The Infada Power (Demo)

Level by Raidermatty

Walkthrough by rtrger

Start the level with jumping to the cabinet on the right and collect the small medipack. Go to the tunnel and push the button. You enter to a place which is similar to TR3's London. Head to NE, pull up to the block, kill the soldier and pick up the Shotgun Ammo. Go to the other side of the block where is no fence, and catch the grating beyond. Monkeyswing to the other side, step up to the higher part of the block and facing N, pull up. Turn left, shoot the brownish wall panel. Sprint to the other side, and collect the Large Medipack, Flares, MP5 Ammo and a Health Crystal. That's the 1st secret.

Jump back to the tunnel, sprint to the other side where the switch is, collect the Crystal, and operate the switch. Go W and jump to the higher block, pull up to the higher part. Kill the soldier, collect the Uzi ammo, and face to S while standing at the right side of the antenna. Then turn a bit to the east, (look down, if Lara faces to the corner of the grated sloppy block, then turn to the right a little bit) and use jump with pressing action. If you did it right, you should land near the Shotgun, that's the 2nd secret. Jump to the slope and safety drop down.

Make your way back up to the antenna and jump up to the roof ahead you. Go to the white door, turn around and jump up to the higher platform. Shoot down the bird.

The following paragraph contains extras, you won't lose anything (except some Eagle ammo, but there's no gun) if you skip that.

Run to the ladder at the W wall. Climb up, and before climbing up fully, shimmy as left as you can. Now climb up, catch the edge again so you can continue shimmying left. Climb up again and backflip+roll in the air and pull up to the scaffold. Turn NW and jump to the other platform, find the switch and pull it. (You can turn around and jump down to the platform at the right, you can't reach the goodies though.) To find the door which you’ve just opened with the switch, go down to the roof where the white door is, turn W, look down and that's the door you opened. Jump there with pressing action, pick up the Desert Eagle ammo. Safety drop down to the floor and make your way back up to the scaffold. Turn S and use swan dive to reach the platform with the fence. Pick up the Desert Eagle ammo. Go down to the storey beneath you (where the bird appeared).

Go to the E wall where the fence goes on the wall, shoot it and crawl in. After you stood up look up, and catch the grating beyond you, monkeyswing to the other side. Pick up the Flares and jump down on the hole, go to the tunnel and jump into the water (there's nothing in that room anyway, except a hungry dog). Swim N first and pull the switch. Turn around, collect the Shotgun ammo at the other side and swim up on the trapdoor, but before surfacing, collect the Grenadegun ammo, and now pull up to the platform ahead you. Jump to the pool S, swim to the other side and pull up to the niche on the left, pick up the MP5 ammo. Pull the wall switch in the water. This activates a timed run.

Quickly make your way back up to the platform where you dived down to the water. Turn around, you'll see 2 platforms with fires. Jump to the further right corner of the 1st one, than catch the second one, shimmy to the left and pull up at the further corner. Jump to the tunnel.

Continue in the tunnel, beware of the fire emitters. Jump up to the opening, and crawl until you hit the finish trigger.

End of the level.