One Way Ticket

Level by Yoav

Walkthrough by manarch2

NOTE (thanks to snork here): Please copy the 005.wav into your audio folder to hear the secret sound.

Blue Key

You start this level on a little slope, looking into a big room. We call this the main hall, just because you get back here several times and all other areas are interconnected with this one. There are three openings in this room, E, N and W. There is a little chamber that can be seen through a fence, but itís not accessible from this side. Slide down and head into the E opening first. There are two exits here; take the right one first and you get into a little maze. At the junctions go left, right, ahead and then left. At the left junction you can find a lever. Pull it down. At the right junction you will find a keyhole, but you have no key yet. All other junctions are dead ends, so just leave the maze the way you came from. Now enter the exit ahead of you and run in the left corridor. Follow it and ignore the passage ahead of you for now, after climbing over the little block, but head left and then right. Enter the little chamber and pull down the second lever. The room where you came from has changed a bit now. Go back there and into the right passage. Crawl in the new room for SECRET 1, a Little Medikit, the Shotgun and Shotgun Ammo. Now run into the formerly neglected passage and you arrive at the entrance of the two mazes. Donít go back into the main hall yet but into the passage ahead of you where you got to the last area. At the end is a high crawlspace now to your right, climb in it and pick up the Blue Key. Get out of the crawlspace and run back to the entrance of the maze, then out to the main hall again.

Gate Key

There are two other exits out of this hall. The W one leads to an area where you can see the room below, but canít do or get anything. Instead of going there, run into the N passage. There is yet another junction; go left and into the room with many statues in it. Notice another passage behind the middle right one but go ahead, wading through the water. At the end go right and insert the Blue Key in the keyhole to raise the nearby block. Step on it and pull down the lever to open the left gate. Enter the newly opened room, holding your Shotgun, and shoot the panther with a single shot. In the right room you can find a Large Medikit. Now go left and around the pillar. Climb this side of it and shimmy right. Drop onto the high ledge with a Gate Key to find. Get out of this area again, running all the way back to the main hall.

Lasersight and Revolver

Go into the E opening again and choose the right maze. Go left, right, ahead, right and again right, then follow the passage until you find yourself in front of another gate. Use the Gate Key to open this door, you will find yourself in the S chamber you could see in the main hall. Open the trapdoor to the sewers. Drop down and follow the passage, ignoring the left and right niches. At the first real junction go left (you canít find anything right) and get upstairs. In the right niche you can find Shotgun Ammo. Go into the left passage and find the Lasersight under the scarecrow. Go back to where you found the Ammo and climb into the higher room. Kill another panther and climb into the hole in the middle of the room for SECRET 2, Revolver Ammo. Get back and to the exit in the NW corner. Jump up to the monkeyswing here and get to the other side of the tunnel; drop there and follow the stairway until you can climb up into a higher area. Run down the next passage and ignore the hole that leads you to the multi-statue room, with no return. Instead follow the passage and climb the block at the end, then jump over the hole to the ledge with yet another lever. Pull it. Afterwards turn around and jump up to the even higher ledge behind you, run through the passage leading you to a room with a hole in it. Drop and finally find the Revolver. Drop in the main hall.

Rusty Key, Star Key

Go out of this room using the N exit and go into the statue room again. Get into the right passage behind the middle statue and at the end combine Revolver and Lasersight and aim at the underwater grating. Shoot it, if you want you can also do it before with your Shotgun, and swim into the passage. Climb out at the end, running a few metres, then drop in the pool and get the Rusty Key. Swim in the passage ahead of you and climb again out. Run upstairs and drop into the room that leads you back to the main hall if exiting E. Again go to the E exit and into the left maze. Go right, left, right and left, running down the ramp and collecting several Flares. At the end jump over the dark right slope and get into the crawlspace for a Large Medikit and SECRET 3, get back out and jump over the left slopes. At the end shoot the grating and use the Rusty Key to open the door on the N wall in the next room. Shoot the next panther. The lever right of the entrance can be used to open the W door that leads back to the main hall. Jump down and go to the second E hut. In the passage between the last two huts you can find a Star Key at the very end, so get there and pick it up from the floor. If you go to the alley between the first and second hut climb up left and follow the blocks until you get SECRET 4, a Large Medikit and Shotgun Ammo.

Screwdriver, Dragon Key

Back to the big room go
up the N stairs and W to the end to insert the Star Key. Pick up Shotgun Ammo inside after shooting the panther and proceed through the house in a clockwise direction. Shoot another panther, collect a Large Medikit in a right niche and climb up the ladder. Take out your Revolver and shoot at the bell at the end of the long slope to open one of the two doors in this room. Follow the passage and pull down the lever. Go further and climb up right to get up Flares for SECRET 5. Back at the bell room the other door has opened; run down the slope and pick up the Screwdriver at its end, then jump down into the right hole. You are in a room with a dead man without heart, note this for later, and get out SE first. Run up the stairs again to the bridge and go N to the door of the house, which you can open using the screwdriver. Inside carefully drop in the SE hole in the floor, thereon go behind the sculptures to the NW hole, where you can find a Relic Key. Use the NE jumplever to open the S door. Exit this big area through the W door, then go to the statue room right and then right to the pool room. There is yet another W opening, climb in and see a quite long opened door. Enter and place the Relic Key into the receptacle. The door opens so that you have access to the Dragon Key. Get all the way back to the room with the three huts and the big truck, go NW at the floor area and place the Dragon Key at the dead body, then the door opens. Follow the passage to the end and you will soon hit the finish trigger.