LB Advent Calendar 2010 - The Middle of Nowhere

Level by Seilion

Walkthrough by manarch2

Outside Area

Watch the starting cutscene. Lara slides down to a big area; go to the S side of it and climb on the blocks to find a switch. Pulling it raises a platform in the center; go to the N and spot a ladder on one of the pillars there. Climb it to the top and then get up again.

SECRET 1: Jump to the S platform and then SW to a round pillar. Pick up a Little Medikit there.

Jump to the SE pillar and push the block to let it fall on the ground. An underwater door opens. Swim through, find your way in the uneven passage and climb out at the end.

Mirror Room

Always look in the mirror to prevent yourself of several traps. In the NW corner there is a switch; pull it and go back on the little higher red ledge. Jump to a higher floor there; hop SW and pull the block out once. Jump over it and push it onto the raised tile and then over the edge to the floor. Turn right and climb the ladder, then shimmy right. Climb up and jump in the N hole. Find a Crowbar in the chest there. The spikes behind you are deactivated; jump to the floor and use it to open the W door. Push the block inside this room and the door on the top of this room opens. Climb there and go through the corridor.

Lava Room

Wait for the fire to go out, then jump to grab a monkeyswing and quickly get on. At the fork first choose the S path, avoid the fires and get to its end to grab a jumpswitch. Get back, then N and to the open door. Drop and jump to the first platform right in front of you; then NW to the little pool. Open the underwater door there and use the lever to open a door somewhere. Climb back out and use the swingpole to get to the other platform. From there turn and jump right with a little curve to the high walkway. There are four paths now; only two are open yet.

W passage

Go N and pick up Flares. Back climb the lore and to the upper walkway. Run S and jump W to the other walkway, then N on the slope. Slide down and jump to the swingpole. This transports you to the other side; head to the NE exit. Go S and follow the passage to a timed button. Push it and quickly sprint back, at the junction go N and climb before the gatter closes again. Go W and arrive at another button, pull it and run back to the other side of the corridor, push the next button and jump back to the lower area. Run where you came from and to the rail room. A door on the S side of the central building opened; go through and get in the crawlspace to find an empty Small Bottle. The switch in the corridor opens one of the two closed gates in the central room. Go back there.

N passage

Jump to the white tile in the lava which slowly sinks to the lava Ė quickly jump further NW on the rocks. Jump around the rocks (search for safe squares) and to the NW tile a bit away from the central. Get on the E rock and jump further E on a slope; jump to the safe tile on the E wall. From there jump to another white sinking tile; climb up the ladder and backflip on the wooden platform. Now you have to jump to the other, W side of this room. Jump first on the upper stage of the central rocks, then N, back to the central and then W. Pick up Flares and do the same thing to arrive at the S platform. Use the jumpswitch there. A block behind you raises, use it to get to the lower legde, jump on the white tile and back to the entrance. Run to the central room again.

E passage

SECRET 2: Go S and jump into the hole there. Pick up a Little Medikit in a crawlspace there. Get back.

Run up the N ramp, when some music plays turn and run back in the entrance passage. When the boulders fall in the hole run up the ramp and get into a little maze.

SECRET 3: Go ahead, then right to the swinging blade. Go into the right passage where the blade comes out and pick up Flares. Get back to the entrance of the maze.

At the junctions go left and in front of the strange spike trap. Turn left and climb into the crawlspace. Push the button there and climb out again. Go right, then left, right and see that a left door is now open. Follow the passage and push another button to open the next door. Quickly sidejump away to avoid some stones falling from the floor. Go back, avoid more stones and jump over the rolling boulder. The door behind it opens; head through and push the button in the hole behind. Get back out, go right, right, left, ahead and right. Jump over the floor spike trap and arrive at the block you just have raised. Pull the block in the new room twice N, once E and twice S. Climb on it and push the button there. Thereon go to the E side of the room and find a button behind a pillar; donít push it yet, but remember it for later. Jump back to the maze and go in the left corridor. Avoid two traps and approach the door youíve just opened. Pick up one of the Torches and jump back to the block which leads to the last room. Leave your torch there and climb up. Push the E button now; the torch is now transported to this room. Pick it up (itís invisible, so remember the exact place where you dropped it) and light it in the SE part of the room. Push the button again and leave this room with the torch. You have to light five other torches in this or in the other areas now: First go back to the door in this maze you first opened; go right, avoid the swinging blade and find the first torch in a corner. Go back to the door; enter it and follow the right corridor to the end and light the second torch there. Get out of the maze and enter the central room again.

Lighting the last Torches

First go back in the W rail room and light both torches right and left of the entrance. Go back and now run to the N lava room. Jump to the white tile and to the central rocks. Jump to the raised block and to the higher platform, then in a clockwise direction back around the central structure, equal to what you did before, using the wall platforms Light the last torch on the E platform and see the last of the four gates in the central room open. Jump back to the entrance of the room and run there.

S passage

Climb up the ladder. After watching a little cutscene go E and jump a bit right to the ledge, shimmy all the way right and drop onto a wooden platform. Quickly turn and jump to the S platform as the wooden one is breakable. Jump W and get into the S alcove to push a button there. Get off the ledge, turn left and drop onto a safe block above the lava. First go SW to find a dark crawlspace there; after it you are in another lava room. Run W and jump on the slope, from there to a swingpole, another slope and to a ledge. Shimmy left and climb up, slide and jump to the next slope (with a little left curve). A jump later you can pick up the Revolver, but, as the builder says, ďDonít waste your revolver ammo!Ē. Get back to the last room through the crawlspace. Jump to the N platform and then to the NE slope. Jump with a little left curve to the ladder; climb it and exit again.

Final Stuff

The button raised a block in the underwater pool below the walkway with the four doors. Jump there right from the walkway and get on that block to fill the bottle with water. Climb back up to the walkway and go in the E passage again. Run to the maze and go left to climb the block again into the room where you lighted your torch. Use the water to turn off the fire, get back to the walkway where the central block lowered; pick up the Lasersight there. Run back to the S room, climb the ladder and shoot the crystal in the lionís mouth above the room entrance with the Revolver, of course combined with the Lasersight. The central block raises again; climb it and get into the room above. Go right, avoid the spike column moving around and find some Wires in a chest. Get back a last time to the E maze area, go left, climb the block and into the room and place them near the turned off fire. Now you can push the button; back to the walkway go in the W passage and in the rail room again. Go N where the explosion took away some stones; push the floor lever which opens the trapdoor in the high room above the walkway. Get there and climb the long W ladder up, then backflip and jump right. Jump once more to the NW ledge and enjoy the final cutscene.