and press a shield-shaped switch to open a trapdoor in the grated floor. Safety-drop down to the grated floor (or better yet, onto the box you just pushed down, so that Lara won’t lose any health).

Push the box down the hole in the floor. Note the instructions on the screen carefully! Drop down, and pull the box once. Lara will end up in the northwest water column, and then fall out of it. Go up to the first floor using the southwest water column and drop down the hole in the grated floor again. This time, push the box into the water column (yes, it’s possible!). Climb onto the box and drop out of the water column. Pull it west once, then move into onto the wooden square on the floor next to the tea set. This will cause the last blue ball to explode.

Pick up the Can and Cup. Go to the Princess’s room (follow the corridor out of the hall of Magic and go up the stairs on the right). Combine the Can and Cup and the Dish, and place them on the wooden dummy next to the Princess. The Princess thanks you, as does the builder. Leave the room and the level ends.