Train V2.0

Level by Leandro Dubost

Walkthrough by Yoav

To play this level you need to complete the newcity missing wads that you can find at Under the Lost Library / Guardian of Semerkhet / City Option.

Start the level with Lara standing in a grounded car train. The car is full of of wooden boxes, look at the floor for closed trapdoor. Head over the east side between the boxes, you'll find the Revolver+Lasersight, notice for closed door high above the box. Turn over the other side, climb onto the boxes, kill the two soldiers and get the revolver ammo.

Kick in the next two doors to pass the next car, kill the soldier at the passage. Enter the first passenger cell and pick up medipak, the second cell is empty so you can go to next two doors and pass to next car. Kill the soldier in the passage, kick in a first door and shoot the soldier, get the revolver ammo and in the next passenger cell shoot on small garbage can.

Proceed and open the next two doors between the cars, soldier will be waiting for you there. Kick the next door, between the cars there are two closed doors from both sides, in a right cell shoot on a small garbage can (the door at the last car is open now), then pick up flares from the left side cell. Proceed to next car, you'll get into an ambush, kill the soldier from the front and the one behind you, keep going further and kill the soldier in the corner.

Proceed into the last car, shoot the soldier, go further, climb onto the panel control and pick up the compass. Go through the open door, pick up revolver ammo the soldier left behind, head to left side behind the corner and pull the lever, it will make an earthquake. The trapdoor at the first car is open now, do your way over there and drop into an underground passage.

Go to the end of the passage and you'll send into a next car, kill the soldier there and pick up medipack, the door between the cars will open automatically now. Go around the column, you see the motorbike is locked behind black gate, climb onto the boxes, face over the ceiling opening, jump grab the edge and pull onto the car roof.

Go through the opening in a wall and climb down to the passage below, run fast to avoid from the smoke trap and drop into next room. The room is full of boxes with sentrygun controlling, quickly run to left side where the boxes are and take cover. Crawl forward and pull the lever, it opens the black gate, do your back shoot on soldier you will meet at the car roof then drop down into the car.

First open the door, now take place on the motorbike and drive out from the room over the desert, save the game. You are now going to drive like hell as you've not driven before, all the desert ahead is full of soldiers and a few sentry guns will shoot on you without mercy.

Strat driving east side straight to first sentrygun, run over the soldier, keep driving over the bend toward another sentry gun, proceed and drive like hell, run over the soldiers, pass between two sentry guns over the right side. You need to be in full speed to pass the gap ahead, run over the solders around, then follow the path over the bend. Keep driving over the sharp slope, from both sides soldiers shooting on you, keep over the breakable wall.

Follow the path, run over the soldiers ahead, drive into the breakable wall, drop with the bike to new path. Drive over the wooden barrier you'll come to are with breakable ground around, drive carfully over the next wooden barrier. Drive fast to avoid from the sentry gun behind the bend toward the boxes, keep running over the soldiers, follow the path to east into passageway. Get off the motorbike near the boxes, climb on and run forward to the dim place to finish this nightmare driving and get to the end.