Level by Franco Bula

Walkthrough by DJ Full

1.No compass here. Directions "right", "left" etc. relate to places which are easy to notice and remember. They are described in brackets ( and ).
2. All three secrets are described separately, to prevent those who don't wanna know where they are from accidentally getting any info.

Let's find New Venice now.


As soon as you launch the game, two enemies will attack you: a dog and a gunman, so kill them both. A gunman drops some Uzi ammo. Jump into the water and find a hole at the bottom of the pool, in the middle of right wall (relating to the place Lara starts the level from). Swim to the very end of the passage, get out of the water, climb a set of platforms and find GuardRoom Key on the top of it. Go back and face the "Bartoli's" poster. Turn left, find a dead end and a shotgun in there. Now go into the alley behind "Bartoli's" poster, and, when you see fixed camera, draw your weapon.


Stop just before you reach the open area, make one step forwards and immediately backflip several times to avoid a plumber (he holds a monkey wrench, so he is probably a plumber). Eliminate him, keeping the distance. He drops a small medi. Return to the open space. Lara will see a gunman behind a window. Send him several bullets and hide, aware of the most dangerous gunman in the open space. Get rid of him first (he drops some AP ammo), then eliminate the previously seen gunman attacking from inside a house. He gives Lara some Uzi clips. Pick them up, as well as the second GuardRoom Key located in the same house as the enemy.


Enter the whole new part of the level. Turn right and kill a dog. Advance around the pool, till you find one more gunman, perform another crime and obtain a new medipack. Hop into the pool and find a single square of surface. In a room above it, there is a ladder you have to use to get on the roof. After that, jump onto the nearest building and find a dry place that is accessible only by dropping yourself onto it from here. Do it and enter a room with two harps. There is some AP ammo and Shaft B Key. Take it. Now go back to the place with previous pool.


Find a keyhole on the other side of it. Place the first GuardRoom key in this slot, open a door and, after getting rid of three gunmen, pick up some flares dropped by one of them. Find yourself in a garden, and a small medi on the ground. Notice a switch near the door: open it and pull a block out.


Enter the corridor a block was blocking and push the second block (counting from the entrance) on your left. Now pull it once in only possible direction to reveal automatic pistols. There is some more Uzi ammo behind the blocks on the other side of the room, but you don't need to move anything to obtain it - you can just pick it up. Now pass the timed trap and - before you pick up shotgun shells - watch out for the falling weights. Go upstairs and prevent some guy standing there from killing you. He drops uzi ammo. There is also some AP ammo lying on a platform on the other side of the room (pick it up), and a kind of maze behind the killed guy (don't go in there yet). Go back downstairs and face another set of pushable blocks. Push the one in front of you two times to make some space. Find a block which is NOW closest to the entrance you went through several seconds ago. Pull this obstacle two times as well. Now get to the third block, as you have made some space for Lara to use it.
If you push the third block and then pull it, THE GAME MAY CRASH!! So DO NOT DO THAT!!!
Push the third block once and pull it several times. Now you can pull the last block out and proceed to a room with a switch. Pressing it opens a door located in the very beginning of the level.


Return to that place and press the button (located near the fire extinguisher). It triggers a 27-second timed run. You have to run through that recently opened door, jump over two pools, get to the dark room and jump through the big, grey door. Running isn't enough, you must jump and as often as you can to make it. Do it with your weapon drawn, to shoot a dog attacking immediately after you beat the timed run.


Pull yourself up onto a platform and jump over the pit with timed spiky thingies above it, trying not to lose too much health (it's not difficult here, just jump, keeping yourself close to the wall). Fall down and take second Shaft B Key from the next room. Go back through the trap and, again, return to the place you started the game from.


Enter the passage marked with THREE KINGS CONVENTION poster and don't insert the key yet but find some shotgun ammo first. Now use first Shaft B Key to open the door. Three cleverly placed enemies encounter you, so escape into the open space as fast as you can. Make some distance, then backflip and shoot. Now hide somewhere (you have many options) to get out of gunman's range and finish the plumber. Wait for the gunman and shoot him in his back when he appears. Don't forget the dog. The gunman drops a small medi.


Proceed through newly open door and go right. This place may look like a maze, but in fact it's just a bit complicated passage, a construction site, nothing more. Find a keyhole for second Shaft B Key in the end of it and open the door. Fight another set of enemies and pass another grey door.


Watch out for the guy on the balcony. Kill him. Now you must place a pushable block between two more blocks. One of them is pushable, but needs to be released, so now move the upper one onto a non-pushable. Now, when both lower blocks are released, place them in different line and pull the upper block one more time to finally climb it and reach the upper section of the building. Find a switch up there. Press it and backflip IMMEDIATELY to avoid falling weight. Now drop yourself down. Turn around from a huge door in the middle of the room and notice two swinging spiky bags and two more blades. If your health is running low, the first thing you should do is to face the huge door and find a large medikit in a passage on your right. There is a similar passage on the other side of this cellar. It contains a key. When you step on a square the item is placed on, a weight will fall down. The best way to avoid it is to quickly perform two rolls - one to trigger the trap, and another to escape. After that you can pick up K3 ("Key 3"?) and jump over the blade to get out of here. Now make sure you have enough health to pass the swinging bags and blades and make it. Actually, with correct timing, they can be passed with no scratch. Stand in front of them and jump directly between two halves of the trap. Pick up Uzis, some ammo for them and a small medi. Go back - the door is now open, and the keyhole is located behind that annoying set of shutting/opening doors.


Go back there, time the shutting/opening doors once again and go upstairs one more time. Now it's time to enter the maze. Stick close to the right wall and find a triple tiger drawing. When you see a wafer thin wall behind it you'll know you're going the right way. Find a switch in there and press it. Go back and draw your weapon - two dogs and three gunmen await you. Kill them and collect your reward - a small medikit. Go through open door, slide and descend, using a ladder. You are in lower part of the catacombs. Proceed to the very end of the corridor, jumping onto a block and sliding again, to find a keyhole for K3. Open the door and IMMEDIATELY jump left to avoid another falling weight. Now you can pass two moving blades this way: use the fallen weight to gain some starting speed and jump over the first knive. Now strafe to the right side of the square you landed on, place yourself in the corner far from the entrance and jump left. You should lose no health. Find a block and a trap which is not yet activated. Get the block out of its place, away from the inactive trap. It's not necessary to do it RIGHT NOW, but doing it RIGHT NOW clears your way back after the inactive trap activation. Climb the ladder, press a switch, activate the trap, use another passage you have just made and move the block through now open door. Now Lara is able to climb it to get to the top of the stacked crates, and then - into another district of this epic city.


After getting down and some seconds of running you'll find some windows on your right. Shatter them and jump into the water. This is one of the most dense underwater passages: it's very short, but it's also very easy to get lost in here. Keep yourself close to the bottom. Soon you should see the surface. Reach some dry place and feel the prediction what is gonna happen when you pick up that key on a pedestal... Yes... Blades... And a falling weight. This can be unpredictable here. Backflip to avoid it. With the third GuardRoom Key in your backpack, time the moving knives and go back through the underwater passage. Now, use the two remaining GuardRoom Keys to open the last door and face the last trap. I don't know what it is, but the trap may be called "New Venice", according to the level name. The blades shouldn't hurt you, as they are placed close to the finish trigger, but watch out anyway.

It seems there will probably be a sequel. I hope so.


In the 3rd pool area, after climbing the ladder and getting on the roof, face the previous courtyard and do a running jump with grabbing a ledge. Pull yourself up and, from that place, do a running jump onto a golden pedestal with two dog statues. There is a stone dragon waiting for you.

In the second pushable part (the one after picking up AP ammo and going downstairs), pull the second block one more time to reveal a small medi, flares and shotgun ammo. After picking the items up, turn around to find the jade dragon.

I find this golden dragon one of the meanest secrets I've ever found. Just before you hit the finish trigger, you have to turn around and backtrack through the whole level, throwing the last switch once again and passing all the traps one more time to find yourself in the construction site area. The door located there are open now. Collect a secret and if you don't run out of patience, get back to the finish trigger only to hit it and see your final stats.