Lara Croft in Prison in Nevada


Levels by Lukasz Croft


Walkthrough by Josť







Push the moveable block in SW corner to the very end, then go around the grate and pull it once; go around again and pull the switch in the alcove to open the trapdoor behind you. Climb up, go E and pull the switch at the end to open the trapdoor. The W wall of the pit is climbable, so drop, grab, climb down and shimmy right to a safe tile. Continue S through the corridor and drop into the hole; there's a guard there, a block in SE corner with a gray tile to its left and a button, so try to go to the SW corner to lure the guard there, quickly jump onto the block and press the button while the guard is still over the grey tile: a laser appears and he'll die. Now you can pick up the small medipack he drops and quietly get SECRET #1: flares. Climb the small block in NW corner and take an angled standing jump to grab the edge of the hole in the ceiling, continue S and take care of the laser in the next room; pull the switch in the corner behind the machine gun to open the cell door. Pick up the small medipack over the block in NE corner and return there the way you came.




Go outside and push the buttons of the other cells to release the prisoners; they will kill the guard and you'll pick up another small medipack he drops. Explore the cells to get a small medipack and shotgun shells. Now go downstairs and look for four buttons to open the trapdoor in NE corner: one in a block in W wall, another one near the NW corner, another near the NE corner and the last in SE corner. Go there, avoid the laser by crawling and pull the switch at the end to open the S double doors. Go there and lure the guard to the first floor where your friends are, and when he dies pick up another small medipack.


Return to the S doors (notice the button and the grey tile in NE corner) and continue to the end of the room; turn right (W) and continue to the dining room; first pick up the small medipack in the middle of the S tables or it can happens that the next guard doesn't follow you and stay immobile over it. Open the door in SW corner and in the kitchen alert another guard. Lure him all the way to the block in NE corner near the double doors, climb it from its S side and hopefully the guard will follow you; quickly go down and press the button so the red laser appears in the grey tile and kills the guard (it seems that if you lure the guard upstairs where your friends are, they will not pay him much attention). Deactivate the laser if necessary and pick up the Silver Key he drops.




Now go to the SW corner of this room and open the door there, use your key in the keyhole at NW corner and in the next room watch the flyby showing you the machine gun. The gun is pointing to the E side of the room so it can't "see" you; advance only a bit and climb the right side of the first block to your right, drop into the hole and get SECRET #2: a large medipack. Go back to the entrance and this time jump and advance near the N wall to avoid the shots of the machine gun, jump in the E trench at NE corner and quickly crawl and go S to pull a switch and pick up the Keys to the Door. Go back the way you came but before exiting this room drag the block in NE corner to get another small medipack. Make your way to return to the kitchen.




In the kitchen, pick up the flares in NW corner and climb the ledge where the fans are. Sprint through the left side of the left fan, losing some health. Pick up the medipack behind the central fan and crawl back and grab the free edge; drop/slide/jump and after the crawlspace you can use your keys. Climb the ladder and at half way jump back in an alcove behind. Pull the switch (timed) and quickly sidejump right and standing jump to grab the ladder and climb to the top before the trapdoor closes. Walk slowly and open the door to your right, pull the moveable block outside to the corridor and put it over the closed trapdoor (don't touch the tile in front of the guard). Climb it and jump E to the opening in the ceiling and get SECRET #3: shotgun shells and uzi clips. Go back to the corridor, press the timed button in front of the guard and run to the adjacent room before the trapdoor closes, jumping into the water.


Swim through the left passage and in the next room pick up the flares in the SW corner and step over the tile in front of the N block to open the door. In the next corridor, light a flare and jump in the dark niche in SW corner, press the timed button and run up the ramp before the doors close. There is a sentry gun shooting at you in the next room; quickly go behind the NE pillar and pick up the small medipack there. Pull the switch in SE corner and go through the open trapdoor in NW corner near the sentry gun. Behind the crawlspace step on the tile in the dark corner to open the trapdoor and drop in a sort of control room.




The button in NW corner is timed, but there is more than enough time to cross the door in NE corner so, press the button and wait a few seconds, then go through the door and if you're lucky the door closes behind you and the guard will stay out of this new room. Crawl in the SE corner, light a flare if necessary and get SECRET #4: a small medipack behind the metal piece. Step on the dark N tile to open the trapdoor in the ceiling and quickly jump to the block in the center of the room and up to the room above. Continue crawling and the next door opens automatically. In this new room, the guard will be alerted, but he won't attack you, so don't worry about him; even so, you can use the (timed) button behind the W pillar to activate the laser in the nearby grey tile to kill him and pick up the small medipack he drops.




Use your key in the NW keyhole and in the corridor jump over the deadly hole and go through the right side of the fan to pick up SECRET #5: a large medipack. Climb the bottom of the ramp and facing the hole jump back twice to touch the marked tile and release a rolling barrel; immediately run down the ramp and once you touch the floor take a fast standing jump to clear the hole and the rolling barrel. Return to the ramp and run up to the end; run off the edge to drop into the hole (if you take a running jump the sentry gun will burn you). Take a standing jump NE to clear the hole and look up W to spot the high jumpswitch. Position Lara in front of the W sloped ledge under the jumpswitch, jump back and forward to reach it, taking some damage. Go to the armory and finally get some guns: the pistols, the shotgun and a small medipack and shoot the N crates to get the Battery. Now at least you can return to the storage room the way you came, shooting all the guards on your way.




In the storage room, move the W crate N and E against the other ones; climb it and pull the E crate once to reveal a passage where you can use the battery. Shoot the grate in the cell and inside the crawlspace wait in the first tile for the laser; when it goes to the other side, continue crawling and keep the duck key pressed at the border of the hole while the laser passes over you. When you can, drop into the hole, jump and shoot the grate in front of you. Now jump and grab the edge of the next crawlspace; when the laser passes over you, hoist up and quickly press the sprint key so Lara rolls and once standing up run against the wall where the laser can't hurt you. Time again the laser to drop from the other side (beware, if you're standing against the wall the laser can't hurt you, but it can hurt you while you're going out of the crawlspace). Outside, shoot the guard and save the game.




Shoot the dog and in the room with the truck pick up shotgun shells in the right side (W) and the crowbar behind the block in SW corner. In N wall, just left of the grate press Ctrl + up arrow with Lara against the wall to grab the crack above; shimmy left and hoist up. Beware of the smashing black pillar to your left so, go to the very right side and take a standing jump to your right; climb the S block and use the crowbar switch in the other side to open the double grated doors. Go inside (climb the block again and take a sidejump over the open door), shoot the guard and push the grated crate to the corner; climb it and open the ceiling hatch to shoot a rat and get SECRET #6: shotgun shells and a large medipack. Press the button in front of the crate to open the N door (the other one is only to close the entrance gates), go to the end of the corridor and time the laser to jump to the next corridor and run to the end very near of the S wall, where the next laser can't touch you. Time the next laser to run and drop into the hole, climb and approach as close as you can to N wall where you're safe. Save your game (tricky tasks here).




In this room there's a sentry gun waiting for you in W side. The goal here is trying to get the sentry gun to point to the SW as much as possible to make it stop shooting so you can do your tasks. Situate Lara in the very NW corner at the end of the corridor; turn her to face SE and take a standing jump so she lands in the room above and being shot at by the machine gun. Advance walking a very few steps all that you can very near of the S wall while the machine doesn't spit the fire, and then crawl and go all around in an anticlockwise direction so you get the ledge in the other side of the pillar where the dark crate with the lasersight is. Shoot the crate, climb this ledge (if the machine gun starts to shoot, you must reload and try again from the entrance of the room) and pick up the lasersight; then climb the block in SE corner and pick up the revolver; combine them and shoot the tank of the machine gun; pick up the Silver Key over the ledge in front of you. There is revolver ammo over the block in NW corner; easy to pick up; you only need to jump when the laser is far and stay close to the W wall (the laser will not hurt you there); when the laser is gone you can pick up the ammo. Return to the double grated gates the way you came.




The smashing pillar is stopped now so turn left and use your new key; crawl and pick up uzi clips from the left alcove. In the next room shoot the guard if you want (in my game he didn't attack me); the guard with a red strip is harmless. Go E and pick up the revolver ammo to your right; time the laser and jump over it to reach the timed switch (shoot the gray box to discover it) at the end of the corridor. Pull it but don't hurry: a machine gun has magically appeared in the previous room, so jump over the laser again and staying very near of the end of this corridor blast the machine. Return again to the timed switch and this time pull it and be quick to jump over the laser again and run W to fall through the timed trapdoor near the end of the room. In this lower room, shoot the baddy, pick up the shotgun shells near the N wall, pick up the revolver ammo in a small corridor in NE corner and finally step on the middle tile in E side in front of the false door to jump to the next level.







Advance and notice the tall block to your right (with a secret above). Watch the flyby, jump over the right sand dune and turn around, facing N-NW; take a running jump to grab the edge of the tall block to get SECRET #7: lasersight and uzi clips. Go down and to your left (NW corner) and notice the keyhole there (for later). Go to the SE corner of the courtyard, behind the plane; there you can find another revolver and a switch. This is a timed switch which opens a door in the SW corner of this courtyard. Pull it, roll and quickly run around the corner and through the very front part of the plane, sprint S around the plane and E near the S wall to reach the hopefully open door to get SECRET #8: the uzis and a large medipack. Go back outside and to the small control room in E wall and press the button to open the trapdoor.




Drop and time the laser running to the corridor to your right with the pipe. Forget the fan and drop through the crawlspace into the corridor below; time the laser and jump over the W block to get some revolver ammo; go E and from the left corner before the ramp shoot the guard who is near the pillar. There's a machine gun in this room, so beware and jump to your right behind the pillar where the guard was; duck and crawl near the central ledge to the S and stand up in the corner to blast the sentry gun. Shoot the crates in SW corner to get MP5 ammo and get another pair of uzis over the central ledge.


Open the door, go down the pole rope, watch the flyby to see the key you need and shoot a pesky rat. There is a timed button at the end of the E wall, press it and quickly run through the E corridor and jump through the S timed door; shoot the guard and pick up the flares over the central crates. In SW corner there is a moveable crate; make your way to pull/push it over the SE tile and Lara will fall. Shoot the dog on your way and climb the crates in NW corner; push the moveable crate once and a smashing pillar starts to move. Shoot the crate over the E block and pick up shotgun shells; shoot the grey box in NW corner and pull the switch to raise a block and open a trapdoor in the previous room; time the smashing pillar to reach the NE alcove and get SECRET #9: grenade gun ammo. Go back to the previous room, shoot the guards and the dog, climb the raised block and up to the upper room; pick up the small medipack (it seems that the guard with the red strip has killed the baddy) and the MP5 ammo, pull the floor lever and return to the place showed by the flyby, killing another guard on your way. The door in NE corner is now open, so jump into the water and get the Silver Key. There is MP5 ammo in NW corner, but also a machine gun protecting it; it's your choice. Now you must return all the way back to the beginning courtyard of this level with the airplane.




Use the key in its keyhole, advance and you'll arrive at a lava room with a rope; here you must press two buttons in NE and SE corners (it's not really necessary to use the rope for this); when done, a trapdoor opens in the W side of the room, use the rope to go there and climb the ladder. There is nothing in the shootable crates. In the corridor to your left notice a receptacle for another battery (for later). Continue E, shoot the alien and in the next room use your crowbar in NE corner to open a grate in the high crawlspace in S wall; go there and pick up a small medipack in the opposite crawlspace, monkeyswing over the pipes and in the next room jump through the triangular opening to your left and find a timed button near the SW corner. This button opens a door high up and this task is really hard, 'cause there is a pipe to disturb you in the small hole where you'll have to maneuver, but this is how I got it: press the button and jump back with a small left curve to the SW, jump over the triangular opening NE and immediately roll and run to hit with the S wall, jump back over the slope behind and forward to grab the edge of the high ledge, hoist up, roll and run/jump over the holes to the (hopefully) open door around the corner.




In this room place the moveable crates N and S to open the W door, shoot the crates inside to get MP5 ammo and another battery (time the lasers there). Make your way to return all the way back to the corridor where you saw the receptacle for the battery (to get out of this room, after shooting the aliens take a running jump from the top of the crate in SE corner). There, shoot the rats, place the battery and climb the ladder; in the next room you must look for three buttons and two jumpswitches to open the high door in SE corner; after shooting the aliens find the buttons in ground floor in NE, SE and SW corners, and the jumpswitches high up climbing the blocks in the NE corner and in the S side of the central pillar. Before leaving this room don't forget to pick up the uzi clips on the S blocks.




Go further and you'll find a room with three gray pillars. Grab the edge of the sloped ledge to your left, hoist up and jump back to land onto the smaller pillar. In the highest pillar in the corner you can find SECRET #10: MP5 ammo. Now drop through the hole behind the S wall and shoot the dog; also notice the computer in the SE corner of this room (for later). In the N room a trapdoor opens when you pick up the flares; jump to the sloped ledge in the corner, slide/drop/grab the slopedledge below and shimmy left to a flat ledge. Continue and in the room where you shoot the dogs explore the water room to find a small medipack and revolver ammo. Climb the central ledge and use revolver + sight to shoot the padlock in the middle of the small grate up in S wall; now move the crate to the marked tile in the other side of the ledge and the grate opens. Move the crate again back to its original position (there was a shotgun under it, pick it up first) and grab the monkeyswing above; move yourself to the sloped pillar near the wall, drop/slide/grab the edge, hoist up and jump back to land on the pillar with the black crate. Shoot it and go into the crawlspace; shoot the grate at the end, drop/grab the edge and shimmy left to the safe ledge; duck to pick up the MP5 and avoid the laser and the next door opens. Shoot the guard behind the wall and go through the crawlspace in the corner to get the Disk he drops. Make your way to return to the room where the computer was, shooting a couple of aliens on your way.




Use the disk in the computer and shoot another alien in the next room, go up the stairs, through a crawlspace shooting a rat and climb the ladder at the end; press the timed button to your left and quickly climb the next ladder. At the top shoot the guard and press the button left of the radar to open the door, shoot another guard, break the grate and continue through the crawlspace to an outside area. Go to your right and facing the last pillar next to the wall jump back and forward from the sloped mound of sand to grab the edge and get SECRET #11: grenade gun ammo. You can shoot the guard who is high up in S wall from here with revolver + sight if you want. At the other side of the sand you'll find a grated moveable crate and a floor lever. Move the crate first to the middle of the way between the two pillars, in front of the high door; then pull the lever (timed) and run and jump onto the crate and through the open door.




In the next room slide from the left side and jump in last moment over the ledge at the end (but don't stay too close from the border though), climb the ladder and climb the next black ladder in the opposite wall until you find the bricks in the wall; jump back to land on a flat ledge with another guard (this one is friendly). Continue to another outside area and shoot the guard who awaits you; go to the quad area and use it to go up the ramp and break the crates there (there's no need to use it, but just for fun) and pick up a large medipack, MP5 ammo, the grenade launcher and grenade gun ammo. When you get the stuff a lot of enemies appear near the truck; go there and you know what to do. Two of them let you a pink access card (actually you only need one, but I think the author did it so to be sure that you can get at least one, 'cause the guard with the card could fall under the truck or so).




Use the access card to open the door, crawl under the laser in the corridor and jump into the water; continue diving E through the underwater passage (difficult to clear that pipe) to the last area of the game where a welcoming committee awaits you. Dispose of them, pick up the MP5 ammo near the burning barrel and from the NW corner jump to grab the edge of the roof and shimmy left to the flat ledge; take a running jump to the other side and pull the switch to open the door below; shoot the last guard and go up the ramp with the quad to finish the adventure between shots.


September - 27 - 2010