Level by Radim

Walkthrough by manarch2

First Station

You slide down to some rails. Run W and kill a bedouin (1). Run around the house N, Take the Wideshot Shotgun ammo and kill three warthogs (2,3,4). Up to where they came from E and take a Little Medikit. Back to the rails enter the house by opening the door. Run up the stairs and kill the two bedouin (5,6) attacking you. Take the Load from S pedestal and run downstairs again. This time go left and shoot the crates for the Grenade Launcher and 3x Flash Ammo. There is nothing to do in E office so get outside. Follow the rails W. Donít swim into the S passage because you canít get out at the other side. Instead, climb the little hill to the high N building. Kill the warthog (7) around the corner and head NW. At the ledge you can see the Shotgun run to it and take a standing jump to get the gun. Further W jump over the little slope to prevent sliding into the big valley and finally jump to SW plateau. Take the flares and crawl in the little passage W. Slide and run down, light a flare and kill two scorpions (8,9). There are some Flares on an E ledge. In the far SW corner you can crawl into another area. Watch out the two fireplaces and notice four closed doors. Weíll come again here later. For now, pull the two jump levers on the E wall and see a block in the room above. Crawl back and find an open door S.

Carefully climb down the ledges and on the ground kill four scorpions (10,11,12,13). Jump E into the water and follow the tunnel. Quickly get out of the water because two crocodiles (14,15) here are very hungry. N there is 2x Wideshot Ammo for the Shotgun. After that climb the E ladder, turn around at the right corner and climb to the broken bridge you saw at the beginning of this level. Again climb to the N building and to the plateau where you found the Flares. This time slide down to a lower platform S and from there to the other side of the bridge. In SE corner you can find a Large Medikit. W is another crawlspace. Follow it and find the room with the central block. N is a room with Normal Shotgun Ammo, Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and the Uzis. Then, climb the block, face N and jump to the ladder.

Second Station

After having climbed it take the Little Medikit from the lattice. Run N and then W and find Wideshot Shotgun Ammo. Back E run onto the sandy square and jump to the ledge N. Shimmy all the way W and then S around the corner. Land on the triangular ledge where a scorpion (16) is already waiting for you. Climb down the ladder S and crawl W.

The red door opens itself. Jump though the window down to some new rails and kill five bedouin (17,18,19,20,21) and, if youíre near the water, a crocodile (22). Head NW to get Normal Shotgun Ammo and a Little Medikit which triggers another bedouin (23). SW is Normal Shotgun Ammo, take it and head N to a door. Enter the house and come to a big corridor with many doors. First head E and then S. Open the door and in SW corner is a crawlspace. Follow the long corridor to the end and climb to another crawlspace N leading to a floor lever. Push it and the red door opens. A warthog (24) appears. Kill it and run directly to the opposite door N. E is Uzi Ammo. Follow the room W and shoot the crate left of the floor lever for getting Uzi Ammo (the other crates are empty). Push the lever and run down the whole corridor E and then N.

Open the door, shoot the crate for Uzi ammo and run through the newly opened door. Kill the warthog, in the E crate is Uzi ammo, push the floor lever to open the red door in the room where you jumped down to the second area. Now you can find some goodies in the middle doors: Run down the central corridor W and open the first door N to get Uzi Ammo on a pedestal. Opening the opposite door means fighting another warthog (25) but there are no goodies so rather let the door closed. Go further W in the corridor and then open the next door N to get Flares. The opposite room has got a Large Medikit and a Little Medikit. Then you can leave this house via the stairs. Jump into the water and in SE corner is a Little Medikit. Swim SW, get out of the water and enjoy a long cutscene. After that run or climb up E, face N and jump to the ledge, shimmy E, endure the shooting bedouin (26) until you finally can kill him.

TIP: Shimmy two squares E then climb on the slope and jump backwards to a ledge where you can stand. From there, jump to the end and kill the bedouin. You save a lot of health with this.

The door E opens itself if you come near it. Head N and jump to the first block on the water. Jump up and monkeyswing on the next platform. Take a standing jump holding Action W. Run N and again monkeyswing further. Jump E to next block and then take another running jump N while standing on the highest point of the block. If you managed this jump, kill a scorpion (27) and make your way through the N passage, climb the blocks and slide down. Go W and you find the room with the open door you opened in the big house. Go in and find a bedouin (28). Kill him, push the floor lever and a trapdoor in the building in the water opens. Jump out of the window and a reception committee of five bedouin (29,30,31,32,33) welcomes you. In the water is another crocodile (34) so kill it before swimming. Arrive at the trapdoor, swim down and get another Load. Remember the room with the four closed doors? We have to go back there now.

Back to First Station

Again, swim to SW shore, jump to the ledge, arrive at the cavern but this time jump to E block. Take a running jump and another jump to a high platform. You canít get to the platform with a Medikit yet so jump N and then on the square below. Jump to S ladder, climb it and take the Large Medikit. Make sure you have full health and take a long running jump to the final platform. Following the corridor leads to Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and another long swim passage. Follow it to the very end and you arrive at the pool at the first area. On the way (near end of tunnel) is a Little Medikit. See that nothing has changed since your first visit and climb up to N building for the third time.

Run and jump to the Flare Plateau and crawl W. Run and slide down again, crawl in the SW passage and find yourself again in the room with the four closed doors. Combine the two Loads to get a single Load and place it on the W receptacle. All doors open; push the floor lever on the W blocks. The doors at the high building open so we have to get back there. So crawl out of the room again, go through the S door, climb down the big stairs, swim to the pond at the bottom of the valley, climb the E ladder and jump to the N building. Climb down the ladder there and run in the dark to end this level.

End of Level.
Kills: 34
Secrets: 0