Lara and the Grinch

Level by Bibi

Walkthrough by manarch2


Open the doors in front of you and pick up Flares, a Little Medikit and a Letter:

ďI have stolen the presents!
If you want to save Christmas,
you can find them on the property.
.::The Grinch::.Ē

Go to the NE and open the doors to get to the main hall. Run downstairs and go to the SE alcove to find a jumpswitch there. Pull it and get up the stairway again. Jump to the first rope, then swing and jump to the second one and to the E balcony. Pick up the Parcour Key there. Now climb down and go again upstairs, then N and open the doors. Go NE and jump in the crawlspace. On its end pull the wall lever to open a garden door. Downstairs again go in the W hall and approach Kurtis and Winston to hear what they want to tell you. Go to Winstonít tablet and take the Frontdoor Key. Go N, open the doors, pick up Flares and pull the lever behind the pool to open a door somewhere in the house. Now go S, open the door to the kitchen and pick up the Large Medikit from the pedestal. Go W upstairs now and open the left door. In the room behind you can find the crawlspace you saw earlier. Crawl in and pull down the jumplever. Outside again go N into the upper room and then W up the next stairs. Go in the safe fireplace and get the Freezer Key. Go downstairs and in the kitchen again, then E and use the key in the keyhole. Inside the freezer turn and jump to the jumplever above the entrance that opens an underwater door in the pool. Get there and jump in. Follow the water tunnel and pull the underwater lever at the end. Swim out again and pick up the Garden Key in the other, now open, too, gate. Now go in the main hall and E to insert the Frontdoor Key in the receptacle to open the gates. There are two ways to proceed now; you can do each path in the order you choose:

Winston's Present

Go N through the open door and after a cutscene further N to place the Garden Key. Pull the lever inside the chamber. After another cutscene go W. The next puzzle isnít hard but it will take its time. Pull the four different colored senet stones out and use the levers to see which blocks are raising as a cause of it. Pull the stones on the corresponding tiles and pull the switches to get them to the upper ledge. Pull all stones on the right tiles and the central trapdoor opens, get in and achieve Winstonís Present. Get back to the garden and to the mansion.

Kurtis' Present

Go S and use the Parcour Key to open the door. Go to the far NW corner of the garden and climb up the stairs. Jump up S, use the monkeyswing and crawlspace. Pull the timed lever at its end and quickly jump over the platforms S and into the building. Pick up Kurtis' Present and leave. Jump down and open the doors to the kitchen, then run into the room where Winston and Kurtis are waiting. Place the gifts on the pedestals and watch the final cutscene.