Dangerous Fragments (Demo)

Level by Bamba

Walkthrough by manarch2

Go to the E part of the starting area and shoot a gangster. Climb the boxes in the NE corner of the room and monkeyswing S to the crawlspace, get through it and at the first junction go right and climb into the hole. Kill another gangster and open the door manually, before exiting get a Little Medikit in the right corner behind the table. Go into the new corridor, open the door at the end and kill the next gangster. Go left and climb over the box, get a Large Medikit and go back, open the only door in this room. In the next area you can see a keyhole, no key yet so go further and see two doors, the left is a dead end, the right leads you to the next door, open it too and kill a dog, then climb up the left boxes for a Little Medikit. Go on and see some left box that leads to a ladder, the tunnel ahead leads to a hole, drop in and start running when the laser goes away, quickly drop in the hole before the laser kills you. In the next laser corridor you have to run and jump over the lasers when you are over the a bit higher ceiling. Go in the new area and kill two gangsters and a dog, pull the lever and take the Blue Key with you and go back all the way, avoiding the laser traps once again. Go to the keyhole you saw earlier, use the key and enter a pool room with deadly water, to your right is a ledge with a currently inaccessible lever. Jump to the left ladder and backflip with a mid-air turn and pressing Action on the platform there. Monkeyswing avoiding the health-taking gas to the jumpswitch, pull it down and jump W to the raised platform and to the now accessible lever, pull it and make all your way back to the other side of this room, using a tricky curved jump around the E pillar. Finally jump to the NE corner and pull the to open the S door, exit this area by performing a curved jump around the high ceiling. Get in the new room and kill a machine.

Tips to shoot the machine:

- Always keep moving.
- Jumping is not so good here, Lara often gets stuck.
- Always run around the machine and never stop shooting.

After some time it will be destroyed; pick up the Yellow Key and leave again to the deadly pool room, get to the door where you entered this area and get back to the junction (left ladder, ahead lasers). Climb up the left ladder now, get in the ventilation shafts again and crawl over the trapdoor where you once dropped in, at the junction choose the right way and at the next again right, climb down and kill the next gangster, open the door with the yellow key. Kill two gangsters and follow the left passage to the end, open a door and get in a bigger room again. On the W blocks you can find a Large Medikit, go E, climb the block and jump up to a ladder, climb it and up at the end, drop in the passage behind and pull a left timed lever, climb back up to the ledge, then on the platforms, use the rope and all the other platforms to get around the room to a jumplever. Pull it down and kill two aliens at the floor area, the door beside opens, get down the long stairway, opening one more door. In the next room pick up a Little Medikit in one corner. In the opposite one is a block puzzle; push a block into the yellow sector to pull out the yellow lightened box on the second stage twice. Go around it and push it once, then push it on the different textured tiles in the W, then to the left one cause there are three of these tiles. When the block triggered all tiles kill three more aliens in this room that appear one by one. The last one leaves a Purification Mechanism Key. Now you have to get back all the way to the very beginning of this level, using the stairs and the crawlspace. Insert the key left of the big truck and the level ends.