Level by Mathew9r

Walkthrough by Anna27


You can open cages but there is nothing in them.

Go around the first yellow building and pick up trapdoor key from the alcove. Notice the closed trapdoor. Go back to path where you began level and go to another area. You can jump to the right pool with two waterfalls and swim through the opening to another pool, or just go to second pool by dry land. Look for the underwater lever in one of the pillars (S side) and pull it. The spikes on the pillar have gone. Now you must come back through underwater opening to previous pool, because you canít pull up ledge in present one.

When you will be there, pull up where itís possible. Now jump to the pillars in second pool. Follow to pillar where spikes were before and take crowbar. Youíll get a cutscene with opening trapdoor, so come back to area with leopard cage. Go to opened trapdoor and climb down by ladder to shallow water. Follow to the W side till you see lever on left pillar. Pull it and youíll see opening large gate.

Continue forward and kill a few bats. Just follow the cave till you come to ladders. Kill another bat and climb up the ladder. Find a block with valve in NW side. Turn it and open two big nearby trapdoors. Climb down and pull up in E ledge. Follow the passage till you come to closed door. It will open when you come closer. Youíll come to underground mine. Quickly jump to nearest block, because two rolling balls will roll behind you. Pick up flares and kill snake from the ground. Jump to S building and hop down the hole. Go to SW behind crates and pull up to opening. Pull down lever and the wall will explode somewhere. Exit by the hole and climb up W side. Pick up small medipack. Drop down to floor and go to N very end side. Before enter a door, pull the block from NE corner ( it's a little bit different than the others.) Pick up first fuse.

Enter a opening and go to next opening on right. Kill a leopard and continue down the ramp. Enter the right alcove and pull up. Turn right, go down the ramp and immediately run to right alcove. Pull down lever and another wall explodes. Now you have to come back all the way to mine. Follow to S side. (I noticed that there is opening in right building where you've been before. But when I entered and turned around the opening had disappeared and I had to go out again by hole.) Anyway, go to S opening and carefully go to end. Drop down to slope and jump to pillar. Follow the pillars to one with lever. Pull it and you will see opening door somewhere. After that the slope will turn to flat ledge. Go there and come back to mine. Go to W opening, behind machine and pick up second fuse. Climb the N building and come to NW side. Climb up the ladder and follow to grates.

You are in upper floor in mine. Climb the building and pick up third fuse. Enter E door and use all the fuses in receptacles. Go behind it and enter a door. Push forward block at the end, and then next one, until you see a room. Go to NW corner and push forward block and second behind it. Pull down a lever. Now pull the right block in the middle of the room and pull down second switch. Enter to opened doors and jump to pool. There is nothing on right side, so swim to the left and to the door will open, when you approach it. You are back at the pool in Zoo. Again go out by the first pool. Go to leopard cage and to the opened E gate. Kill two leopards. You can go to NW corner or you can do it later. There are sloped blocks with waterfall. Climb on them and take red shotgun ammo. In the hole on grate floor there is shotgun. Go to SW corner, shoot two soldiers and use trapdoor key on lock. Climb up the roof and hop down to opened trapdoor. Go to N side behind a block and turn the wheel (face S). Exit and go to E side of the area. Go inside and to the crawlspace. Crawl forward and the level will end.

I found nothing to use by crowbar.