Part 1: The Time Portal

Level by l.m.

Walkthrough by manarch, voiceover texts provided by l.m.,
many thanks to Soul for his German walkthrough.

Colchester Laboratory for Confidential Facilities

The game starts with Lara standing in front of a closed door. Run N to the other door which opens when you step in front of it. Lara will have a little conversation with the man named Professor Andrews there:

Hello Miss Croft!
Once you're ready, I will activate the portal.
Just appeal to me!

First, pick up some Flares in the SE part of the room, then go to the man again and press Action to talk to him again:

I do hope though, that you know it's not gonna be a walk in the park!
I can't tell you where exactly you'll appear, I just know that it
will be somewhere around the Colchester of the 13th Century.
Hopefully at least weather will be nice.

He will open the portal for you now. Run into the green to arrive at some hills.

Colchester, 13th Century

Lara will slide down and is angry about the weather:

Great Mr. Andrews - that's exactly what I wanted! At least the weather didn't change at all!

Jump up the slope and a boar comes out of the forest.

Ouh. What a nice welcome!

Kill it and follow the area until you see a S passage. Get in there and jump into the left hill for a Little Medikit. Get back to the main area and follow W, until you reach the first junction. Kill two spiders there. The sign tells you when going left, you arrive at the Old Forest Hut, when going right, you get to Merlin’s Tower.

SECRET 1: Go W to the Old Forest Hut direction and follow to another junction. Go left and by stepping in front of the right tree you trigger a boulder. Quickly jump into the hole and crawl further. If you are fast enough, pick up the Large Medikit from the hole and crawl afterwards further. Pick up the Flares in the hole and use the lever to open the trapdoor above you. Climb back up outside again and get back to the very first sign and its junction.

Now head towards Merlin’s Tower. The tower itself is N after the first corner, go around it in a clockwise direction to the W side of it. You can do a run-jump to the tower now.

SECRET 2: Don’t do this yet but go further to the N side of it and jump in the little passage. Climb up the N hills two times and turn around. Head E and jump to the SE ledge, then further S on the high block. Turn W towards the tower and see a little hole in the lattice where you can jump and climb up to the tower roof. (Remember l.m.’s Christmas level? There was such a lattice too.) Pick up Flares and a Large Medikit. Climb down again and now jump into the tower.

Pick up Merlin’s Diary from the pedestal and shoot the box to get some Flares. In Merlin’s Diary there is yet something valuable, first an instruction: “Use right cursor key or draw-weapons key to get to the next page”. Doing so lets you read what Merlin wants to tell you: “Hello Lara, you found my diary! In the following pages you’ll find some useful tips and help to solve this adventure. But not yet. Explore the area around Camelot first!” Light one of the Flares you just got to spot a pushable block in the tower. A trapdoor has opened when picking up the diary, push the block under it and climb up to the next stage. Guess who awaits you here…:

Welcome. I have expected you.

Oh really?...Well, you're a magician after all...A very old one if I may say so...
Yes, and I'm sure you already know what I'm doing here?

Of course.

Fine. So, tell me the way to Camelot.

You will need a key.

Ah dumb-me, how could I forget about them? And where can I find this KEY?

I have it with me.

Of course! And you won't just hand it to me...

I am looking for something... for a long time...

I knew it! Tell me what it is, old man!

It's the so called witches blue mushroom and it's growing somewhere underground.

Growing underground? Just like truffles. Now don't dare to say I'll have to find the blue witchs truffle pig!

Don't worry. You might find something useful in the old forest hut ...

I'll try my best...See you!

Now you know what to do: Find the Mushroom and bring it to good old Merlin, then you receive the key to Camelot. First of all, go to the SE niche and pull the wall lever there to raise a platform outside. A door has opened after the dialogue, go through it and jump to the platform you just have raised. You get a note that you have a diary entry so look at this one: “A witch’s blue mushroom? Growing underground? An old forest hut in the south? So many questions… What to do first? Find a way to the forest hut, be careful of the habitant though. He’s paranoid and placed an old trap!” You also can see a block has lowered somewhere. Another sign tells you that you came from Merlin’s Tower and the other direction is Way to Camelot. Follow this direction. Soon Lara will look at some high hills:

Hm. I should remember these mushrooms.

graphik.jpgClimb up the block now and step on the lattice which opens. Lara will fall into the hole, sliding down. This seems to be a trap but actually it’s a quicker way up and down for later. Go outside – you will arrive at the sign again – and shoot another boar. Now head SW to get into the passage with the boulder in front. Go in and spot the lowered block. Pull a lever inside and see a longer cutscene, a block raising and one lowering, and two skeletons awaking. Another diary entry can be found: “The habitant has an old underground castle! Look for a cave in the mountains somewhere in the north. There might be a mechanism to deactivate this trap.” Get out again (to your right is a deadly spike trap). Run N and climb on the block, then the skeleton attacks. You have no shotgun to shoot it down the ledge, so just avoid it. Run N to the end of the passage and jump on the right slope to use it as a boost to get on the left niche. From there, turn around and jump to the N tunnel. Jump on the S hills and follow them around the corners to the place where the other block lowered. Get inside the cave and push the floor lever to hear yet another trapdoor open. Go S through the tunnel and drop down into the underground castle mentioned in the diary. You will be welcomed by a single spider, no problem to shoot it, thereon head right and push the block there in twice. Go around the left corner, then right and to the end, to push another lever. The block right of you lowers, pull the first block once to reveal the second lever. Pull it and kill another spider. As you want to go back to the last room run back the way you came and push the block once. Afterwards, you can see another block has lowered, get inside and pull the chain. The doors in the last room open so make your way there and enter the new area. There will be a little block puzzle; light a flare and see two blocks; in the passages behind is another block. What you see are blocks I and III. Push block I twice and push block II once. Now push block III twice out, go around it and push it into the corner. Now push block II out far as possible, then go around the tunnel and push it against block III. Push block I twice and go around it. Pull the lever and exit this area through the new tunnel.

Go through the W exit and you arrive at a room with a knight statue and four cages. First of all take the Flares from the pedestal. The statue is pushable, you have to push or pull it under the marked ceiling tile in the W. The first cage rotates and lets you have access to another chain, it’s the NW one. When pulling the chain the SW chain is accessible, pull the chain three times and the NE chain can be pulled (three times again) to open the last, SE cage. Pull the chain once and two things happen: First, the spikes near the Forest Hut are deactivated, second, a vertical pole appears in the central of the room. Get there and climb it up, shoot the box for Flares and search for a jumplever in the E part of the top stage. Use it to raise a platform. Get there and pull out a block off the wall and then to the side to get a Little Medikit, thereon climb on the block and on the top of the wall. Exit the castle by using the wall lever and running through the door. You are back on the niche where you climbed up fleeing from the skeleton. Climb down all the way to the floor and reach the S tunnel with the deactivated spikes. Run over the former trap to the next area. You are now in front of the Forest Hut. Go into the right passageway and open the door at the end. There are many yet inaccessible balconies in this house, just shoot them with your pistols. In one alcove you can find the Small Waterskin. It’s of course empty now so go outside again and around the hut in a clockwise direction to find some little lake. Fill the Waterskin here. Go back to the mansion and open the door with your hands, then run upstairs. Again, all fences can be shot so after shooting jump to the wall lever and pull it down. Go back downstairs and climb in the left alcove, then jump up to the second stage as the trapdoor is open now. Shoot the left fence and the box to get a Metal Blade. Pull the chain to open the door, there is the old habitant behind it, armed with a hammer, unkillable. Simply run away from him and go downstairs. Run outside and erase the fire left of the entrance to the hut to get one of the Torches. Light it inside the mansion at the fireplace.

SECRET 3: Go upstairs, avoid the hammerman and light the wall torch to open the door on the staircase. A skeleton also will appear; shoot the box inside avoiding the skeleton and get a Large Medikit. Take your Torch and get outside.

Go around the house again and light the wood right of the exit of the hut. After a short time the fire will be out, get the Wooden Handle and combine it with the Metal Blade to a Shovel. Throw your Torch in the little lake (TREP flare bug) and go back all the way to the first big area, then go into the E passage, then left and into the little chamber. Turn right and jump up to the first stage, then turn again, run or jump onto the right niche, then with a mid-air turn to the slope – a last jump will let you grab the ledge to the top. Remember what Lara once said? “I should remember those mushrooms.” Turn and slide down a bit, then jump S over the gap to the other side and climb up the ledge. Go S until you find a brown tile behind those mushrooms and take out your Shovel to dig for the long awaited Witch’s Blue Mushroom.

SECRET 4: Go to the big mushroom and jump NW to the little sloped ledge (you can stand on it), turn SE and jump to the even higher block (it’s a very tough jump, look at this picture:


You have to make a little curve to the right from this point, then it should work. Climb up right for a Large Medikit and now go as much to the south as possible, look – there’s a block, stand-jump to the right side of it and get a Little Medikit.

Jump or slide down all the way to the ground and return all the way to Merlin’s Tower, climb it up and talk again to Merlin:

So you have what needed?

Of course...You're a magician! Why didn't you get it yourself?

"Give and Take", Lara. You know how that works.

I only know taking...

I know...

Whatever. The key, Merlin!

Ah! Of course. Here you are! See you in Camelot!

Thank you!

So, now that you have got the Key to Camelot, jump again to the lattice outside and on top of the high hills, then follow the signs to “Way to Camelot”, avoiding an enerving skeleton, and use the key to open the door here. Kill two more spiders and go down all the big steps to the closed gate. Pull the lever left of it and go into the new area. You are in front of a big castle. A cutscene shows you this area, so you don’t have to explore too much. Go left and climb out of the water. Go E and Lara will look at a wall; climb up left and shimmy to the rightmost point, there you can climb up without sliding down again. Jump S without a grab to the pillar there, then jump to the ledge with the flower on it. Merlin has a last diary entry for you: “Don’t give up Lara – you’re almost at the end! Go up the single tower and you’ll find the answer at the top! There are some switches in the cellar – don’t touch the red dot…”.

SECRET 5: Climb up the left pillar at around the middle so that Lara does grab. Climb up the slope, shimmy as far right as possible and backflip with a mid-air turn to the second slope, perform a jump with a left curve to the left ledge. Get down and climb up to where you’ve been before taking the extra detour for the secret.

Jump to the S platform and then left into the waterfall area, to another ledge. Jump on the slope using a mid-air turn, then jump and grab the ledge. Climb up, turn and jump diagonally to the corner platform, turn again and jump to the alcove with a wall lever to push inside. Get down again; a door in the big pool has opened. Jump in the pool and swim into the E underwater tunnel, avoid the spike tiles on the floor – they are deadly, no wonder – and you arrive in a little maze, at the junctions swim left, right and left for an underwater lever, swim back right, left is a Little Medikit, then again right, ahead, left and left. Climb out of the water and go into the next room, go right for a jumplever that raises a block in the last room; climb up there and use the long ladder to climb to the very top of the first tower. Backflip – guess what to do now – shoot the fence and jump to the hills on the other side. Climb up and make your way over the platforms N and down to the little courtyard in front of the second tower. A key is needed here – you don’t have it yet, so go around the corner and jump to the slope, use it as a boost to get to the other side. Head E and jump to the ledge, then jump up the N hills. Climb few more ledges NE to finally get the Bunch of Keys. Get down again and use the NE slope as a boost to get back to the courtyard again, or you directly jump there from the key ledge, do as you like it, use the keys in the keyhole and enter the tower. Pull the lever in the left part of the room, a flyby shows some guards appearing and doors opening, and get out of the tower for now, although noting the second lever in the right part of the tower. Go N and jump down again to the lower courtyard, kill two guards here. Go into the three-switch room and remember what Merlin told you, don’t touch the red dot, push the two levers with a yellow dot instead and all trapdoors in the second tower will be open. Go back there using the slope as a boost again. Go into the tower and use the right lever to raise a timed block – quickly climb on it and then to the second stage. Use the ladder to get even higher, shimmy right around the corner and make two jumps (one left, one right behind the central pillar) to shoot a box and get a Little Medikit, then use the ladder again to climb up to the fourth stage, shimmy right around the corner and behave like in stage three with the Medikit, this time pull the chain and jump into the left alcove. Use the zip line to get to the top stage of the first tower, get down one stage and enter the now open door. Run down the passage and the first part is done, hopefully the second comes soon. Great work.