The Train

Level by Leandro Dubost

Walkthrough by Anurag

At the starting of the level we see Lara standing in a coach of a train. Turn left & at the end of the coach, find LASERSIGHT & REVOLVER loaded with 6 rounds. Turn around & continue forward a little further from where you started. Make Lara stand behind the 2 boxes, there are 2 SNIPERS ahead, one behind the boxes & another in front of the door. Take good care of them. Go forward & open the door, open another door & enter a second coach. Proceed further until you reach total blockade, to the left side there is a single box, while at the right there are 2 boxes.

Climb the 2 boxes and shoot the SNIPER who is taking a stroll. Drop down, go behind the box at the right, kill the SNIPER, also pick up the REVOLVER AMMO. Continue forward & kill another SNIPER. Open the door & exit the coach. Open another door to enter a third coach. Kill the SNIPER walking in the corridor; the first room on the left has a SMALL-MEDPACK, while the second one is empty. Open the door at the far end, then open another door, to enter the fourth coach. Kill the SNIPER in the corridor; the first door on the right has another SNIPER in it, kill him & recover REVOLVER AMMO from him, while the second one is empty.

Open 2 other doors to enter the fifth coach, kill the SNIPER in this small room. Open the door to reach a hall with 4 doors, the ones at the sides are empty, so open the door opposite to you. Kill the SNIPER in this room, as you will proceed 2 other SNIPERS will enter the room; blast these guys. Open 2 other doors, continue straight, and then left, then again straight, kill the SNIPER there. Open another door, as you do the room starts shuddering. Kill the SNIPER in there, now if you have reached here in less than 110 seconds, you will find a secret there is an open door at the end of this coach this is SECRET #1, enter it kill the SNIPER, go inside & drop down into an opening, go inside the crawlspace at Lara's right, the dark one, better light a FLARE here, you will end up in a large room, with James bond & Lara Croft posters (cool) & pick up 3 sets of UZI CIPS & UZIS along with a SMALL-MEDPACK, GRENADE GUN NORMAL, SUPER & FLASH AMMO & also the GRENADEGUN.

Now return to the last coach, get up on the control panel & pick up the COMPASS from there, activate the jump switch just at the backside of the door, this opens a trapdoor, now go jump down in the brown textured trap door in the Southeast corner. Lara will end up in an open area; kill 2 SNIPERS here. Now run towards the BIKE to end the level.

Lesson: Never ever travel in a train without ticket.