February Freeze

Level by LarasLawyer

Walkthrough by manarch2

Voice: "Lara. There are four mystic gems scattered around this area. You must find all of them and bring them back to me. If you succeed you shall be rewarded. Oh, and good luck.”

- Lara: “Thank you. I will get straight on with the search.”

After the introduction flyby Lara will start this level in a snowy area high up in the sky. Jump N across two platforms and get some Flares. Jump back S once, turn left and jump to the ladder. Climb it to the top and turn left. Jump N over two platforms, turn right and jump to the other side. Pull the lever here and head a bit N. Turn and perform a curved jump around the S lever pillar to get the Water Gem. Curve-jump back and get back to the ladder, climb it down and backflip onto the platform.

The upstairs lever you pulled opened a door on this area. Before going there turn W from the platform near the ladder and jump to the next one. Time the run and jump over the spikes and jump further, then to a vertical pole. Climb it a bit, turn and backflip to the W ledge. Go to the block and push it once to get the Revolver. You can Jump left or right around the pushblock to the W platform, but I didn’t find anything here. Get back to the central ladder pillar, using the platforms, no need to use the pole again. Now jump around the ladder pillar, then to the S, where you have to use few platform jump to get to a ladder. Climb it to the top and jump S over the stairs, then jump to the ledge with the open door. Enter the tower and first kill a gangster, then take his Little Medikit after he dies. Pull the floor lever in the passage behind to raise two platforms in this room. Get a little bit back to climb on the higher block in the middle of the passage, from here jump N to pull a wall lever.

SECRET 1: Before that, jump S to a jumplever that opens the W passage, get through and turn at the end, climb up for a Little Medikit and Revolver Ammo. Get back.

After pulling the wall lever prepare for a timed run. A flyby shows where to go. The description is mostly from Soul, thanks to him here, I enhanced it a bit:
When pulling the switch, get down as fast as possible, this is if you hold back and left, grab the ledge for a moment and drop down. Do a standing jump forward and then a running jump towards the first of the 4 long N platforms. From there you can jump directly to the third long platform, though it's not 100% needed to do it. It's just important to get to the ladder as fast as possible, time your jumps correctly, so that you'll land on the ladder block and instantly can press "roll" to grab the ladder. Go down by repeatedly pressing ctrl in longer distances and jump off with a twist so that you can directly run-jump to the triangular part of the next block and try to land there so that you can directly run-jump to the next platform, or you jump to the NW corner of this half-sloped bug and do a stand-jump further -all of these jumps, starting from the ladder can done in one go. Try to land right at the edge of this platform, so that you can instantly hop back, when you land there and do a running jump to the platform to the right. Draw up and do a standing jump to the next platform, or a run-jump with a curved run, if you like. From here jump to the next platform near the beginning and then use the N slope to get to the big platform with the tree on it. The next row of platforms can be bypassed by just running from corner to corner...no need for any jumps and at the end you can directly run-jump to the platform BEHIND the door. Try to time the knifes right, it is possible to simply jump over them at the right moment.

In the next area it's best to choose the direct route and jump directly NE over the ledges. So get as fast as possible to the last platform there and try to land at a special spot in the SW of the tile so that you can continue running and jump to the next slope, using a little curve around the high right pillar. Land on the far W part of the slope and also try to face forwards when doing so, so that you can do a left jump with a curve and directly land on the next platform. If you are lucky you can keep running there too (depending when you jumped off the slope), otherwise you might have to stop but just try to get to the long path surrounded by the two slopes. Use the sprint-button here and jump off with a twist so that you'll land on the slope facing forwards and can instantly jump off with a curve to the right to land on the next ledge. Now it's just a matter of sprinting, at the junction you can jump a bit before the actual cross of the walkways, sprint in the timed door.

Kill the gangster inside, don’t care for him earlier or you might miss the timed door, and pull both levers to open the E door. Prepare for another training course, you can try it in the fastest time if you want. Try out as you like, I won’t give detailed hints as you can go on with any time. After some jumps after the second pool, jump right into the alcove and pull a lever. You magically get transported to a higher ledge, go ahead, but not on the slope, there is a boulder, get the Fire Gem, another transport will happen.

SECRET 2: Climb up the N ladder, kill two scorpions and avoid some stalactites. Get back and down again.

Jump in the icy alcove in the NE corner, a door under you opens, get down and kill a panther, thereon take Shotgun Ammo behind some rocks. Climb the N alcove and get into the open door, pull the lever and climb up out of the training course. Avoid more stalactites and go out right. Jump ahead to the ledge, climb up and get some Revolver Ammo. Jump back and use two jumplevers N and S to open the door in the last chamber. Go back there and use the zip line to get to the other side after taking Revolver Ammo from the left platform and Shotgun Ammo from the mini fountain. Climb down right of the platforms and get down until you have to jump on a greyish platform, climb up and further until you get a Silver Orb. Get back all the way and grab the zip line, at the end shoot two leopards. Either climb the rope or go up the ramp and climb the blocks to the grey pillar, note two orb receptacles, then jump to the S side.

Use the platforms to get E, jump up to the monkeyswing and reach the fountain, pick up the second Silver Orb. Monkeyswing back, jump N over the slope back to the platforms, then use the zip line again to get W, use the orbs in the receptacles. Now use the N slopes to get back to the place where you found the first orb, climb back up into the temple. A door has opened here so get through. When the ceiling gets higher turn right and push the block in to open the door. Directly pull it out again, kill a ganster in the new room and go 2x right around the corner and push the block, go around again, climb on the block and use the wall lever. Turn and jump in the right passage, go right for picking up a Torch, go out to the big room and in SW corner to light it.

SECRET 3: In the N part is a pushable block, pull it away and get a Large Medikit and Revolver Ammo.

Find two lightable torches (you know what to do) in the maze, then climb back up with the Torch to second floor, using the S block again, and light two more torches here to open the door. Shimmy around the ledge inside to get the Earth Gem, a flyby starts, you see which door is open, get back all the way, firstly pulling the “blocking” block away. Get to the doors that are open now (tip to get down there: jump to the right ledge, then sprint over the edge of it – directly into the lower alcove). Grab the Water Gem on the pedestal. to end this level.