LB Advent Calendar 2010 Ė No Xmas Without a Tree

Level by l.m.

Walkthrough by manarch2

When youíve read the message go ahead and turn S to run down the street. After another message go W and to the blue door which is unluckily closed. Now go E to the closed gate and turn left to go behind the pushable trashcan. Push it W once and climb on it; thereon jump W around the tree to the wall. Climb up and jump into the courtyard behind the wall. Open the door here and go W to pull a sack away to reveal Flares. Now go N and get the trapdoor open. Jump in the cellar and follow the passage to pull down a lever that opens a door back in the corridor. Go SW through the door and to the pedestal where you can grab a Large Medikit. Now go up the SE stairs until you can see a cutscene. The old man doesnít hear Lara knocking on the door, but you will see a woman coming from a new street. Go downstairs and open the blue door. Go E into the new area and climb the S alcove; afterwards turn around and perform one slow step, then release Shift and run-jump to the N block. Turn around again and jump to the SW showcase. Open it and get a Construction Site Key. Go back to the first street youíve been on and go S to open the door with the lock using your key. If you want you can get Flares under the construction site, then climb up the scaffolding inside and go into the house. Get out there SE and jump to the big place. Open the W door to have direct access to the first street.

Now enter the middle S street and go to its end. Lara will look on a balcony; climb up there and jump over the N slope and to the platform. To your right there is a house entrance; donít go there yet but climb up the left roof and jump to the S one. Drop W of it and find a jumplever there which opens a door somewhere on the roofs. Climb down again and climb up. Jump back to the S roof and over the western roofs. Jump over the N slope and to the little platform; turn around and perform a run-jump to the W platform. Now get to the open door and enter the building. Run and climb up the NW platform and further NW to the next house. Jump as wide N as you can climb up to a flat, green ledge. On the way is a trapdoor; open it and now, if you fall down, you can climb up to the first mansion that you reached via the scaffolding and donít have to use the S balconies. Jump down a bit lower NW on the green roof and NE to a new area.

SECRET 1: Go SE and jump on the balcony for a Little Christmas Tree and Flares.

Spot a trapdoor here and drop in the mansion. Go E and get the Whiskey Shop Key from the furniture, then go SW and get the Garage Door Key under the bureau. Climb up W and get a Large Medikit in the crawlspace, then exit this room through the N door. Open the trapdoor and drop in the garage. Open the door with the Garage Door Key and the next double doors with your hands. Get back to the first street and then to the big place with the angle statue. Go in the far SW corner of the complete area and through the left side of the broken lattice. Open the door and use the Whiskey Shop Key to make your way inside. Go to the SE corner behind the cashbox and find a Glock 17 (Revolver) there. Shoot the SW barrel to get Glock 17 Ammo and the NW one to get 2x Ammo for it. Now head outside again and go back to the first street where you began this level. Go into the E courtyard where once the woman came out and climb up S to the windows again. Shoot them and get into the room behind them. Go E and shoot the chest for Glock 17 Ammo, then open the showcase for a Crowbar. When you hit H you can see all three places where you can use it.

Open the S door to the big place again. Go W and to the apartment area again. Get through the blue door and run up all the stairs until you arrive at the attic. Open the first door with your Crowbar and shoot the box behind for Some Coins. Open the door in the corridor and climb down again to the street Ė notice you need something to extinguish the fire on the roofs here. Go S until the very end and open the second door with your Crowbar. Shoot the chest for the first (of two) Dome Relic Circles. Now go N (W of the cathedral) to the beggar. He wants a bit money, so give him Some Coins and youíll get the second Dome Relic Circle. Now go E of the cathedral and find the third and last door you can open with the Crowbar. Go in the E room to pick up Flares from the pedestal. Go S and place both circles to open the red curtains.

Now go out and N upstairs. Follow the passage and pick up the first Dome Side Key from the altar. Go out of the building again and return to the S street where you climbed the balcony to get to the roofs. Climb it and jump again to the platform where you can find a door right. When going downstairs you see a frozen door and Flares on a pedestal. Go upstairs and crawl to the left area. Run N to the other side and jump over the railing to the little balcony. Now jump twice NE to get to a bigger balcony. Jump E over the slope and then SE to the door. Open it and run downstairs in the next room. See a lighted torch here (note for later) and pull the chain to open the N door to the bell tower. Upstairs and outside again jump back over the slope and then N to the bell tower. At the other exit of it head NW and jump to the lower ledge. Head NE and jump to the slope with a turn in mid-air. Perform a jump to the balcony in front of you. Jump over the N roofs and open the trapdoor for later. Go E and climb up. Shoot the chest and pull the barrel off the roof. It breaks; get the next Dome Side Key.

SECRET 2: Climb back on the high ledge and turn SW, then jump with a mid-air turn to the slope. Hang off the ledge and shimmy right. Climb up and backflip with another mid-air turn and a left curve to the S balcony. Pull the lever inside the alcove and drop to the floor again. Go NW behind the beggar and open the door. Run upstairs and get a Large Medikit in the showcase and Flares in the other part of the room. Jump S over the roofs again and at the second one turn SW to the roof, then run-jump there and climb up. Go SE and jump to the slope, then with a left curve to the upper part of the bell tower. Get out N and jump to the balcony with a Christmas Tree, 2x Glock 17 Ammo and Flares.

When you got the Dome Side Key go back W and then jump S over the roofs and at the second one turn SW to the roof, then run-jump there and climb up. Go SE and jump to the slope, then with a left curve to the upper part of the bell tower. Head S and pull the chain to open the doors to the cathedral. Climb down to the lower tower floor and from there drop to the streets again. Run E and to the open doors. Inside the church there are two side aisles: N and S. On both aisles are two levers that change the clock hands. To get the doors open, use the Dome Side Keys. According to the hint in the church, behave as follows:

In the N aisle pull the big clock hand on the IV and the little one on the VII.
In the S aisle pull the big clock hand on the VIII and the little one on the II.

An E trapdoor opens; enter the crypt and get an Empty Small Waterskin. Climb and go outside the cathedral again. Go W to the first house (in the starting area) youíve been into, where the old man lives. Run all the way upstairs and jump SE over the railing onto the balcony. Jump S to the little roof courtyard, shoot the lock to open the gate (sneaky, it's made to look as if you need a key that you don't have) and pull out the trashcan to get Glock 17 Ammo behind. Climb on the trashcan and jump S over the slope.

SECRET 3: Jump SE to the next balcony and with a swandive W over the railing to get a Little Christmas Tree, Flares and Glock 17 Ammo. Jump back to where you came from.

Enter the W building and drop in the hole. Pull the sack away to get access to a few Torches. Go N and turn around; on the ceiling you can find a jumplever to open the E door. Take a Torch and run all the way up the stairs of the flat of the old man again. Jump over the SE railing again and then E to the scaffolding and into the house. Jump through the open trapdoor to the roofs. Jump back all the way SE and into the mansion there. Run upstairs and jump on the window platform. Run N to the bell tower and jump over the E slope and into the house youíve visited earlier. Run downstairs there and light the Torch on the candle. The door to the church opens. Get outside and to a ice lake somewhere W. In a cutscene Lara ignites it. Throw the Torch somewhere else than to the lake and fill your Waterskin with water.

SECRET 4: Take your Torch and run into the cathedral. Light the two candles far W that opens a door on the higher floor in the little S part (go outside and S) of the cathedral. Find a Little Christmas Tree on a pedestal and leave again.

SECRET 5: Climb on the roofs, using the cathedral door or the mansion, and jump all the way to the SE house. Go downstairs and light the frozen door, then open it and take the Little Christmas Tree, then go downstairs and open the door to the streets again.

Run up the W mansionís stairs a last time and jump over the right slope. If you want another secret, take the Torch with you.

SECRET 6: Jump (with your ignited Torch!) SE to the mansion and ignite the straw. Jump backwards to the slope and forward into the passage. At its end you can get a Little Christmas Tree, a Large Medikit and Flares.

Put the water over the fireplace and see a beautiful end cutscene.