Catweazle's Lair

Level by nusrat

Walkthrough by manarch2

NOTE: Always keep the things in mind the princess tells you.

Torch, Stone Skull Key

Run W.
The camera changes – just run on and the door opens for you. In the following corridor kill a spider and a bowman. Pull out the block on the E wall twice and get to the room behind to talk to a princess. “kill all the spiders, dear” Before leaving this chamber again open the sarcophagus and you receive the Shotgun. Go out and pull the block to the W wall, then once N and climb on it. Push the second block in and pick up a Torch. With it, go to the very first area of this level and light it at the fireplace. Pick up Crossbow Ammo and return to the building to light the wall torches. The door in the hall opens so get through and head E to find a ladder. Shimmy to the right and around two corners and approach the princess. You will hear some spiders on the floor so get down and shoot all six of them. A SE block has lowered near the crates so jump in and pick up the Stone Skull Key. Find a N alcove where you can place it.

Dragon Fight

The nearby door opens; head through. An infernal trap room awaits you. Go left and avoid the blade, then pick up the Large Medikit when the fire goes out. Get back to the entrance and jump to the block in front of you. Turn left and jump through the fires and blades to the exit. Pull the lever which is a timed one and go N. Avoid the mummy and climb into the left corridor, find a left passage and follow it to the end. The door is already closed by now, and I couldn’t manage to do it. Instead, a message appears: “no other way than running?” Get back to the darker part of the last passage, ignoring the left room. Run through the dark square and pull the block in the little chamber behind. Step on the tile with the floating ball and you will be transported behind the timed door. A dragon starts spitting fire at you. Pick up a Little Medikit and shoot the dragon. After some time he will be dead and you can jump on the green tile and to the tile just above the water to find a nearly invisible Little Bronze Key. Turn NE and jump to the exit, with a little left curve around the spiked platform.

Mirror Room

Climb up and head to the princess: “watch out this is not a normal mirrorroom”. Use the key to open the door and get through it to the new room. Look in the mirror and spot three green tiles, two with a burner. Pull both knights in this room on the tiles with burners and then pull one on the third tile. A princess hologram appears N; go to where she stops and climb up to the higher stage there. Pick up Crossbow Ammo in one corner and jump into the central hole. Another mummy appears; you are now in the other part of the mirror room. Pull the sword lever and pull the new knight on the corresponding tile of the blue one in the original room. Go through the broken wall into the original room again and enter the open door.

Mechanical Scarab

Climb down the ladder under the trapdoor and push the block once to go on. At the junction choose the right path and follow the mechanical beetle until he moves into the air. Go around the left corners and climb up W to a passage with Uzi Ammo. Go E of this courtyard and climb up to the wall. Run S and drop into the hole for Revolver Ammo. Back out again jump to the red brick platform. Notice a lever you cannot reach yet. Jump NW to the roof of the central platform. Avoid the burners and get to the W balcony. Go around it and use the tightrope to get to the other side, timing the few metres over the fire. If you don’t want to do this, simply jump from the central building to the ledge. Push the timed floor lever that raises a SE block to the lever you saw earlier. The timed run is not tight; it can be easily done in 10 seconds. Get there and pull the wall lever, then turn left and jump on the platform between the slopes. Jump over them, avoid more fires and pull a lever. Jump further N to Revolver Ammo. Climb down again. Go N and climb to the ledge where some spikes are deactivated now. The door opens so head through and get the Stone Skull Key. Push the floor lever and exit again. Outside again climb the ledge to the timed lever again and jump to the highest floor of the central building. A door has opened here so get the Mechanical Scarab inside. Leave this room through the W exit again and follow the passages, at the junction go now right. Combine the Mechanical Scarab with the Stone Skull Key and use it to deactivate the spikes in the new room.

First Princess’s Hints, Bunch of Keys

Go to the corner with the princess and see a little screen of a horseman. Approach the princess: “remember, 1 step to the right” Climb the stair and run through the door you’ve opened with the last floor lever. Follow the passage and you can see the princess from the far. Get to her and she says “come back later, lara, but not without the pink crystal”. Turn S, go to the stairs, and get Shotgun Ammo right of them. Now run up the stairway. Kill a goat and jump onto the hut to get a Large Medikit. Climb out and turn N. Jump to the second hut and drop into the hole for Shotgun Wideshot Ammo and a lever to pull. Get out again and again up the stairs. The door in the corridor is now open so follow the tunnel and in the bigger room go left to find 2x Flares and Shotgun Wideshot Ammo. Go to the middle W wall and approach the gate that opens itself. Go on and then left, to get into a room with 2x Shotgun Ammo. Get in the big room and find more Shotgun Ammo in the NE corner. Now climb the stairs; there are two higher stages. First, go on the first stage and go around the room to have access to an E corridor. Get into the fireplace room and pull the lever behind the knight left of the fire. Now enter the second stage and head to the SW corner. Here, you can find the door you’ve just opened. Go to the princess: “2 forward”. Now run downstairs again and SW to find the exit. Get outside again. Jump in the water for Shotgun Ammo. Climb out and go through the E passage. A flyby shows you the next area. Climb on the ledge right in front of you and onto the right tile. If you step on the left a timed run will start. Jump over the roofs on the SE green tiles, on the last one jump to the cage in front of you and climb up. The spikes aren’t dangerous. Jump to the left ledge and with a little right curve to the sloped roof. Shimmy left and at the end backflip onto the second cage. Drop at the end and quickly pull the lever to open the door at the other cage. Get in it and pick up a Bunch of Keys.

Pink Crystal

Now go and pull the NE block out twice to reveal a lever behind. Pull it for later. Go to the SW corner of the whole area and climb the ladder into the building. Kill two crows and push the block twice so that he falls over the ledge. Get down and pull the block SE, near the princess. Climb on it, then on the pillar and jump to the jumplever. Pull it down and a N door opens. Get in and climb the right ladder in the church. Pull the sword lever which is again a timed one. Turn and jump with a left curve to the raised platform, then jump to the other side and climb left up to the roof. Jump right to the lever and pull it, then turn and jump left to the far left platform, over the slope and drop to the platform with the lever. Pull it finally down.

SECRET 1: Go E again. One of the little buildings has a shatterable window. Step on the green tile. Go back to the last big inside hall and go E. Kill the death and enter the N door for a Large Medikit.

Get back to the last big inside hall and run to the second stage. Go to the middle E door which is open now and head to the blue ball. A door bursts somewhere on this floor – get NW and pick up the Pink Crystal from the pedestal.

Last Princess’s Hints, Using the Hints

Get E to the first floor and into the newly opened door for a Large Medikit and a lever. Pull it down. Now return all the way to the princess and the keylock. Insert the Bunch of Keys and the door opens. Go inside and to the princess: “do as a monkey, up to the blue field”. Pull the lever opposite of the princess and enter the newly opened door. There is yet another timed lever in the NE corner, it lowers a trapdoor in the NE corner of the pool area behind you. Jump in the water and climb out E, then jump to the ladder and up to the high ledge. Go around the left corner and drop to the balcony with the princess. She tells you “2 left, 2 straight” when you get close to her. Pull the lever at the end which lowers a NE block and jump into the pool again, just where you climbed the ladder. Pull down the underwater lever here. Get back to the main water area. S you can find 2x Uzi Ammo on the pillars. Between the two pillars is another tunnel; swim through and pick up 2x Shotgun Ammo in the room before climbing out S. Enter the new room but stop on the first tile. Many tiles in this room are deadly, so watch out and remember the hints of the princess:

Step on the right tile.
Go two tiles ahead.
Use the monkeyswing to get to the blue field.
Go two tiles left and two tiles straight.

Big Courtyard

Set off into the next courtyard.

SECRET 2: Jump in the water and pull the E underwater lever, hidden in the plants. Climb on the just raised block and jump to the jumplever that opens the S door. Swim through the passage behind and get the Crossbow. Pull the lever in one of the corners and swim through the exit. You can get some air in a hole, swim down again, then S and finally W to climb out at the pool you might have seen earlier. Get back to where you came from.

Get to the pool area and to the far SE building behind the wall. Get in and pull the right block away to reveal a wall lever. Pull it, get out and go left, then to the S stairs. Climb them and enter the just opened door. Get some Flares and jump outside for a jumpswitch. Go two times right and find a hole near the straw. Pull the lever inside and the door of the building in front of you opens. Climb out and go right around the corner and onto the ledge with the door. Approach the blue ball that tells you “the northern ghost says, choo5e the r1ght one”. Go again up the stairs, this time to the end. Jump to the many-lever platform and look N. Pull the lever which is the fifth looking from S and the first looking from W. A longer cutscene shows you a door to the princess opens. Jump on the NE wall and then to the door you have just opened. Run to the princess: “666, the beast has risen, find the numbers and close the middle eye”. Pull the lever and get out again.

SECRET 3: Return to the multi-lever platform and pull the blinking lever in the NE corner. This opens a door just below you. Enter the house and get Revolver Ammo and, if you can perform a flare glitch, Shotgun Ammo in the NW crawlspace.

Now return to the place just above the entrance to this courtyard. Jump in the SE corner to burst a door. Jump to the ledge above you. Get Revolver Ammo and pull and push the block to the place where you got to this area. Get around into the straw room and to the block. Pull it in the room. Watch the tiles in the floor that form the number “666”. Push the block onto the gap of the middle 6. The door near the pool opens, so get into the building.

Strangely Key, Juwel Key

Jump on the lattice and head right to drop to an invisible platform. Jump on the slope and then forward to the safe ledge. Jump to the S platform and then E to the swingpole. Jump over two more poles and to the walkway at the end. Jump down to the platform. You now have to jump behind the moving block. Pull the jumplever.

SECRET 4: Jump to the dark ledge in the corner, afterwards on the slope and then to the platform with the Crossbow. Take it and perform your next jumps over the slope to the platform. Use the swingpoles to get to the single-tile platform.

Enter the now open door and kill a dog. Follow the long passage to an T-junction and choose the right path. Go through the doors and head right to some pushables. Pull all blocks away so that neither the path behind them nor the other passages are blocked. You reveal a unlighted wall torch. Go into the S room and pull the lever. A door opens somewhere. Exit this corridors through a S door and get outside. Go around the building in a counter-clockwise direction to find the Strangely Key near some orange flowers. You get a screen of the keylock where you have to use this key. Now return and go the way in a clockwise direction until you get to a bigger area. Go to the NE pool and jump in the part between the gratings. Pull the lever avoiding the piranhas to deactivate some W spikes. Get there and pull the lever, then climb out, turn and jump into the building. Jump a bit until the platform stays raised, then climb on it and finally on the wall. Jump to the other side to get the Juwel Key.

Blue and Yellow Crystal, Placing the Crystals

Return all the way to the building with the many corridors and go in the “bed”-room. Climb up to your right and open the door with your two keys. Don’t go in yet but head NE to find a stairway to the door you opened a while ago. Get a Torch here and return to the just opened door. Light your Torch here and exit again. Notice some raised blocks on the W wall. Drop in the hole where you came from and run straight N to the wall torch. Light it and return to the last room with the raised blocks, as you can see, they lowered. Pick up the Blue Crystal and 2x Revolver Ammo. Before exiting pull the lever in the SE corner – you see a screenshot of a green tile somewhere. Get out and go W; at the green tile climb into the building. Turn N and jump to the raised platform. Jump on the balcony and then to the second, then S to the third platform. Take the Grey Metal Key, Flares and a Large Medikit from the room. Get back to the floor (a wall has broken for you) and shoot four bowmen. Go S and insert the Grey Metal Key to open the door. Open the next door yourself and kill two more bowmen. Pull the lever in the rear passage and kill a knight. Take his Yellow Crystal. Go up the ramp for another Large Medikit, then leave this building again. Go NE to place all three crystals. Now go to the middle W wall and run up the walkway and climb into the alcove at the end.

SECRET 5: Step the green tile in this room and leave it for now. Go back to the tower where you found the Juwel Key and some spikes are disabled there. Pick up some Crossbow Ammo and get back to the room with the green tile.

Approach the helmet in the central of this room and the level ends.