LB Advent Calendar 2010 – A Little Gift
Level by Kya

Walkthrough by manarch2

Turn around and head around the house to find a jumplever on the N wall of it. Now jump and slide down into the river and get out. Run to the W wall where you can find the door you’ve just opened. Watch the cutscene when stepping in the manor area. Go SE and pick up a Little Tree there. Now head W and go down the ramp and turn right to get into a wooden porch; shoot the snowy barren to achieve a House Key.

SECRET 1: In the far SW corner of the estate you can find a little hole with the first Snow Rose in it.

Run E again and use the key on the E side of the manor. Get inside and in the NE corner to find a Large Medikit and a button to change the music.

SECRET 2: Go S behind the Christmas Tree and open the present for a Snow Rose.

Next to the big present pile pick up something for Santa Claus.

“Dear Santa Claus,
I’d like to receive
a bear plush.”

Grab in the SE flowerpot to receive a Lightblue Key. Now go NW and pull the table into the exact NE of the kitchen. Go up the W stairway and pick up the X-mas Ball from the flowerpot.

On the upper floor open the S door with the Lightblue Key and go inside the library. Lara will look on a certain part of the wall; pull out the block there. Pick up a Candybar (Crowbar) behind it and climb to the S window to find a Holly there. Now run E around the corner. Open the glass doors and pry off the Big Star off the wall. Head N and jump over the fence to the second balcony. Pick up a Large Medikit and open the W doors to get back into the mansion again. Shoot the N window and stand-jump to a monkeyswing. Get on the W balcony and shoot the next window. Back in the mansion jump to the left side of the E fireplace and get a Small Light. Push the button to get to the central room again. Go downstairs and S into the kitchen to place the Holly on the S pedestal. A trapdoor in the cellar opens. Pick up a Little Medikit W and pull down the toaster to open a door near to where you shot that barren.

Go there and into the cellar. In the SW corner you can find a Large Medikit; go N and pull down the lever to open a door for later. Drop in the E trapdoor and run into the SE room.

SECRET 3: Place the Big Star W and the S door opens, get a Snow Rose inside.

Shoot the boxes for a Revolver and leave again. Pull away the middle SE box to get a Torch. Now go N and pull out the only pushable box to find the Lasersight, combinable with your just found Revolver. Before leaving shoot the boxes in the bigger room to get Flares. Light your Torch S and pull one of the boxes under the trapdoor to jump (with the Torch, of course) on it and back to the cellar. Run out and N around the mansion. Leave your Torch there and open the door to the pool room with your Candybar. Go inside and jump into the pool. Swim into the W passage (a tile is marked with an X) and get a Library Key at the end. Swim back and climb out.

SECRET 4: First swim N to find another marked tile. Swim through and find a Snow Rose.

Take your Torch and sprint back to the main entry to the mansion. Go upstairs and light all three fireplaces in the three upper rooms to open a door in the NE garden; go there and pick up an Empty Box. Go back inside and NW into the room with the aquarium. Use the Library Key there and get in. Climb up the block right ahead of you and get to the N side of the room to achieve Revolver Ammo and have access to a book switch. Pull it and a block lowers in the room below. Pick up the Golden Star and now go NW. Shoot the glass bird in the corner to lower a N block. Get out and jump W up to the roof, then go around the house.

SECRET 5: On the roof jump up, facing E, and grab the highest part of this mansion. Run to the NW corner of the top roof and jump up the slope to find the last Snow Rose.

Now, back on the lower roof, jump to a rope. Jump to the E platform and further S to pick up a Garland from the little roof. Now go in the cellar and into the door you haven’t visited yet. Place the Garland, the X-mas ball, the Little Tree, the Golden Star and the Small Light there to open the door high up in the library. Pick up a Teddy Bear and a Little Medikit here. Combine the Teddy Bear with the Empty Box and go down to the christmas tree again. Go W of the tree and to the pink box facing N. Place the Gift there and after the cutscene the level is over.