LB Advent Calendar 2010 – Scrooge

Level by mugs

Walkthrough by manarch2

Go to the far W side of this snowy area (there is a Large Medikit under a breakable tile left of the W building) and head ín the left tunnel. Spot a jumplever high up and use it. Run N and through the now open gate to fall in a tunnel. When stepping further you will fall deeper in a tunnel. Go E and pull the lever on the wall. Climb up again and up the W ladder. Get in the S passage and you arrive in a town where you have to run SE and shoot the windows to get in a mansion. In the NE corner you can find a button, go N and spot an alcove with a Ticket Gift Shop Key. Pick it up and leave this mansion again. Go around the left corner and use the key there. Inside the shop don’t use the lever yet because it is a timed one, but pick up the Compass and a Little Medikit, then pull the lever. It opens a trapdoor in the building far away W to the shop, so sprint there and jump up to the first stage. Wait for the trapdoor to raise again, then jump up and pull the lever. Go to the other side and pull the block outside. Jump to the other roof and open the trapdoor there to gain access to the house. Jump in and pull down the jumplever inside. Another trapdoor opens, jump in and follow down the passage. A slope lets you reach icy water, quickly climb out left and up the E passage.

In the next room you can find a Stone Puck in the SW corner, place it in the E receptacle. Run in the now open corridor and climb up the ladder. Pull the lever in the SE corner and head NW to spot another passage here. At the junction go right and pull down the lever, then turn and climb in the passage you’ve just opened. Spot a NE crawlspace, jump there and follow the passage to its end. Climb up the W rocks and follow another crawlspace. Climb up and spot a Mechanical Scarab with Key on the cemetery. Now jump in the hole with a breakable tile. Pick up the Cage Key and climb down in the passage there, you get to the last corridor again. Get back all the way to the tombs. Head to the W wall and use the Cage Key. Now pull out the cage and reveal a Blue Crystal. Now go N and climb S on the higher ledge. Go right, then left and use the scarab on the different textured tile. You can hear a door open – go back where you came from, then right and left first. Open the door with your crystal and you will find all the lost presents and the missing City Hall Lights. Get back, then go left, ahead and left to see the door you’ve opened with the scrab. Go through and you’ll find yourself near the beginning of this level. Climb the W ladder again and go S in the town. Go SW and place the lights to see the final cutscene.