The Great Wall


Level by KurtisLara (September 2010)


Walkthru by Harry Laudie



[Note] There were many complaints in the reviews and forum about this level. I am sure that they were justified. There is no compass or binoculars. There were too many fixed camera views. The game crashes each time Lara dies. There is a potential game-stopping problem where you need to shoot a spider for a key and you may not have any ammo left. And so on. [End note]


The level starts with Lara sliding down a slope into a cave. Then there is a very long flyby of the area. Run forward and get a view of a helicopter overhead. Continue into the water and jump up to grab the block. Follow the blocks to the left. Do not shoot the two tigers on the cave floor. Not because they are an endangered species, but because you have limited ammo. Jump onto a column and jump to another ledge. Follow the ledge and be careful of two rolling balls. The two rolling balls killed the tigers anyway.


Pull up onto a ledge and jump over the gap. Turn to the right. Jump over the gap and run to the skeleton at the far end. Pick up flares for secret #1. Go back over the gap and climb the block. Run and jump over the next wide gap and onto a ledge. Pull up into the window opening and shoot the window grate. Enter the room and run around the column and into the corner. Pick up red shotgun shells from a skeleton. Do not waste ammo on the other window grates in the room. Go back and pull up the trap door in the opposite corner. Be careful of the swinging chain and drop in.


You land in water. Get out and run up the steps. Run and jump over the water to a timed switch. Pull down the switch, roll, and run at an angle towards the steps. Jump through the open timed door and onto the Great Wall. You get another long flyby. Run forward and shoot two vultures. The fixed camera view is especially annoying. Go forward and jump over the gap in the broken wall. Shoot a thug that appears from the far door. Shoot the thug and see where he lands. Go there and pick up the crowbar from his dead body. It looks like a key.


Go to the broken gap and slide into the water. Swim into a submerged window and pick up a white key (called Load) that is hidden in the plants. Surface and pull up anywhere. Shoot a vulture. As you face the wall, run into the far right corner. Climb the wall as far as possible and shimmy to the right. Drop onto a ledge Follow the ledge and pick up Uzi ammo, Uziís, and a large medipack. Climb the wall down to the water pool area again.


Go to the opposite side and see a closed door. Pick up revolver ammo from a skeleton on the ledge. Hop onto the higher ledge. Go left and hop over the rock. Pull up onto the higher ledge. Pull up onto another higher ledge. Go to the right and onto the roof above the closed door. Pick up revolver ammo off the roof. Follow this ledge back and you can jump into an alcove with a plant. You can pull up into the back wall into an area where you should not be. Just ignore it.


Go to the closed door and use the white key to open it. Step inside and see a dynamite plunger on the ground. You can see a grate at the bottom wall at the end of the tunnel. Stand on the side of the plunger near the shallow hole in the floor. Use the crowbar and there is an explosion. Wait until a block drops in front of you and pull the block back. Go into the tunnel again and see that the grate is missing. Crawl inside and onto a water stream. Shoot three spiders and hop up onto a ledge. Push open a door and drop into a tunnel. Follow the tunnel to a jump switch on the wall before a slope with a knife blade. Pull down the jump switch and the tunnel is flooded.


Swim down the tunnel and over the knife blade. Swim to the left and pick up revolver ammo from a skeleton on the floor. Pull open the underwater door and swim inside. Swim down and to the right and pick up a yellow key (called Load) from the plants in the submerged window. Swim back out and pull up. Follow the tunnel back to the water stream. Enter the open door and go left to pull back a block. Pull down the timed wall switch and run around the wall to get through the open timed door. You are back at the area where you entered.


Ignore the tiger to save ammo. Go back and climb the wall to the ledge where you got the Uziís. Stand jump down onto the Great Wall again. Go back to the other side of the gap. Notice that the door that the thug appeared from is open again. That wall section is the trigger to open the door. I found it best to stand on the tall wall block on the water pool side of the wall. When the door opens, run and jump over the gap and sprint into the open door. If you cannot make the timed run, the yellow key will open the door.


Get inside and shoot four spiders. You see a closed door in the corner. Climb a dark ladder onto the upper ledge. You see a hole in the corner and a block. First climb on the block and pull up into an unseen alcove at the back wall. Pick up two Uzi ammo and get down to the ground floor. Go up the steps to the left of the ladder. Hop up into the window and save the game for a timed run. Pull down the wall switch and side jump out of the window onto the ledge. Run down the steps and climb the dark ladder. A wooden platform has risen in the corner hole. Pull back the block towards the hole. Once you start the pull, the animation will continue to completion even if the wooden platform has started to go down. You will fall into the hole. Get out and push open the doors that where behind the block. Shoot a spider and pick up a white key (called load). Climb down the ladder and use the white key to open the door in the corner.


Follow the tunnel to a room and shoot four spiders. When Lara walked near the skeleton the floor, red shotgun shells appeared on the screen as if she had picked them up. Anyway, go to the skeleton and pick up a large medipack. Pull the block at the far wall back. You get an overhead view of the operation. Go behind the block and shoot a huge mother spider that runs out of the tunnel. Enter the tunnel and slide down the slope to land at a timed wall switch.


The water is poisonous but not immediately deadly. It is like the cold Antarctic water. Pull down the wall switch, turn left and stand jump onto a column. Run and jump to the next column near the corner at the wall. Run and jump to grab the third column and pull up. Run and jump into the doorway. Drop into the water and pick up a crowbar (key) near the grate on the floor. Swim back to the wall switch to pull up. Do the timed run a second time. Follow the tunnel and the floor collapses under you. It is a scare but not dangerous. Enter a room and the door closes behind you.


Turn to the left and use the crowbar on the dynamite plunger. Do not move as a rolling ball rolls behind you. Run up the slope to the end. Be careful of the fires and pick up the Horseman's Gem (called load). Go down and save the game before a deep pit. Slide down and jump forward to grab the wall. Pull up and follow the tunnel. Save the game before you jump over a small pit. Slide down and run to the left. Hop up into an alcove to avoid the moving spike walls. There is nothing in the spike wall pit to get if you wait for the walls to pass behind you. Run down the tunnel towards the knife blade and the level ends by crashing for the last time.


[Note] From the reviews, I assume that this is the end of the level. I only found one secret and still had a yellow key left. [End note]