Midnight Express

Level and walkthrough by Yoav

You start the level by standing in a small courtyard. Take a short around, nothing much to do then just get back to the place you started and climb inside a crawlspace, take a few steps and you fall into water hole. Pull out, go to the end and pull down a trapdoor, then pull yourself into a room above. Collect large medipack and throw the switch get a short screenie. Go through the open gate and reach the room behind the truck. Collect flares from the corner then enter a small opening alcove. Pull there a tall jumpswitch and screenie will show you raising platform at the beginning courtyard. Go over there and climb the platform and jump toward between the fence. First enter to the room in the dark to collect the Rusty Key. Back and open the door just for seeing another closed gate with keyhole. Then go to other side and pull a lever at the dark.

Jump back to the courtyard and go through the passage, south end gate is open now. Follow a few rooms then enter a doorway, at the end climb the wall. Jump to a new area and first enter the south doorway. Drop into a tunnel and reach room with blue truck. Beyond to the short wall use with your rusty key to open gate behind you and enter to Secret alcove. Collect the Revolver and return back. Go behind the north tree and climb the wall then follow the bridge and jump over the gap. Jump the gap and keep following the bridge to the end and pull there a switch. Safety drop to the ground and pick up flare from the south corner, then go north collect a small medipack and enter the doorway. Go through the opened gate cross the room and follow a tunnel until you reach an empty pool. Look for Gate Key lying in hole, just take it and return back.

Climb the wall east and go through the east doorway into a room with two giant stone heads!! Easily find the Secret hole and take there Lasersight. Back and climb the bridge again go south and jump over the window. Keep going down the passage and at the end climb into a tall and dark crawlspace. Drop inside and step on the tile, screenie will show you raising platform. Pull out and get back, climb the next window and jump to raised platform. Jumping the next columns and reach the west window, continue with angled jump to the next window. Keep jumping the next two columns and finish with jump into the south window. Go down the passage and drop into a hole, open the door, cross the room and follow the tunnel, pass the blue closed door and keep on until you reach the room above the empty pool. Pull the switch to open the blue door for shortcut back to the beginning courtyard. Again climb the platform and jump toward between the fence. Enter the room and use the key you have to open the gate.

Ahead are a type of large building with double gate. Look for a north doorway and enter, go to other side and climb a tall east window. Jump back and pull a jumpswitch to open the east gate. Enter to the room and pull there a lever, screenie will show you raising platform. Go to west far end, enter the doorway and look for hanging bell. Perfect time for using revolver with lasersight and shoot the bell. Go through the gate you opened and follow the tunnel into a room with Golden Key. Back to the double gate and use the key, enter inside and you see the raised platform. Climb it and follow the tunnel, climb higher, jump over the gap and follow the bridge east. Enter a doorway and go down the stairs, drop into the hole and by running down the tunnel you will end this level.