Escape From The Lost Valley


Level by Tommy Poulin


Walkthrough by Josť


[Credits:] Thanks Scottie to show me the logical way to get access to the cave with the first artefact. [End credits]


Nothing to do here 'cause all the openings from the original game are closed, so the only way you can go is N and be careful with the falling rocks until the earthquake finishes. The entrance to the lost valley is closed too, so go right and slide down the ramp to a cave where you can kill some wolves; the earthquake has ceased. In the E side of this area, pick up a small medipack and shotgun shells, kill some bats too. Climb the opening in S wall and pick up more shotgun shells to your left. Continue S (up the ledges there is only a closed door) and the door closes behind you. Take care of the small deep pits and at the top another door closes behind you. Dispatch a couple of raptors in the corridor and continue to a cave with a deep and longer pit.


You know what to do here: jump to the slopes in the sides of the pit and continue sliding-jumping with curves till you reach the other side. Notice the opening below the safe flat ledge. You'll be here soon. Take a running jump to the E ledge where the large medipack is to save the next pit, jump over the N sloped ledge and another running jump W to grab the opposite crack, shimmy right and continue to a large cave where you must avoid a lot of rolling boulders and deal with another raptor. But don't enter yet.


Save your game and run like fool near the right side wall while a lot of white boulders fall. Don't stop running and near the end look for a passage to your right with an open door; quickly run through and slide down the ramps; at the bottom shoot a raptor, pick up shotgun shells, a small medipack and the first ARTIFACT. Now exit this small cave through the opening in NW corner, climb and at the end you'll find yourself almost at the top of the pit you crossed minutes ago. Jump diagonally to one of the slopes and return to the flat E ledge and to the room with all those white boulders.


Shoot another raptor if you want and jump into the water at the end, through the narrow underwater passage (take notice of another artifact to your right, but unattainable for now) and enter in a sort of temple. Take notice of the closed doors, go through the NE opening, shoot the bat and pick up the shotgun shells; climb the ledges in the sides of the ramp, slide down the next ramp at the end and shoot a bat and a wolf. Take notice of the closed door (for much later) and go W; save the spiked holes and use the safe pillars in the spiked room to reach the other side. Time the swinging blades and go down the stairs to a junction. Avoid the boulder trap and go up the ramps to a room with a switch which opens the door in the pool room.


Now return to the pool room killing a couple of wolves and a bat on your way and the door in SE corner is now open. Slide down the ramps and shoot a raptor in the next room; when you pick up the SHOTGUN the door opens so jump into the water and at the end follow the path and after save some deadly pits, cross the spiked pit like you did before with the deep pit near the first artifact. Shoot the bats at the other side and continue climbing to another cave with more enemies to shoot. Climb the W ledge, jump to grab the edge of the sloped ledge to your right from the very left side, hoist up and jump back with twist and a right curve to land inside the small high niche in W wall. From here a running jump to grab the left side of the sloped ledges in E wall, shimmy right to the end, jump back, slide and jump with a right curve to a safe ledge.


Climb, pick up the shotgun shells on your way and in the next room with another spiked pit you'll do the same as in the previous pits, but when reaching the pointed slope and slide N, jump and immediately jump again when touching the next slope so you can jump from slope to slope between the last ones near the N wall and eventually reach the flat ledge near the NW corner. Continue up and through the passage in E wall until you see a switch in a niche in front of you. Pull it to open a door in the spiked pit room you came from.


Return there, turn left from the entrance and jump with a left curve to a flat ledge in the SW corner where the open door is. Advance and climb all the ledges to the very end, avoiding another boulder trap on your way, to find yourself at the very top of a well-known area: the entrance of the caves in the first TR1 level where the wolves attacked the guide. I found no way to go down and give a proper burial to the poor man, so I had to go through the other opening in the rocks. After a long slide, you fall into the water and dive through a narrow underwater passage; at half way you'll find a small opening to your left, go there and in the next room pick up the second ARTIFACT you saw a long time ago through the wooden bars. You can take a breath here and pick up a large medipack, a small medipack and 3 x shotgun shells on the ledges around.


Return to the narrow passage, continue N and go out of the water. Pull the switch there to open the next door and you are again in the room with the small pool at the beginning of the temple. Go again through the NE opening and climb the ledges as you did before; slide down the ramp and the S door is now open. Slide down a new ramp jumping over the spiked trap on your way and shoot the wolf at the end. Take a running jump to the ledge with the shotgun shells (right side) and from here to the W ledge. Climb the ledges to the top, through a new rocky passage and slide down the ramp with another double boulder trap at the end. There's a small medipack in the high ledge in NE corner. Shoot the raptors from this safe position if you want and use the flat ledges in E wall to save the pit. Advance S to finish the level. (I think Lara didn't escape, but returned to the Lost Valley.)


August - 10 - 2010.