In Search of the Lost Trident

Level by PaoloM

Walkthrough by manarch2

- The given compass directions are the direction of the red needle.
- There are no Binoculars at the beginning, you have to get them at the end of the first room.

Lava room

This level begins by falling onto a slope. Slide down and jump three times to get over the slopes and to hang at a ledge. Shimmy right and around the corner. When the fires just go out get quickly around the ledge and shimmy on; then fall backwards on the following slope. Slide and backflip with a turn in mid-air, then grab the ranks for a ladder. Climb up and jump further on the slopes until you finally reach a safe square to stand on. Unluckily this one isn’t as safe as you might think – it’s a breakable tile. Quickly jump to the other (right) tile (or shimmy there) and from there to the higher tile. Run over the gap and then on another slope, once more jump right with a curve to the block. Quickly perform a backflip to avoid the boulder. Climb the place where the boulder was and you can find Flares. Jump further on the slopes and then either to the ladder (avoiding the fires) or to a monkeyswing.

SECRET 1: Use the monkeyswing to get S and drop and hang on a ledge. Shimmy as far left as you can and you arrive at a tunnel. Get out of it and pick up 2x Flares and a Large Medikit. SW you can find 2x Shotgun Ammo and the Shotgun itself. In the W passage you can find the first Golden Skull. Get back to the lava cave.

Jump on the slopes again and then shimmy W to the platform with the Binoculars. Slide down, use the lever and go in the next room to see a cutscene which informs you about the tasks in this level.

Main Hall: Climbing, Lasersight

Shoot two knights near the E wall and pick up the Revolver one drops while dying. If you want you can get Flares in the pool. Thereon go in one of the W corners and jump on the slope there, then backflip on the platform. From there jump to the central walkway and then with a hard curve to the N (or S) block (N are Flares) Jump a last time to the E balcony. There are two crawlspaces in the walls; use the left one (SE) to get into a little tunnel. Slide down to the breakable tiles and from there jump over the slopes to a closed door. Simply shoot it with a weapon of your choice and jump carefully to the fire block. Shoot both grates and jump in to find the Lasersight and Revolver Ammo. Jump back to the entrance and monkeyswing to the exit again. This time get onto the balcony and spot a shootable ball on the ceiling. Combine the Revolver and the Lasersight and shoot it from a suitable place. This deactivates some spikes. Get into the N alcove and pick up Flares, then use the remaining NE crawlspace to spot the room with the spikes. Shoot the crate with your Revolver and climb the S block to jump to the lever (if you want a little challenge try jumping backwards on the slope, shooting the grate with the pistols and getting directly to the alcove. Pull the lever and get back to the last room. Some spikes disappeared S; get there and climb down the ladder on this block. Backflip to the little dark passage and get through. Left are five receptacles for Golden Stars; you need to search for them now. First run N and climb over the block to find a lever behind. This one deactivates the N spikes formerly preventing you of reaching the lever there. Pull this one, too.


A door near the opposite wall opened; reach it and prepare yourself for another lava session. Jump from block to block, avoiding several spikes and shooting two bats. Jump N over the fire onto a slope and from there to the platform ahead. Few blocks more W avoid another fire trap and drop in the right chamber. From the slope backflip to the ladder; shimmy left and reach the ledge with a bat and a floor lever. After pulling it the spikes in the last room turned off; get there and jump to the pole; then backwards to the platform with the Crowbar. Pick it up, see a cutscene in which you can see that all three ground floor doors opened in the main hall and afterwards jump W again; a door has opened there which allows you to get back to the Main Hall. Jump in the pool and climb out. You can choose now any door to get in three areas. The order doesn’t matter here.

S door

Shoot the grate and jump down the steps. Place Lara so that she can jump over the right slope to find an area with a Golden Star (pry it off the wall) and – in the crawlspace – a Little Medikit. Jump back over the slope and then into the water. Swim S and use the underwater ceiling lever to open the W door. Swim there, then left and follow the tunnel until you can swim up to air again. Climb out and watch the cutscene. Run upstairs and turn around. Take out your Revolver and shoot a grate in the SW underwater corner. Swim there, climb out and do the same thing with the underwater grate in the room. Again jump in the water and pick up Revolver Ammo in the right corner, then swim left, follow the passage and use the underwater lever. Getting back to the last room climb up the stairs there, shoot a bat and use the now safe floor lever to open the door in the first water room. Get there and find Flares near the N wall:

SECRET 2: Don’t shoot the red ball yet, but go to the S hole and drop backwards to have access to the jump lever there. Swim back to the stairs and run in the last room again. Slide down the E ramp and jump twice, then shoot the bat. Shoot the grate while sliding further and jump in the corridor. Time your jumps over the fire blocks, then reach the balcony with a wall lever. Pull it and swim back to the first room, go up the steps and find an open door W. Inside you can find another Golden Skull.

In the pool room you can spot a red ball on the ceiling; shoot it and this opens the door you might have seen while searching for the secret. If you don’t: Slide down the E ramp in the chamber near the first pool room and jump twice, then shoot the bat. Shoot the grate while sliding further and jump in the corridor. Time your jumps over the fire blocks, then reach the balcony. Go inside the door and follow the balcony to a room with deadly water. Jump to the block with the switch and use it. This is a timed one; jump up two raised platforms quickly and shoot the red ball with the revolver, then get back to the switch. When the platforms lower again use the switch a second time (if you want you can try everything in one try) and jump up all platforms and then to the Golden Star. Take it and get back to the entrance. Jump in the pool and swim back to the Main Hall.

E door

Run up the stairs and the green door opens itself. Note the high jump switch dead ahead above the closed gate, then shoot the knight coming from the left. Go back around and hop up into the alcove in the NW corner. Pull down the wall switch you'll find there. This causes a door to open in the opposite SE corner (where the knight was). Go there, climb up inside and find Flares in the corridor. Continue up the blocks until you reach the upper level. Look across and note the higher W alcove where you can see a white pedestal. The jump switch you noted earlier has mysteriously disappeared. However, by coming up here you've activated a trapdoor in the checkered floor below, so safety drop and open it (face the closed gate with the golden star behind it, standing one block in front of the lava trench). Drop down into the hole and locate the wall switch. Pulling it appears to open a door somewhere, but you'll need to come back here later. Climb out of the hole, hop over the lava trench and use the SE opening to get back up to the upper level. The jump switch has re-appeared, so activate it now. The gate in front of you opens as you drop to the floor; pry the next Golden Star off the wall and go back out, seeing a picture of a Golden Skull somewhere.

SECRET 3: Now something really strange has to be done. Go back up to reactivate the trapdoor, then drop and use the lever in the hole twice. Get upstairs one last time and make your way over to the W passage to find a Golden Skull on the white pedestal and 2x Uzi Ammo including the Uzis in the room beyond.

Run out to the central hall again.

N door

Pick up a Little Medikit and go further into the courtyard to see a cutscene. Jump in the NW hole to spot a lever. Pulling it lets you see a door of the N mansion. Now, get back to the waterfalls. Take out your Revolver once more and spot a red ball high up W. Shooting it opens the trapdoor in the water. Find Revolver Ammo in the left and the Silver Key in the right corridor, then climb up again and use the key in the W keyhole to open the nearby door. Inside you can find Flares and a fancy torch. Don’t take it yet but jump to the NW crawlspace to find a lever in the passage behind. This opens a door in the roofs. Now get out again and jump on the E block, then turn left and jump with a curve to the S block. Climb the blocks to a balcony (first shoot the grate and pull the lever inside) and then shoot the blue Harpyr attacking from behind. Back up again jump N to a platform and drop to hang on a jump lever which then goes down. Climb up again and this time jump to the S legde and shimmy left around the corners to fall and jump to the big balcony. Pick up Revolver Ammo there and push the floor lever, then kill another blue harpyr, then climb the brown block and shoot the grate on the W wall. Monkeyswing there and pull another lever that opens a door on the ground floor. Now get down again and take your torch with you and get into the E opening, shoot the right vase for Revolver Ammo and climb up the blocks. You are now on the top floor again – jump NW over the blocks until you reach the balcony with the fire in it. Light your torch here and shoot another harpyr. Now make your way over the roof blocks to the SW balcony. W you can find a hole so jump in it and throw the torch on the wooden floor. In the NE side of the room you can find Shotgun Ammo. The floor breaks so jump in the lower room. Pry a Golden Star off the wall and get back again. If you have found all five switches in this room the last door should have opened; go through and find Uzi Ammo on the right blocks and Shotgun Ammo in the pool. Now, to deactivate the spikes, push the WNW jar NNW, then the ESE one NNE. Get the Golden Star and leave this area and run back to the main room.

Main Hall: Placing the Stars, Lost Trident

Get up to the first floor of the hall again.

SECRET 4 – preparing: For the last secret you have to take a little detour. Climb into the SE crawlspace again (where you have found the Lasersight) and slide down the first ramp backwards, then climb down the ladder and get in another crawlspace. Pull down the wall switch you'll find there. This raises a platform high up in the last room. Get out again and backflip to a block. From there jump to the ladder again; climb the slope and backflip two times. Monkeyswing back to the entrance of the tunnel and crawl back in the last room.

Now you have to get the balcony with the receptacles. You should know what to do – go on the S platform, find a ladder there and backflip into the tunnel. Place all five stars and a door on the upper floor opens. Jump back in the water and climb again to the first floor. Run through the door, climb the blocks there and spot a jump lever on the N side of the pillar. This opens the exit door – climb up again and run through. Now you have to absolve a tricky timed session above the raising and lowering platforms. Jump with a little curve to the right to the first, then sideflip left and immediately jump forward and end with a final run-jump at the other side. The platforms are closed now.

SECRET 4 – the secret: Jump on the first one, then S to the platform where you can climb up and get the last Golden Star. Behind it in the room there are some goodies to find.

Go W up the ramp and take the Trident from the pedestal.