Levels by Yasin

Walkthrough by manarch2

NOTE: The compass often does not show the right directions. The given ones are the direction of the red needle.

Map has been provided by the builder

Level 1: Beyonder’s Hand

image001.pngYou start this level with a short cutscene. Afterwards you find yourself on some kind of pyramid structure. Turn S and open the box; inside you get the Earth Key, the Sun Key, the Moon Key, the Revolver with Ammo, the Uzis with Ammo, the Crossbow with Normal Ammo and the Shotgun with Ammo. You found everything in this room, so run into the E tunnel and shoot two little spiders. Climb the block in the end of the tunnel and come up into a crawlspace. In the N direction you’ll find nothing but a dead end, but in the S one you can exit. Kill the bats in the next room and jump into the water pool in this room. In the NW corner you can find a Little Medikit, thereon climb out near the N ladder which you have to climb then. Perform a backflip and jump to the NE to detect an arcade. Run down the steps in this room and see a room with two exits NE and NW, but also a lion statue with green eyes looking S. Note that for later. Then get out of this room via the NE exit and follow into a pool. There are four little holes in the next room; only in the SE one you can find a Wooden Key. Simile to the last room there is an exit NE and SW behind the green algae. Choose the SW one and at the fork swim S to find Uzi Ammo. Back swim N now and at the end of the water corridor climb out in a new area. Wade N and find a E crawlspace. Behind that you can find a wall lever; pulling it raises a lattice in the last room, so run in the S corner and pull the block one time back to climb it and jump E. Run to the far E corner and climb into a new room. A giant spider and several poisonous arrows are dangering you. After killing it jump on the N slope. At the end of it you have two possibilities to save your life because a boulder is coming through this passage: You can either wait exactly 3 seconds and then do a jump backwards or quickly run down the passage and then in the next, right room. Whichever way you choose, get E of this room and you see three wall levers. Your task is to push and pull the block there to the marked tile W. So, push the middle lever to close the first two lattices and pull the block to the W end.

SECRET 1: Pull the block once S. Climb on it and get into the high E opening for a Kami Neko.

Back into the block room pull the left lever to open the first lattice and close the third. Your way is now free to push the block onto the marked tile. The NE door opens; when running on the square with a key a giant spider attacks from behind, so kill it before taking the Sapphire Key and leaving through the SW door. Kill two bats in the next room. A wall lever opens a door on this and one on the lower floor, so choose the one on this floor. Kill two green lizards behind the self-opening doors. Right at the beginning of the bridge you get to see another lion statue. It looks in the S direction and it has blue eyes. Note that and run straight S to jump off this bridge (to the left side). Climb the green structure in front of you and face SW to run-jump to another platform. From there jump W to a broken bridge. Run W until you crash into a wall. Luckily it’s climbable so get up there and use the wall lever NE. A green lizard approaches so kill it and get back to the bridge. As soon as you arrive at the bridge jump N onto a slope and directly jump once more to arrive at a higher ledge. Get to the E wall to arrive in a new room. Place the Wooden Key in the keyhole and inside kill a spider and a green lizard. Recognize a third lion statue with pink eyes looking in the SW direction. After that pull the W wall lever and exit to the broken bridge. When facing the abyss at the E side of it jump to the white part of the water fall and hang from the ledge. Climb back up and immediately perform a jump backwards to land safely on a stone platform.

SECRET 2: From there you can see an opening in the waterfall, so jump there and climb in for another Kami Neko.

Back on the stone bridge jump W on another platform, then SW and hang yourself off the S ledge and shimmy W to an entrance to another room. Kill a green lizard in the next room. Climb the SW blocks and see the last lion statue with red eyes. It looks in the SW corner. Note that and push the S timed lever. Quickly run E to the lever before the fire starts again, then, after pulling it, quickly run to the W lever and also pull it. The lattices in the middle open so climb down. There are two pushable blocks S and W; push the S one two times and run through the passage shooting two spiders which guard Uzi Clips and the Skull Key. Run through the passage and push the block once at the end, then run back out of the tunnels and climb that block to get out of the pit. At the beginning of the last room you can see a fire burner N, but for now you don’t need to go there. Instead get back to the big abyss near the broken bridge, shimmy and jump all the way back E to the stone bridge. There is an entrance NE so get through the passage there. Climb the S blocks and monkeyswing N to fall down on a ledge where you can shimmy E and climb up. Kill the bats and take a Little Medikit in the W way. Thereon run S up the ramps and in a new room with waterfalls enjoy a cutscene and shoot a green lizard. There are four gemstones in the room: The red one NE, the pink one SE, the green one NW and the blue one SW. Note the directions of them and pick up Uzi clips in the little pool (SW corner). Then run in the far NE corner to climb a block and then onto the next stage of this room. Run and jump S to the other side. In the far SW corner is a timed lever. It opens a door left of you, but you have to go downstairs again to get to it. Now, backflip with a mid-air turn and jump right on the walkway below. Run to the end of it and jump NE to grab a ledge at the higher stage. Run through the W door and follow S, avoid two burners and sprint through the timed door. In the next room take the Ruby Key and leave again. You now have to get all the way back to the room with the fire burner you saw earlier. If you want you can pick up Uzi Clips in the NW corner first, then finally arrive in the burner room. Climb the S blocks one more time, then turn around and monkeyswing to the other side of the room, timing the way through the burner part. Then run E into another tunnel and use the Skull Key at the end to open the nearby wooden door. Run S inside and crawl through the crawlspace. Kill a bat and climb the blocks; then find your way back outside. You enter a well-known bridge. Run NE into the building and climb down to rush through the water room and arrive at a new area. Don’t jump S into the water because the water flow leads to a deadly part. Instead run NW into the pool. Swimming through leads you back to the pool where you found the Wooden Key. Swim out at the middle and kill a lizard at the end. Get through the NW opening and run up the ramp to a swimming pool; jump in and swim E and climb out at the very end. Run N and watch a cutscene, thereon place the Ruby and the Sapphire Key in the receptacles and two doors open somewhere. Kill a lizard, take a Little Medikit somewhere E and prepare yourself for the next puzzle; you have to combine all information you have been received in this level now. Let’s see:

The blue lion looks S;
The green lion looks S;
The pink lion looks SW;
The red lion looks NE.

There are four globes on the four platforms; they are clearly defined by one direction of the corners they stand on. More information:

Red gem – NE
Pink gem – SE
Green gem – NW
Blue gem – SW

So, push all globes in the four corners on the right directions:

NE corner – globe to the NE
SE corner – globe to the SW
NW corner – globe to the S
SW coner – globe to the S

If finished correctly a cutscene should start; jump to the translucent platforms below you and jump them to the end.
(If the cutscene doesn't start, try moving the globes away, then back onto their target square, one by one until the cutscene finally kicks in.) Afterwards jump to the big Beyonder’s Hand and take the Element Circle in it. Run N and slide down the slope and the level changes.

Level 2: City of Sanus (Intro)

Slide down and at the platform quickly hang yourself off the ledge to avoid being killed by a rolling boulder, then jump W to another block. Further SW find yourself on a next platform where you can climb up to a passage with a wall lever. When pulling, two lattices close so you can jump back onto them. This lever is quite tightly timed so quickly jump back to the first platform and from there S to jump on the other side. Place the Element Circle there and three keylocks appear. Place the Earth, the Sun and the Moon Keys there to see another cutscene which end means the end of this level, too.

Level 3: City of Sanus

In the beginning of this level, after a cutscene you begin raiding in a tunnel. Run out of it and you arrive in Sanus. In the pool you can find Uzi Ammo. Climb out and run into the E passage, ignoring the right diversion. Run down the stairs and kill a knight to your left. Climb the ladder here and see a closed door to your right. Remember this place! At the other side of the corridor turn SW and jump to the platform and then over the following W ones. Enter the N building and find a switch on the S wall. This is a timed one, so be prepared: Pull it and get back to the roofs. Jump from platform to platform back into the first building where you saw that door. Sprint into it and climb down the ladder to find the Plaza Key. Back to the ladder, climb it down and get back to the beginning of the level. If you want you can open a SE box for a Little Medikit. Go around the corner to the E side of the building and see a little cutscene. Pick up the Flares and place the Plaza key in its receptacle. In the building sprint to the N side, turn around and climb into the crawlspace as a movable spike wall comes nearer and nearer. Shoot the vases there (while crawling) and get Revolver Ammo. Crawl out E and find a “HELP”-message on the N wall. Note the arrows and their direction and jump down. Kill an ahmet and a knight on the floor and get back to the beginning once more. This time go into a N passage. The door behind you closes and an ahmet and two knights appear. Shoot all of them and both doors in the courtyard open. The W one leads to another courtyard with four pushable globes. You have to place them in the four alcoves, but according to the “HELP”-message. So there are four alcoves. All of them have two tiles in them, one left and one right.

Push one globe in the E alcove and then left,
Push one globe in the NE alcove and then left,
Push no globe in the NW alcove,
Push one globe in the W alcove and then right.

A door opens somewhere, leave the courtyard and get back to the beginning. Go NW and up the stairs. At a T-junction keep left until you reach a little pool. Jump in and go to the far SE corner of it to find the Warehouse Key (very hard to see). Go E and right to find Shotgun Ammo which triggers a ghost knight. Kill him and go back.

SECRET 1: SE of the beginning of the little passage you’ve just exited you can see a cornerstone of the roof with four torches. Run to the E one facing W and use that torch. E a ladder appears; climb it and the secret sound appears. Run to the end of the bridge and then left into a little chamber with a Large Medikit and a Magician Head.

SECRET 2: Go back to where you have thrown the torch lever. Run onto the SE roof and from there jump S to the other roof. Walk around it in a counter-clockwise direction and go far E of the building to jump over a fence and find a Broom.

Get back to the upper floor and to the fork where you can go W up the stairway. Now go S downstairs to the very end and kill a ghost knight. Go through the open W door and in the new courtyard, with many trapdoors which open when running over them (so watch out), kill two ghost knights after watching the cutscene and go to the middle of the E wall to find Crossbow Bolts. If you want you can go S behind the building and trigger two ahmets. Then or instead use the Warehouse Key on the N side of the building to eliminate two knights and find the Carved Key inside. Now you must go back to the beginning for the last time. When going out of the courtyard another ghost knight appears so shoot him down and go back to the first pool. Again go E and go downstairs, noting the translucent wall N. Go left to the very end and use the Carved Key here. The wooden door opens and you get into a flooded room with many levers to pull, over- and underwater. This is the right order how to use them:

- Jump into the water and use the underwater lever on the nearest column SW.
- Back out use the NE wall lever.
- Jump over the platforms to the far SW corner of the room (not in the water) and use the second wall lever there.
- In the water in the N is (under the entry) another wall lever so pull it down.

Now swim SW again and find an open underwater door. Swim through and climb out at the end. Use the E lever and the room is now completely dry. In the big room you can find a pushable block so push or pull it all the way under the last wall lever on the S wall. The gate SW you maybe saw earlier has opened now; first you have to get back to the upper floor. For that run into the smaller room S and pull the block once, thereon climb on it and get to the lever. Pull it up now and the room has flooded a bit. Swim E and climb the ladder there. Pull the lever on the top floor up, too, so that the room is fully flooded again; jump or swim to the SW open door and get the Strange Stone. Exit this area via the NE door and go N and upstairs again, this time to the translucent wall you noted earlier. Place the Strange Stone in the middle and after the door explodes you have to kill two more ghost knights. N of the pool some Flares can be found and E a trapdoor can be opened; jump inside to fall deep into a little pool. Wade N and save before climbing into the E passage. Immediately after climbing in turn a bit and make a sidejump into the water as a big knife wheel rolls down. At the top of the ramp kill an ahmet and go W towards a big grave. Turn NE and run-jump to the platform there. Walk and jump around the pit until the far SW. Look down E and jump on the slope which leads you to a platform with a wall lever. Pull it and jump E onto the slope, then backflip onto the higher floor again. A block has raised N; climb it and from there jump to the opening in the wall. Go to the end of the corridor and then up the right ramp. When you go around the corner quickly turn and run to the last room again as another knife wheel dangers you. Jump to the ladder at the end of the ramp and climb it, then, when the fires go out, back-and sideflip until you are safe again. Crawl in and find the Bronze Key. Back out, down the ladder and the ramp, shoot an ahmet and jump E to the ledge, shimmy around the left corner and get up, turn around and jump to the platform where you came from. Jump to the other side of the canal.

SECRET 3: At the other side of the waterfall turn SW and jump to the platform right of the slope there. Turn SE and press Backward to land on the slope, at the end jump while holding Action and land in a passage. The secret sound appears and at the other side of the crawlspace you can find the Hakkero. Jump up the W blocks and slide down the slope at the end. From there you can get back to the waterfall.

Again jump to the other side of the canal; go E end crawl in the little passage. Getting through it is not easy – in the middle is an uneven point where you have to crawl to the rightmost point until you finally get through. In the new room jump up the left block and exit and at the E end crawl in the little passage. Getting through it is not easy – in the middle is an uneven point where you have to crawl to the rightmost point until you finally get through. In the new room jump up the left block and exit it via the corridor, pick up a Little Medikit in a little grave here. Afterwards climb out and jump up to the purple slope, climb on it and backflip with a turn in mid-air. Grab the ledge and shimmy left to climb up on the block and then up the ladder. In the new room pull the lever on one wall, shoot a knight and run over the balcony to throw another lever to see a door which hasn’t opened yet. Back to the beginning of the balcony run on the golden lattice and from there jump to the column SW and once more with a curved jump to the second balcony. Inside the building kill another knight and note two keylocks. Run downstairs and at the T-junction go right in a room with another knight to shoot. Searching in the S boxes lets you receive 2x Uzi Ammo. For now you can’t do anything more in this room so leave. Go N into the last corridor. Jump to the yet closed door over the spike pit and turn around. When the fires go out jump to the next alcoves and finally onto the safe blocks. Jump SW avoiding the fire, backflip and jump once more to grab a ledge. Shimmy left and the ledge grows into a ladder. Jump backwards to the slope behind you and from there to the little chamber. Run around the left corners to find a timed lever S. Pull it and jump to the other side of the room with the pit. You probably land on a slope; at the end turn around and run-jump to the now open door. Take the Strange Stone and leave after killing an approaching ahmet. All traps in this room are deactivated; simply jump and climb up to the highest room again. Place the Strange Stone in the S receptacle and in the next room kill another knight. There are two exits from this room: The right one leads to a balcony with a Large Medikit and the left one to another puzzle. There are two shells in this room having a certain direction. Place Lara on the S wall of this room looking N and note the directions of the shells: One NE and one S. There is a crawlspace NW so enter the next room with another two shells, which directions are N and NW. Note it again and leave this room and go back where you came from. Climb down all the way in the spike room and reach the starting corridor. Go forwards (S), run to the end of the room and turn around. Lara looks N now, like in the shells room. Step on all tiles where the shells were placed, but NOT on any other:


The W trapdoor opens; crawl through the passage and climb out at the end of it. Drop into the pit at the end and take a running jump to the central platform, then into the W opening to find another Carved Key. Back SE where you came from climb up the ladder and get back to the puzzle room with the tiles. Run up the NE stairway to the top again and place the Carved and the Bronze Key in the E receptacles near the exit. Some spikes disappear somewhere; you have to get back the whole way up to the room with the balcony and the shells again. From there jump to the platform with the lever, pull it and the door in the courtyard below you finally opens. Jump into the pool from the balcony and get inside the passage NE to find the Royal Gate Key. When going in not less than three ghost knights and four ahmets appear. Shoot them all with your best weapons, wait a minute and use the Key in the NE lock to open the big doors. Run through and then W. Avoid the knife wheels in the corridor and run a bit further to end this level.