TR AOD Revised - The Next Chapter (Demo)

Level by Charlie Sewell

Walkthrough by Charlie Sewell with additional notes by manarch2


Laser Trap

Run up the stairs and round the corners in the first gallery until a guard (1) approaches from the side at the top. Kill him and collect his Matches. Approach the Egyptian gallery door and it will open automatically. Unfortunately, some lasers have been activated, so tread carefully!

TIP: If you canít manage one of the following actions you can jump to floor (lasers there arenít directly deadly which costs you a health bandage.

Climb onto the leftmost display case and from there, jump onto the ledge E and pick up the health bandages. Take a running jump over the lasers E to land on the next display case and avoid the moving lasers. Now jump to the next display case, again avoiding the moving lasers and take a final jump to the next display case, jumping over yet another moving laser Walk to the end and to the right of the display case and jump directly up to grab the Egyptian sculpture. Shimmy leftwards over the floor lasers, avoiding the blinking laser and drop down to the final display case, keeping in mind the moving laser. Back flip to the ground and press the button underneath the painting to open up the door to the next gallery.

Central Room, Mona Lisa

Enter and look N. There is a closed door. You will open this up later. Instead, go S and run past the blinking lasers. TIP: Take a running jump through the lasers when they just go off. In the next area, three guards (2,3,4) will approach. Kill them. One of them will drop Scorpion X Clips and another will drop an Orange Key Card. Explore the rest of the gallery. There are many closed doors. The one SE leads to the end of the level, but it requires a blue key card. The door SW will open near the end (you can collect some health pills in front of it) and another one W is permanently closed. The only other door NW left to open has a button next to it. Push it to open the door and walk through.

The next set of doors will open when approached. Run through into the Mona Lisa Gallery. A guard (5) will approach. Kill him. Now look at the Mona Lisa S. There are lasers over the painting, if you can spend a health pill you can jump through them and skip the following paragraph:
If not, find the moveable crate in the corner and pull it back twice to reveal an orange key card receptacle. Here you can use your card to open a door back in the blinking laser gallery. Return past the blinking lasers, around the sculpture and go straight on through the door. Step on the pressure pad. This will de-activate the middle laser in the Mona Lisa Gallery. Return to the Mona Lisa Gallery and climb onto the display case nearest the painting. Take a running jump to grab the duct. It looks like the lasers are still functional, but they cannot harm you now you have stepped on that pressure pad.

Ventilation shafts

Climb into the duct and crawl on. Get up the ladder straight on and drop down on the left. Crawl around the corner and go straight on to the end. Crawl to the right and pick up V-Packer Normal Cartridges. Crawl back out and go through the passage you havenít been through yet Ė now on your right. Go through the first crawlspace on your right and pick up the M-V9 (a revolver), then crawl back out and carrying on around the corner. Run against the door and it will open when you step back.


You are now on the roofs and surrounding outside areas of the Louvre. Drop down to the left roof W and climb on the left block. Climb up the ladder and drop down to the right on the ledge. Follow the ledge around the corner and at the end of it. Now you can either face the wall and jump directly up to grab a crevice, shimmy to the right and when you are above the window, drop and grab again or directly jump to the window. Pull up and shoot the glass. Kill the guard (6) and collect his Pink Key Card. None of the doors open.

Climb back on to the windowsill and get ready for quite a difficult jump. Walk to the edge and to the right. Turn about 50 degrees to the right and tap back once. Now take a running jump, tapping right slightly to jump back to the ledge. Jump back onto the ladder and climb down to the roof.

Climb back onto the middle roof and then drop down to the right roof. Climb up another ladder and drop down onto the ledge to the right. Take a running jump across the gap and grab the other side. Pull up, climb up yet another ladder and drop down on the ledge to the right. If you follow the ledge around the corner S, youíll see the door with the face which isnít opened yet. Youíll return here with something to open it.

For now, walk to the edge of the ledge N with the ladder on your right and take a running jump and grab to the next ledge. Pull up and take another running jump and grab to the next ledge. Pull up, crouch and shoot the box to reveal a Crowbar. Pick it up. Now you can go for a secret if you want. Walk back to the edge of the gap and sidestep to the rightmost point. Turn 45 degrees to the left and take a standing jump and grab to hop onto the windowsill. Shoot the window and drop into the room for SECRET#1 Ė some V-Packer Spread Cartridges and M-V9 clips. Jump back onto the ledge to the left.

Take running jumps back to the door with the face. You can use your crowbar here to open it.

Offices, Back to Central Hall

Inside, find the duct to the right and crawl through it. Use your pink key card to open the door here and then open the trapdoor. Drop down to the offices and kill the guard (7). Note the two doors that need passes. Open the kick door E and pick up another Orange Key Card and Health Pills. Now open the W kick door. Jump up to the crevice to the right of the structure on the left and shimmy along. Now climb up for SECRET#2 Ė Scorpion X Clips.

Safety drop down and follow the office around the corner. Use your crowbar to open the door and pick up the Green Key Card in front of the computer. On your way out, kill the guard (8).
Open the door with the Orange Key Card to enter Carvierís office. Crouch and shoot the box next to her computer to collect the Blue Key Card then go back the way you came and open up the door with the Green Key Card.

Go down all those steps to the bottom and go through the door. This was the door that was previously closed in the guard gallery Ė if you didnít collect the Health Pills earlier, nowís your chance. Open the door next to the archaeological dig sign SE with the Blue Key Card. Follow the hallway down and approach the doors to end the level.

End of Level.
Kills: 8
Secrets: 2
Pickups: 16