LB Advent Calendar 2010 – Lonely Christmas (Platinum Edition)

Level by White Tiger – featuring Bojrkraider

Walkthrough by manarch2

Watch the first cutscene, then go N upstairs and then W to open the board. Get an iPhone and leave the house through the W hall. After another cutscene go down the street and talk to a girl there. Get into the N tunnel and head E to see a cutscene and thereon NE to talk to another girl, then pick up the Sewerage Key behind you. Go back where you came from and open the trapdoor in the tunnel. Follow the passage and use the key to open the trapdoor above you. Climb out there and pick up a Crowbar, then go and climb out the way you came. Go to the shoe shop again and then E to open a door with the Crowbar. Go far E and open another trapdoor to get into the sewers.

SECRET 1: Jump over the canal and get the Secret Decoration.

Go SW and find a passage there. Use the Crowbar there as a floor lever to change the direction of the water flow. Jump in the canal and swim SE to find an underwater lever here. This opens a door in the canal; before swimming there, first climb out and use the Crowbar on the lever again to change the direction again. Swim into the passage and climb out, then climb up the ladder. Turn back and get to the timed switch. This raises a platform high up in the tower. Use the stairs to jump and run quickly there and jump on the platform, then to the other area where you can use the rope switch to see Santa Claus near the shoe shop. Jump down and run all the way back to the sewers, then swim out and run into the passage with the broken lever. Open the S door with the switch and run back and climb out to the well-known tunnel. Go N to Santa and talk to him. After this take Santa’s Key from the floor.

SECRET 2: Go back to the beginning of the level and open the E door with the key. Go downstairs to receive another Secret Decoration.

SECRET 3: Now go upstairs and open another door with Santa’s Key. Go into the left bedroom and get a Secret Token. Go back to where you got this key.

Open the N door with Santa’s Key and follow into a big courtyard. Go SE around the corner and open the door with the key. Pull the switch inside to open another door somewhere. Go back to the courtyard and a bit W to see the open door. Step inside the mansion and go up the W stairs. On the first floor you can open the S door with the key, you can find Presents outside. Back in the mansion go up the stairs and open the N door to throw the floor lever with your Crowbar. Jump or run down and take the Big Present from the right fountain. Stand on this fountain and swan-dive over the N fence to get access to the Presents. Jump out again and then run a bit W, then N into the passage. At its end open the trapdoor and jump inside. Follow the passage and climb out at the end to find the second Big Present. Go back (the door is not openable) and climb out to where you came from. Go back to Santa and place all presents on his sleigh, then you’ll get a 2€-Coin from him. If you want you can use the Secret Token in the telescope NE to see a little cutscene. Go into the Starbuck’s and use the coin there to get a Coffee. Outside go to the man in the tunnel (the one with whom you've already spoken) and give him the Coffee to finish this level.