LB Advent Calendar 2010 - One Day Before Christmas

Levels by dh5696

Walkthrough by manarch2


Watch the cutscene, go E to pick up the Code Card in the shrubs and Flares on the snowy floor N. Use the card NE and get into the next level.


Go right and open the N door. Behind the entrance turn around and use the jump lever. Exit and go E. Use the toaster as a lever, pick up a Little Medikit from the pedestal and go back. Now go S and through the left door. Pick up a Bedroom Key E in front of the windows. Outside run up the SW stairs to reach the higher floor.

SECRET: Donít jump on the tile that transports you to the upper floor. Jump behind it to pick up a Little Medikit. Get back and you have the only secret of this level.

Pull the block away to get a Lid. Run to the far N wall and use the lever there to open the door. Climb and crawl on the right block to get an Waterskin. Left is a pedestal with a Cake Mix. Go back in the last room. Go in the open left door and find Flares left and the Cellar Key on a high right crawlspace. Outside use the Bedroom Key to open the nearby door; pull the first two left blocks away to get the Coffee Pot. Run down in the first area again, combine the Coffee Pot with the Lid and place it in the NW of the kitchen. Now go out and N; open the cellar door with your key and go down. Run S and right to fill the Waterskin. Go back and open the door in the last room. Use the Waterskin to erase the fires there and take the Animal Book. Go back and up again; run to the upper floor and into the bedroom. You can place the book on the shelve right. Go back all the way into the cellar and go through the open S door, pick up Flares right and take the Box Shape. Run upstairs again and again into the kitchen. Place the Box Shape, combined with the Cake Mix, into the oven and the level ends.