TR Forge Advent Calendar 2010 – Mystica

Levels by Luke

Walkthrough by manarch2

NOTE: The given compass directions are the direction of the red needle.

Mountains (1)

You start this level in a corner of a big area. The fire in front of you is not dangerous – you can run over it without burning. Go to the S building and take the Cross with Inscription from the light pedestal.

"We found a big mine full of mana stones.
But in our greed we digged too deep.
We unleashed something that
should not have been awakened.
P.S. No, this is not Lord of the Rings."

Now head W and run through the snowy area, neglecting the big hole in the middle first. Go to the big cross on the hill and to the N side of it. You can spot a lever on this side – pull it and a trapdoor on the S side of the cross opens. Drop in and find the Mine Key there; duck to pick it up. Climb out, and run back E, avoiding the big gap. Go to the W side of the hill with the big blue ball and find a pushblock there. Pull it out to reveal a switch behind it; pull this one, too. This opens a door in the gap; climb the ladder there in the SW corner. Run through the wooden door and open the left door yourself to find Crossbow Ammo behind. Now go out and ahead to open a second door. Inside go to the end and left to find Flares. Climb the block and drop to the right to take the Blade with you. Go out again and find a Little Medikit in the NW corner. There is one E door left; open it and pull the lever behind to open that wooden trapdoor next to you. Downstairs get on the ramp and quickly sprint down since three boulders start rolling down, too. Jump over the spike pit and climb up. Pick up the Shaft from the skeleton and jump back over the pit, run up and climb to the upper stage again. Go W and use the Mine Key on that keylock to open the next door. When reaching the dark spot on the floor the level changes.

Beneath the Mine

Combine the Blade and the Shaft to the Shovel and use it on that dark spot. After a little cutscene Lara falls into that hole and a voice can be heard: “Oh, I’m free!” Run S and crawl to the next room with a pushable globe puzzle. Take the Runestone from the central pedestal.

“Oh Northern Star,
the South I love,
my Eastern Sea,
the West without a meaning.”

Some skulls will appear on the floor; in the NE corner is a jumpswitch – pull it down and jump over the trapdoor to get rid of the skulls. Let’s solve the globe puzzle now:

Go N and push the globe on the star.
Go S and push the globe on the heart.
Go W and push the globe on the anchor.
Go E and push the globe on the bare tile.

The S door opens; run through, pick up Flares and crawl further until you reach a little room with a timed switch. Wait for the flames to go out, pull it and jump and sprint down the passage and through the door, but attention, not further than the tile behind the door – otherwise Lara would hit fire. Now, when you managed to do it, look on the floor. You can jump to the tiles over the crosses – they are safe – so jump three times to get to a ladder which you should climb up. Backflip onto the ledge behind you.

SECRET 1: Jump to the NW ranks on the wall, shimmy right and backflip onto a ledge with some Old Coins. Get back the way you came.

Go to the E edge of the platform and turn SE. Jump to the platform there and pull the lever. The door on the lower ledge opens; jump there and pick up one of the Torches. Jump back over the cross tiles and light the Torch on the nearest wall torch. To get the Torch through the crawlspace duck and throw the torch forwards three times or so. Pick it up and run to the puzzle room again. Go in the E corridor and light the two sun receptacles in the next room to break the ice pool. Jump in and follow the S tunnel. There are two water receptacles in the next pool room; since you can’t do anything yet just follow to the S tunnel. After swimming left pull an underwater lever and follow the water passage. Just before swimming through the door pick up the Waterskin from the skeleton. Swim in the next passage and push the next underwater lever. Swim back to the first pool area and run back to the puzzle room. Drop in the trapdoor which opened after pulling the second underwater lever and fill your Waterskin with water.

SECRET 2: Crawl E through the water to find more Old Coins.

Run and swim back to the second pool room and use the Waterskin to extinguish the first fire, then go back to the puzzle room, get more water and extinguish the second fire. The pool is frozen now – run to the other side and pick up the Shrine Key from the pedestal – you now get transported back to the pool room. Don’t swim to the second pool room anymore as you can get stuck there! Instead run W and open the door with your just found key. Before just running through the room and dying because of flames look right. The direction the skull heads look at show the right path through this room. Run to the other side of the room. Finally open the chest on the other side and get your good old Pistols. Now that everything is done in this level go N to the crawlspace – Boom! A knight appears in the room – shoot him; now you can crawl N and climb out of the rooms again. Run E to the door to get back to the last level.

Mountains (2)

Run S - outside again, climb the ladder and run to the big cross in the W. Now that you have your pistols, follow the S path and at the end shoot some big spiderwebs to get access to the following room. Your task here is to open the W door. Go there first and turn E. You can read the name


on the tomb. Now you have to pull the switches that together form exactly that name.

Pull the left one on the S wall: SFR
Pull the right one on the S wall: NLUA
Pull the left one on the N wall: WSOG

The door opens; head through and follow the path W to another switch puzzle: Go W and look E to see the full painting, now you have to pull the switches that together form it.

Pull the left one on the N wall.
Pull the right one on the N wall.
Pull the left one on the S wall.

The door opens so enter the new area. In the next W building another switch puzzle has to be solved. You have to find the switches that together fit to the bird’s footsteps.

Pull the left one on the S wall.
Pull the right one on the S wall.
Pull the left one on the N wall.

The last door opens; pick up one of the Torches and run all the way back to the big area with the cross. You can light the Torch on the fire vase in the first switch puzzle room. Go W of the cross and through the passage to enter another big forest area. Go to the far W side of this area and find a lighted and an unlighted vase beneath a little cross and a trapdoor. Light the second and the trapdoor opens. Pick up the Magic Snow in the hole. (Leave your torch where you won't forget it, as you'll need it again much later in the game.) Go into the little passage with the skeleton and pick up Crossbow Ammo, which also triggers a wraith. Run back all the way to the big cross and it will disappear after a little time. Go a bit E to the three high pillars and find a jumplever on the S one (facing N). Use it to open another trapdoor somewhere S of you. Spot it and drop in. Crawl N through the little passage and place the Magic Snow there. Crawl out and pull out the block in the SE corner, then climb on it and jump outside again. Run to the star snow and climb the pillar on the S side of it. Pick up a Cave Key. Now go to the W side of the area and spot a crawlspace there. Crawl through and get to a new level.

Mana Caves (1)

Go forward and the wooden door opens itself. Pick up the S Flares and use the Cave Key to open the next wooden door. Take the Mana Cube off the floor and look at the hint on the wall:


Go back to where you came from and exit this level.

Mountains (3)

Crawl out again and go N to a new area. Place the Mana Cube right of the path and the complete white structure in front of you lowers. Now you have to pull some of the levers.

Pull the N lever on the NE pillar.
Pull the N lever on the SW pillar.
Pull the W lever on the SW pillar.

A W door opens; crawl through the passage and watch out for stalactites; crawl further W and drop into the hole. Follow, avoid more stalactites and climb into the S passage. Pull the skeleton away and pick up a Little Medikit. When going back and following in the next room kill an ahmet. Run further and get to a room with a pool below.

SECRET 3: Jump in the pool and pick up Old Coins in the middle. Swim back and climb out using the ladder next to the entrance.

Jump on the higher blocks, triggering a blade trap. Jump over the four platforms and on the three different textured tile to lower the ice spikes. Get there and push the floor lever in the next room. Jump back to the last room where you can climb in a S passage now. Pick up the Sword after pulling the skeleton away and run back all the way you came from. Climb the ladder and crawl out to the snowy outdoor area again. Run E and use the Sword as a floor lever on the white object. The gate opens so head through. Kill a ghost bird attacking in the courtyard. Go N and kill two more birds in the next area. Back S go W and jump over the fence. Take a Little Medikit from behind the pedestal. Pull this on the more white tile and pull the lever on the E side. Drop in the hole and pull the lever in the NW corner to lower another block. Pull the pedestal to this tile and climb the ladder above it. Pull the next lever to lower the last block and drop back into the hole. Pull the lever back and climb the last ladder, then run into the building to get the pedestal. Pull it outside and twice S. Go inside the NE house and pull up the skeleton away to reveal a Frozen Flower. Outside go to the E side behind the houses and spot a ladder. Climb it and backflip on the roofs. Kill the next bird.

SECRET 4: Jump on the NW bridge, from there to the W ledge. Shimmy as far left as you can climb up and stand. Jump on the roof and get Old Coins.

Jump on the NW bridge again and from there to the E ledge. Shimmy right until you can drop and stand on another bridge. Jump further from roof to roof and shimmy until you can climb up another platform. Kill a bird and jump on the N roof. Get into the hole there and take the Frozen Flower with you. Now go out and to the street again. Go S and to the last E house. Push the block inside the house and get prepared for the next timed run. Pull the lever, run out and go left, at the middle of the village run right and into the timed trapdoor. Shoot some spiderwebs and pick up the third Frozen Flower. Run back and jump over the hole to reach the village again. Go W to the wall and then left.

There is a invisible hole at the end of the passage; drop in and shoot all vases in this room, avoid the skeleton, to open the door behind the pillar. Shoot a NW vase to get the Skull. Run back and climb up the ladder to reach the outside area again. Go to the middle and to the place with many objects N; place the Skull N on that receptacle. Shoot two knights – one of them leaves the fourth and last flower. Go N and place all flowers on that blue hoop. Go through the open N gate, see a cutscene and shoot a knight afterwards. Jump in the pool and pull the underwater lever in the SW corner. Climb out and jump to the S tunnel, pull away the skeleton and pick up the Prison Key. Follow the passage and climb up the blocks. Jump back to the bridge and use the key in the NE corner.

Here's a useful map for the prison, provided by the builder:

Enter the prison and go into the N cave to see a little cutscene. Back to the entrance, climb the ladder and get over to the monkeyswing, swing to the inverted pillar; this one is climbable, too, so drop and hold Action, then shimmy around the left corner. Climb up and backflip into the little corridor. Pull the lever there and return to the last room. Shoot two goblins and climb the rope. Swing and jump W to grab the first jumpswitch which opens the door below you. Do the same E, with the only difference that you have to shoot a knight first. Pull down a wall switch in each opened alcove. The N door opens and the wolf is released when you join it in its alcove. Go back S and then W down the ramp. Kill two goblins and take the N path out of this little room. Pull the block out of the corner and go near to the exit to find a crawlspace left of it. At the end shoot the vase for the Wolf Key. Run back to the little chamber and take the W path. Shoot a goblin at the end and use the teleporter to get into a new area with another goblin to find and kill.

Follow the corridor and watch a little cutscene, see a quest-for-money message right, then crawl under the cage to find Flares. At the passage go E and pick up the Little Medikit, then go back and then N. Shoot the goblin and take the second teleporter. Follow the next tunnel and kill two goblins and a knight at the next chamber. Go N and wade through the water, avoid the poisonous gas. At the junction go S for a Large Medikit, then go N and arrive at a bigger room. Go to the NE pillar, climb the ladder to the slope and jump twice to climb up (at the left edge) of the pillar. Turn left and stand-jump to the next pillar, then on the right slope, once more and get into the high passage. Shoot the vases to get Money. You have to return all the way back now. Go to the cage with the skeleton inside and throw some Money in the cup to get a Heart of Forest. Pick it up from the floor. Now go all the way to the beginning of the prison, then outside, into the village again and then to the middle W wall. Insert the Wolf Key to open the door left of you to find three more wolves in the next room. Pick up the Crossbow and leave this place again.

Go to the village and to the S forest area. Shoot an ahmet after the little cutscene and go further S. In the first part of this area (go E therefore) are five lightable racks (three N of the path, two S) – light all of them to open a SE trapdoor, near to one of the racks. Let your Torch stay here and jump in the pool. Throw the underwater lever which opens the door right of you. Get some air and swim into the maze. Swim right, to the end, left, to the end, left, ahead and to the end to find an underwater switch. Swim back until you reach the first junction.

SECRET 5: Swim left and climb out at the end, pick up Flares in this room and spot a NW crawlspace where you can find more Old Coins.

At the junction swim ahead, then right, ahead, right, to the end and left. Back in the pool room climb out N and follow the passage and go through the open door. Follow the spooky path to the end, pick up Flares and throw the jump lever. Some skulls will appear, but also a pole in the SW corner of the room. Backflip onto the platform, S is a crawlspace with a lever behind, pull it and climb up to the forest area again. Go directly N to the white tile and pull the trough on it, then jump back in the S hole and crawl in the last area again. Pull the lever to lower the white block with the trough. Now pull the E block twice S. Pull both W blocks once E, then the higher trough once S. Push the blocks now in such a way that you can push the trough W and then 3x W: The NE gate opens, jump into the corridor and place the Heart of Forest there. Go S, through that crawlspace, and climb up the ladder again.

SECRET 6: Now you can take your torch and run back to the area with the big cross. Go to the N part of it and find a vase there. Light it with your Torch and get Old Coins and a Large Medikit.

SECRET 7: Throw your Torch in the big mine hole S. Climb down and take it with you in the cave. Go to the right door you've already opened and light the fireplace with it. Take some Old Coins from the tile where the pillar lowered.

Return to the forest village and turn to your right as soon as you hear those familiar jungle drums. Run S to see the door you’ve just opened. Shoot two knights in the following courtyard. Go W and turn S to find a ladder on both left and right pillars. Climb them and pull the levers inside the corridors. Back to the courtyard the big blue double doors are now open; shoot two spiderwebs and avoid the moving block traps. Pull the lever on the left wall and exit this room through the now open door; pick up a Little Medikit in the NW corner first. Shoot a knight in the next room and pull the NW block out of the corner. Climb it and jump NE into a crawlspace. Follow it to the end and pull the lever in the next room.

SECRET 8: Before climbing down again jump or shimmy to the area just above the floor. In the SW corner you can find Old Coins.

Back in the last room kill a knight and enter the next W area. Watch out for falling blocks in the next room and pull the wall lever. Follow into the next room. Jump on the W platform and push the block inside the chamber, go around it, pick up a Little Medikit, push the first block back and pull out the second block, then push it in the corner. Run through the new passage and pull out the next block, then return to the last block area and pull the blocks back to their former place so that you can get back. Run first N and slide down the ramp. When you see the blue ball shoot it immediately so that you can land safely between the spikes. Pick up the Magic Snow in the next room and use the teleporter to get up again. Run S now and through the passage you just opened. Only jump on the tiles with the torches – these are the safe ones.

Get to a passage with a receptacle for the Magic Snow, place it and the fires go out in the corridor. Shoot both the spiderwebs and the knight in the next area after the fires and jump in that hole, use the crawlspace to get access to the Lasersight, which you can combine with the Crossbow. Get out and pull the lever to exit this room. Go outside again to the forest and go back E to the big cross. Now head N and run to the valley with the boulders on the hills. You have to get through this area avoiding the boulders triggered when running below them. Perform sprints, rolls and run-jumps to arrive at the other side alive. Two wraiths will wait for you there; jump in the hole and run to the end of the corridor. Climb up and the wraiths will be away. Get back to where you came from and to the door. Look to the high E of it and spot a ball. Shoot it with your Crossbow and the door opens. In the new area you can find Crossbow Ammo on a hill. All blue balls here are shootable – this reveals four goblins, a bird and two knights. All this opens a SE door to the pool under you. There is a mermaid in this area, so watch out!

SECRET 9: Near the NW corner you can find Old Coins.

In the NE, SE and SW corner you can find three switches; pull them and swim through the SE door to find a fourth switch that opens an E underwater trapdoor. Climb out after swimming through the tunnel and run on both left and right tiles to activate a teleporter that leads to a room with three goblins to shoot. Follow the tunnel and run onto that tile to activate the second teleporter in the last area. Go back, shoot two more goblins, go to the dragon’s head and get a Lake Jewel if grabbing from the right. Back in the last room use the first teleporter again and step on the second which leads to the icy area again. The jewel has to be placed in the far W, behind the wall on the icy figure. The block lowers; pull the boulder that crashes on the ice now. That also triggers not less than three knights. Kill them and shoot the cross in the pond with the crossbow. Now exit this area and go far W to the forest and far W there. Shoot the blue ball with the cross in it, kill the black ghost and go E again, near the starting area. There is another cross N, shoot it and kill a last ghost. Go to where the big cross was and enter the teleporter. Go W and pry the Mana off the wall. Now you have to return to the westmost point of the forest again. Get to the crawlspace again and follow it to get to the Mana Caves again.

Mana Caves (2)

Go in the W part of the room, turn E and place the Mana on the tree. Both doors in the N and S corridors open; go first down S and see a little cutscene with the ghost. Now go up again and if you go through the N door, shoot a bat and climb the W ladder. Run into the big hall and shoot two translucent knights and four bats. Exit this room through the W corridor. Avoid two mummies in the next room and jump through the circular blade, follow the passage, avoid another mummy and jump through the second blade trap. Behave similar in the next rooms and avoid more traps. Before throwing the lever go left and follow more tunnels to another icy room where you can pull the floor lever in the middle to open the E passage.

Drop in the hole and get down the pole, avoid the spikes and backflip onto the ledge with just another floor lever. Climb up again and shoot an invisible knight. Follow the W passage and avoid the swinging blades to get across the bride. Pick up a Torch at the end and run back over the bridge. Go S now and after a cutscene shoot the female enemy, performing sidejumps as often as possible. Pull the W floor lever and pick up a Large Medikit E. Go N in the tunnel and ignite your torch in the fire vase. Go back where you came from and pull the lever you saw earlier now. Exit left in the big room where you came from and ignite the vases in the middle. A Soulstone magically appears on the pedestal, take it and go S. Climb the ladder on the wall and backflip onto the icy platform. Jump further over more platforms (E is a Large Medikit) until you can jump in the high W corridor. Pick up Crossbow Explosive Ammo in the next room and pull the block out twice to reveal the passage behind. Go around the house and open the door on the E side of it. Shoot the mummy with your crossbow and pick up the Little Medikit in this house. Now go on the E cemetery and shoot three more mummies.

SECRET 10: There are many black holes on this cemetery, some of them with a mummy inside. In one of the middle holes right in the E wall you can find a mummy and Old Coins.

In the NW hole you can find a jumplever. Go to the S wall and find a hole with a mummy and a crawlspace. Shoot the mummy and find another jumplever after the crawlspace. The last jumplever is in the NE hole; after pulling all of them a door in a hole behind the tomb opens. Pull the second, the third and the sixth lever (from left) in the next room and go through the open gates in the next room. Avoid some falling stones here and get the second Soulstone from the pedestal. Jump and run back the way you came and climb the ladder to the cemetery again. Run and climb all the way back to the start of the level, go in the S corridor again and place both Soulstones in the cellar room on the S pillar. The ghost will be free now and leaves a Ghost Key. Go up again, N, climb the ladder, N again to place the key on the E wall of the big room. Enter the treasure room and go to the SE corner to see a last cutscene.