The Vespa Of Papa Razzi


Level by Thierry Stoorne


Walkthrough by Josť





Advance and shoot the dogs. When you reach the W door with the keyhole to its right, turn right and open the trapdoor in the N corridor behind the arches. Continue through the narrow passage shooting the rats, picking up some flares and open the ceiling trapdoor at the end which will give you access to a courtyard where you can find the (difficult to see) YELLOW KEY in a nearby niche to your right. Return to the first coutyard and open the door.




Go down the stairs and at the end jump to grab the chandelier, hoist up and pull the jumpswitch in W wall to open the underwater door. At the end of the passage, pick up the LASERSIGHT in the N dead end behind the mound. Once out of the water, shoot the windows to get access to a new water canal. In the far S end you can find SECRET #1: 2 x uzis in front of the grate. Swim back N and pull the underwater lever in NE corner to open the N timed door. In this new water channel there is an underwater opening in the middle of W wall. Dive there and use the underwater switch to open the door and get access to the (I'll name it so from now) "main courtyard" where you'll finish the level later on. Go out of the water from the right side and from the NW wooden ledges run and jump to grab the upper N ledges. Turn left and open the small double doors to the right of the TNT crate, enter and pick up the flares in SE corner; pull the wall switch in SW corner to open the nearby trapdoor.




In this new room, jump into the water and dive through the S underwater opening; pull the underwater lever at S wall in the final underwater room and return to the previous room to get some fresh air. Return to the main courtyard and climb the ledge in S side and the wooden wall too. Behind, open the manhole facing N and jump into the water. Pick up the flares and dive N and right (E) to pull the underwater switch and open the door in the opposite side. Dive there and in the sewers go through the E opening over the door you've opened seconds ago. Open the doors at the end of the passage at the bottom of the small ramp and open the doors at the top of the ramp so you can drive here with the vespa at the end of the level. Return to the corridor and jump into the water, through the hole at the center of the room, pull the underwater switch to open the doors and pick up the CROWBAR. Return to the previous room and pull the wall switch in SW corner to open a door somewhere. Open the crowbar door in E wall and go left behind the table to get SECRET #2: a large medipack.




Go up the stairs and through the E door you've opened. In this courtyard you can go all around to the W side of the balcony to pick up Glock 17 Ammo. Return to the entrance of the room and drop onto the safe ledge over the poisoned waters; take a standing jump over the NE breakable tile and a running jump to grab the crack in E wall; shimmy to your left and hoist up in the niche to get SECRET #3: the M16. Turn around and take a running jump with grab to the W breakable tile, a couple of single jumps over the next breakable tiles to reach the safe ledge in SW corner, shoot the gray box and use the crowbar to get the WIRES. Now take a running jump to the sloped E ledge, slide, jump to the S sloped ledge and continue jumping with right curves so you can reach the top of the safe ledge to your right. Jump to the balcony and return to the sewers where you shot the rats minutes ago the way you came.




Go to the end and place the wires in the pipe in NE corner to open the door. Pull the switch to open the nearby door in S wall and climb the ladder there. In this room jump into the water below and go out of the water in SE side to get SECRET #4: flares. Pull the switch in the N wall and climb to the upper ledges using the nearby crate. go through the new open door in SE corner and in the next room through the W opening to find a switch in a niche to your right and open a trapdoor. Climb the nearby ladder and continue to the chandeliers hall. Here, take a running jump to reach the E ledge; another running jump N to the next ledge and another running jump NW to the ledge where the door is. Turn around (S) and take a running jump with a hard right curve to grab the edge of the ledge behind the pillar, hoist up, turn around and jump to pull the jumpswitch behind that pillar. Now climb the N ledge and take a running jump to the W ledge; jump and climb to the chandelier, run ad jump to the next E chandelier and jump to the open door in E wall. Pull the wall switch there to open the SE underwater door; go there and pick up the BUNDLE OF KEYS. Make your way to return to the high door in N wall using the chandeliers again.




Open the door with your keys and use the wheel to your left to open the exit door and return to the main courtyard. Drop down and run a bit E; there's a new open door high in S wall. Climb there and pull the switch to your left to open double doors in the main courtyard. Return there and climb the N ledges as you did before to reach the new room. Shoot the rats there and climb the E crates. Jump to the top of the W crates near the N wall and onto the far crates in NW corner. Position Lara in the very SE corner and jump to pull the jumpswitch in W wall with a hard right curve. Another option is taking a running jump from the previous crate timing the swinging crate in front of the jumpswitch. Once you've pulled it, a trapdoor opens in the NW side of the main courtyard; go there, jump into the water and get a second YELLOW KEY in the SE corner of this underwater room. Return to the main courtyard.




Now you must return to the chandelier hall (I hope you can remember where it was; S wall in main courtyard, right high door). Through the S high corridor, downd the ladder, up the W stairs to the place where you can use your new yellow key. In this room, advance S, shoot the dogs and in the final room use the wheel in SW corner to open the high door in SE corner of this courtyard. Pull the switch there to open the underwater door in S wall. Continue raiding and pull an underwater switch in a N alcove over the pipes to open an underwater door in NE corner. After the swim, continue S to a place where you can use your bundle of keys again to open another door and see a long flyby (notice the keylock to your right for later). In this new courtyard go near the SW corner where the timed switch is; pull it and immediatelly turn left, run over the fence, run and jump over the "tomb" in the middle of the courtyard and jump over the next fence jumping onto the raised block in SE corner trying to land near the very right side. Turn right and take a standing jump to grab the edge of the high S ledge over the column; hoist up and take a running jump with a right curve to the next W ledge; now a standing jump to the next ledge and a final running jump to the ledge in NW corner; quickly pick up the HEART and safety drop to ground floor before the fires start again.




Use it in the nearby receptacle in N wall to open the trapdoor in NW corner. Go down the ladder there and continue to another water room where you can climb a wooden box in S side, face W and take a standing jump to grab the sloped ledge to your right; hoist up, jump back and jump again to land onto a safe crate in the corner. Now there's a tricky jump to reach the opening in W wall. Situate Lara in the very SW corner of the crate and, facing W, move Lara a step or two to her right; jump back and take a running jump with a hard left curve hitting the ceiling to finally grab the very right side of the edge of the opening in W wall. Continue up the ramps to a room where you can run over some collapsible tiles and go down to pick up the BLUE KEY. Now you must return the way you came to the place where you used the bundle of keys last time; do you remember? (Go back to the courtyard where you placed the heart and through the N opening.)




Use the key to open the door and at the very top of the wooden ramps situate Lara at the very right side, turn right and take a standing jump to grab the edge of the upper E floor. Before using the zipline, drop down to the balcony below and get SECRET #5: the Glock 17. Jump to ground floor and return to the zipline. Use it to reach the E balcony. Jump into the water below and climb the N crate; take a running jump to the SE crate and use the W sloped blocks to pull the jumpswitch in W wall. This opens an underwater trapdoor in S side. At the end of the long swim, pull the underwater switch in a niche in S wall to open a trapdoor in the room above. Go there, shoot the rats and climb the unmarked ladder in S side. In the room above, drag the table with the mirror in NW corner to pick up a third YELLOW KEY.




Jump onto the TNT crate (N edge) and from here jump to grab the edge of the sloped S block. Hoist up, slide only a bit and immediatelly jump to grab the grated monkeyswing in the ceiling (a bit tricky); advance and pull the jumpswitch in front of you to open a door in E wall. Go there and continue up the ramps to a place where you can open a door with your yellow key. In this room with three chandeliers climb to the E one and take running jumps with grabs to reach the very W chandelier. Open the ceiling trapdoor and return to this last chandelier to jump to the room above. Time the blades and continue to an opening in the floor where you can pull a jumpswitch. Do it so and a door opens to your left.


Follow the path to a library; press the button in E wall to open the exit door. In the outside terrace shoot the dogs and jump over the fence into the water below: you are now in a place near the very beginning of the level. Use the timed underwater switch again to open the N door. In the other canal, run to the very N side an look up to the high NE corner: there is a missed part of the fence and a small gray box you can shoot with M16 or Glock + sight. Do it so and a platform raises to your left. The W grate behind you is climbable; climb it to the edge of the roof, hoist up and jump back to land onto the high platform behind you; jump to the E balcony and run S. In this new passage run N and shoot the dogs; light a flare to discover the crowbar door in the E niche and open it. Advance S down the corridor with the burning torches and in the room with the harp move it to the E niche with the patterned tile to open the S red curtains. Pick up the GOLDEN KEY lying on the small ledge.




Go up the stairs and move the table with the mirror out and aside; pick up the VESPA SPEEDER and push the button to open the door. Advance directly W and go inside the library again; pick up the flares to your left and use the golden key in the keyhole in W wall. Advance through the new passage and finally you reach the small room with the vespa. Open the door and use the speeder. Drive W and left up the stairs; in the room with the pipes go through the central way and take care with the fall at the end so you don't go into the water; drive over the left side of the canal and at the end run faster over the ramp turning a bit to the right so you can reach the high opening (a bit tricky). I found it easier not to use the flat part of the ramp but jump directly from the ramp to the opening with some speed. Continue driving and at the end you'll find yourself in the area where you opened the manhole a long time ago. Sprint with the vespa over the N wooden ramp to the main courtyard taking a long jump over the water and watch the final scene.


July - 26 - 2010.