Levels by Oxy

Walkthrough by Anna27


Alien Airport

Note: When music starts to play, it means you find something important (objects, levers, secrets, etc).

Take car keys and get to the jeep.

Just follow the tunnel around till you find the slope on NE side. Drive up the slope and park the car for now. Turn right and climb the W. Avoid the hole (it leads you back to the tunnel) and climb the block. Follow the monkey swing to the end (near entrance). Push the device till fallen. Climb down, pull it and continue pushing it to N as far as you can. Climb the N ledge, hop down to other side and push the device to E. The cage on S side has lowered and you can get the crowbar. On the W wall is hidden alcove. Go through the leaves and pull out the block. Get inside, climb the opening on right and take Black Lara Statue.

Exit to parking and go to where you just entered. Climb the W side and push the block to end. Climb down the S side but not to very end and jump to W side. Climb the blocks near the cage, jump to SW alcove above slope and take flares. Donít get down yet, but grab the leaf and follow left around to hidden alcove with lever. Pull it and see that grated block has raised. Pull the first block near cage with button and push it to N ledge, just near entrance. Climb that ledge and pull another block from N side and push aside and to second alcove. Now you can push the button and pull out the last block (near lowered cage). Pull that block first and get White Lara Statue. Now come back to entrance and you can use the crowbar on the door. Take the helicopter.

Drive by car to the starting place.

Go to N and to E site. This will be the main yard. Follow to SE side and hop down the hole. Take Green Lara Statue. Exit, climb the red roof and follow the roof to flower on SE side. Take it - yes itís possible. Come back a little bit to W and enter the next yard on N. Climb the block on NE near the fence and take flares. Again go to NE side and climb up the alcove. Itís timed lever and it opens the door to the SE side. Just jump down front and run to S end and turn left. Take the stick near fire place and exit.

Drop stick in place where you will able to find it and go to grass mountain on NW corner. There is a hard to see ledge on W wall. Climb to it and go to alcove in N wall. You found second flower.

Come back to starting place and use stick on torch. Again come back to room and use burning stick on fire place. Enter the opened room and pick up the keys from desk. Come back to main yard (near starting room) and come down to W tunnel. Use the keys on key lock. Pick up the accumulator.

Exit by the W side and go to the stairs. First go to right side and follow to the end. Take the third flower. Climb the grey roof, go to W side and to hidden place with another flower. Now enter the stairs and follow the bridge to other side. Pull up on S ledge and take medipack. Jump over to W site, pull up and you can enter the opening on left and follow to the right or go through the bush and take last flower. Donít drop down yet, run and jump to W side, and there is hidden hole in SW corner. Youíll get Red Lara Statue.

Note: Now you can go to parking with helicopter and use accumulator or you can do it later. But you will need the key for the key lock in grated block, and for that you have to come back again to garden.

Enter the parking and immediately turn right and enter the small alcove with tree. Find hidden lever and push it. This is timed lever. Exit and immediately turn right and enter the room before door closes. You can see control panel. Itís movable. Push it to the right end. The door will open.

Just near the door on right is a block. Push it once and enter small library. Take a cog wheel. Climb on the block which youíve moved, crawl to hidden alcove and take Blue Lara Statue.

Exit to parking and go to SE corner. Pull and push the block to NE. Hop to it and pull up the grating block. Turn to S and see the pole. Just follow around till you get to cog wheels. Place the cog wheel, turn around and see that spiked cylinder has fallen. Come back to push block and see that grating block has lowered. Enter the alcove and push the floodlight to entrance and to very end till it falls. The door on NE is opened. Enter and place the accumulator. The block with key lock is lowered.

Letís go for the key. Come back to yard with timed room. Go up by the stairs (you may noticed them earlier) and immediately take left and left again and place flower. The first door will open, and repeat with other flowers till the door in upper E place will open.

Enter the room, go to very N side and on the left there is hidden upper alcove. Push the button there, climb down and enter opened doll room. Place the helicopter on pedestal. You get the cut scene with the airport and the key on nearby pedestal will appear. Pick it up and come back to parking with helicopter. Use the keys, take another key and level will end.

The Key

Go S and turn where the aliens are. This puzzle is very easy. The device must be in white tile, so it must be in upper level, and then you must throw it to that tile. The switch in upper SE corner raise the grated block. And you have two blocks NW and SW for help. When the device will be in tile the door in N will open, but itís for later.
Climb the ledges in middle W and to another W ledge. Go to the house, and to the SW corner. There is a stick hard to see, but leave it for now. Climb the roof and jump SE for flares. Climb down and go N to the other side of house. On the alcove is timed switch. It opens the door in the middle of house. Inside the house take the key from the desk. The switch on N wall will burn the torch. Take the stick and light it on the torch.

Come back to room at the beginning and light a torch, and do the same with the other torches after lowering blocks. After taking dragon, the block will lower and you can use the button. The room with jeep is now open. From the pedestal pick up keys, small medipack and crowbar. Get into the jeep, drive out and immediately turn left. Drive up the slope and straight.

Follow the car straight (donít turn right after gate), stop at the grass and pick up medipack behind trees. Continue driving the car, you will be in a tunnel and you can see ďMansionĒ sight on the left.

Go right and you will see "WaterĒ sight and cars ahead. Follow the way where that sight is and stop at the small pool. Pick up flares from small ledge. Climb the waterfalls and pick up cog wheel. Go to the W of pool and to middle ledge. Grab the monkeyswing and follow to the upper level. The swinging isnít that easy. Continue to SW alcove and use the cog wheel. Come back to pool. Near the large wheel in the middle is switch. Light a flare to see it (face to waterfall and look to left). Throw it and youíll get a cutscene of a vase in pedestal and helicopter behind grate. Go there and take the vase.

Get back to tunnel, turn right, then first left, and drive all the way to the ďCastleĒ sight. Enter the W grass and go to key lock on house. Open the door, enter small room and take blue flower from pedestal. The button behind you opens door back to the tunnel, so you donít need to drive all the ways if you forgot something. Place dragon, flower and pedestal on three pedestals outside. Take the key from the grass. Now the gate to the castle is open. Go there and use the key in small building behind SW wall.

The Mystery Castle

This level is easy, but if you get stuck somewhere, read my solution.

Take the flares from NE corner. You can see white key lock in top of stairs. Go behind the stairs and pick up key on NE. Open the door with the key and enter a small office and a bedroom. The desk is movable. Just pull and push to the other side. The door on the S will open. Go near the piano and there will be a flyby and many Laras will appear in the room. And on the pedestal the blue flowers will appear too. So, take them. Put the flowers on pedestal near the desk on previous room. Enter again to piano room and go to new opened door.

Follow around the balustrade and pick up compass. Three aliens will appear and the door on S will open. Go inside and pick up a key from a block in SE corner. Come back to corridor and go N. Push the green block on right block and pick up flares. Enter the dining room. Use the key on SW corner and go to kitchen. Pick up a vase from a wardrobe in SW. Now come back to dining room and put the vase just on the nearest corner of table. Enter W room and follow the stairs to the timed switch. Pull it down, hurry go down, turn left at the fireplace and around to opened door. You are in the basement. Itís dark here, so light a flare. The button behind Lara will raise the floor on the hole. Go towards the barrels and on SW corner, under the wheels, pick up cog wheel.

Follow to next room and use cog wheel on N wall. First pull up on W opening and take keys and flares. There is nothing on other side. Exit to a yard. Use the keys on NW corner and use the switch. Itís timed, so come back to basement and straight to opened door. Enter to another yard. On NE corner is hard to see stick. Take it to the basement and light on a torch. Use on unlit torch (behind Lara). Go to third yard. The white wall on NE corner is climbable. Go up and push the button there. Go further to yard and use another button. Pull up the door, enter the stairs to helicopter and the level will end.

I donít know if I missed something in The Key or in The Castle, because I didnít find any secrets or anything to use by crowbar.