Quantic Island

Levels by Greywolf

Walkthrough by manarch2

Quantic Island – First Visit

After the starting cutscene you find yourself on a shore. Shoot the boxes in front of you to get a PDA, a Little Medikit, Grenade Ammo, 2x Normal Shotgun Ammo, a Large Medikit, Flares and the Shotgun. Examine the PDA:

“Location: This isle goes through many universes and timelines. Essential point: Watch the black monolith: it will be very helpful. Objective: Find the Core.”

Look at the high building next to the sea and locate a wall button. After pressing it a cutscene will show you some item appears in the water, but you can’t get it yet. Instead, go N up the rocks and open the door to your left to get into the building. Get a Little Medikit in the first area and go into the office to find Grenade Ammo, Normal and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medikit. Now go back and before the exit head left up the stairs, pick up Flares on your way up. In the next room pick up Shotgun Ammo, Grenade Ammo and a Little Medikit, then go outside again as you can’t pick up any of the scrolls lying on the floor to place it on the pedestal. Go right around the house corner and go down all the stairs to get some Flares, go back and jump on a left ledge to get Normal Shotgun Ammo.

Go NW of the house and kill a flower snake that hides the Music Scroll, you can get it before entering the house, but it’s better to get some ammo first, as when you pick it up, a cutscene follows and afterwards Lara will be attacked both by a nasty mosquito swarm and a big robot. First run around a bit to avoid the mosquitos and then take out your shotgun and kill the robot. Get back into the mansion and run upstairs, then place the scroll on the pedestal and Lara starts playing the harp. The door opens in this room so push the floor lever inside. A little cutscene will play. Afterwards go outside again, before that you can spot a shootable window over the stairs, shoot it with the shotgun and climb the ladder then to get Grenade Ammo, Normal Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medikit, SECRET 1. Now get out, first go E and jump into the water. Get to the E side of the translucent structure and to the lowest ledge. Try swimming through the wall and jump to the pedestal with the Blue Soul Crystal, get out avoiding the piranhas and get to the island again. Now head to the far W side of the water, where you can jump or swim to a little island. Run up the stairs and open the doors. Jump on the rope and slide down to the floor.

Wade through the long water corridor with some piranhas in it, picking up some Flares, quickly get into the crawlspace at the end and crawl to the end, the piranhas follow, climb out of the hole and you are save for a moment. A message appears: “Save!” so do it since when you get further, many skeletons appear. For getting back to the previous island jump in the nearby water hole, but keep distance of the shark. But you don’t want to go back; there are two more holes that lead to new areas and also a platform with a Little Medikit, Normal Shotgun Ammo and a floor lever in the far N. When you get there quite an army of skeletons will have appeared; when you have ammo to waste you can shoot them in nearby water holes, otherwise just be quick. After pulling the lever get into the E waterhole to get transported into a jungle. Run through the alley and soon some mosquitos, a robot and two green leopards appear; kill the latter two and run away from the mosquitos. For a secret jump up to the nearest wall of the nearest tree. Climb up leftwards and shimmy until you can climb up at a ledge with Grenade Flash Ammo and Flares for SECRET 2.

Get down again. There are some flares to find on a W ledge over the water. Go N up the stairs now and kill another leopard. Note the painting on the structure and go behind it. You will find three wall buttons. Push the one with the same painting as on the other side and the next spikes are deactivated, push the button, the last spikes are deactivated; push the button and a door will be opened. Get off the platform again and go to the far NE corner of this jungle area and through the open door; pick up Normal Shotgun Ammo in the alley in front of the door. Climb the ladder to the top and shoot two more leopards in the dark chamber. Light a flare and pick up a Little Medikit N, thereon find the exit in the SE corner, climb the stairs here and kill a flower snake or just let it there and climb into the right crawlspace. At the end there is a little maze; you have to solve it yourself or follow this route (thanks much to vimmers who provided this map):


After pushing the wall button you will fall onto a slope, a few squares in front of you a circle spike trap activates. Slide a bit and jump through the trap, unfortunately a boulder is now triggered so slide/jump until the end and quickly jump on one of the side slopes and perform a jump sequence until the boulder falls into the hole. Jump down to the dark crawlspace as you cannot reach the higher ledge, not even with some wideness-enhancing tricks. Crawl through a long tunnel and at the end shoot a skeleton down in the pit, jump across the platforms, avoiding or shooting a second skeleton and jump to the exit. Follow the passage (you can take either way at the junction) and you reach a multi-lever room.

First, push the W, N, E and SE floor levers. Now you have to jump over the smaller flames W and E – the door in this room opens and you get to see a cutscene with some piranhas getting out of a wall in the mansion in the very first area of this level. Get out of this room using the exit door, get down and follow the corridor outside again, you will be welcomed by some piranhas, quickly get into the water and climb up at the high ledge. Get Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and push the floor lever. Climb up the SE rocks to the higher ledge again. Jump in the right moat and swim around S to get into a tunnel. Get to its end to be transported back to the first area, swim to the island again and kill the sharks you hopefully have avoided earlier from here. Go into the mansion on the other side of the island and to the bureaux. Run to the wall where the fish came out in the cutscene. Go through it to fall into the water, swim through the tunnel to hit the warp trigger.

Bolzedura Ghost Town

Follow the tunnel and climb out at the end, open the door and pick up the Shotgun and Normal Shotgun Ammo in the little chamber, a Little Medikit is to be found in the other corner. Climb up to the window and turn, drop down, shimmy right and drop until you reach a crevice. Shimmy left all the way to get some Normal Shotgun Ammo in the alcove, to get the first secret in this level shimmy right all the way, around the corner, climb up into the crawlspace for a Little Medikit and SECRET 3. Drop to the floor, picking up another package of Normal Shotgun Ammo. Follow the street, a skeleton appears, shoot it in the dark pit with your shotgun and take the right path out of the street, a cutscene plays it to show you the city. First, turn left and pick up Normal Shotgun Ammo in the first left niche, a Large Medikit in the second and in the far niche also some Flares. Go E around the big round tower to pick up more Normal Shotgun Ammo. Follow through the streets and four skeletons will appear; shoot them into the far E hole.

Go back W and jump on the NW rock near the central pyramid – get to the other side and open the door. Only shoot the highest left box to break all other boxes in this room and pick up 2x Normal Shotgun Ammo and a little Medikit. Pick up Wideshot Shotgun Ammo in the enhanced corridor, follow into a little room to get the Grenade Launcher. Pull the jumpswitch in this room, thereon get out, climb over the rock near the pyramid and go through the S open double doors. Pick up a Little Medikit in the foyer, some Grenade Ammo in front of the stairs. Get upstairs and head in the first right corridor, open the only real door at the left end and get inside. Pull the lever to see a door somewhere, then go out again and to the stairs. Go up one stage more and head into the next corridor, opening the first of two real doors. Pull the lever, a trapdoor opens in the sewers, and shoot not less than six skeletons. Get left in the corridor, spotting the next real door, open it and shoot all boxes in this room, which will release a fire wraith and three skeletons , but also a Mosaic Piece. Pick it up, shoot the skeletons and get outside again.

Open one of the marked trapdoors into the sewers, get down and jump in the pool to extinguish the wraith. Go around this place afterwards and trigger seven skeletons before blasting them away with some grenades. Search in the sewers for the open trapdoor N, dive in and climb out at the end. Place the Mosaic Piece and see another trapdoor. To get the second secret in this level, turn around and climb into the high crawlspace, pull the lever at the end and get to the main sewers again, then go SE to find a corridor with a open crate. Get down the ladder to find Flares, Grenade Ammo and a Large Medikit – this is SECRET 4. Get back to the main sewers again, climb a ladder and get back in the big house. Now enter the third corridor, opening the right real door doesn’t lead you further, open the first left real door and find Flares, Normal and Wideshot Shotgun Ammo and Grenade Ammo in this room (but don't step on the green and brown tiles around the corner until you've read further in this paragraph). The showcase in this room has a Large Medikit, but also a wraith in it. Look at the picture on the wall above the closed door (and not the larger picture on the wall behind you) and jump on those four tiles that together make up the full picture (being sure to do this in a counterclockwise direction), the door opens (don’t step on other tiles or there will be an invisible wall). Pull the lever inside. Go to the last real door in this corridor and pull the lever inside to see another screenshot of the closed door, this time, opening.


Go up all the stairs and enter the deadly pool room, turn around and activate the jump lever. Sprint down all the stairs and get into the sewers to extinguish the wraith, jump in the deep pool and find a Little Medikit and Grenade Ammo in a left tunnel, swim up then and pick up Grenade Ammo on the ledge. Pull the lever and get back out, the deadly pool is safe now, so return all the way back there, up the sewer ladder and the hotel stairs. Jump in the pool and pick up the second Mosaic Piece. Return all the way outside again. Now get into the NE building and pick up Flares, a Little Medikit and Normal Shotgun Ammo. Follow the SE corridor, picking up more Shotgun Ammo. Jump on the pillar and get to the other side of the room, following around clockwise. Shoot two skeletons (or even three) on your way and climb into the opening. Place the mosaic piece (a cutscene plays in) and get back, jump on the green tile and climb down on its E side to the bottom. Shoot the blue crystal in the SW corner and get a Crossbow for SECRET 5. Get back all the way up and get to the sewers, jump in the S trapdoor and follow the long tunnel until you finally can climb up. Here is a room with 12 wall levers, pull the left one on the E wall, the middle one on the N wall, both left and right ones on the W wall and both left and middle ones on the S wall. Now you can get over the deadly lava, jump over the red platforms to the exit and grab the Green Soul Crystal. Follow the corridor and climb the long ladder at the end to get back to the island.

Quantic Island – Second Visit

Get outside and face a T-Rex. Shoot him with a single Shotgun Shell, when he starts to attack. Get to the middle of the island and spot a rock with an opening on its E side. Jump into the water and swim until the level changes.

Ice Palace

Swim to the end of the tunnel, at the end you have to be quick as the water will be very cold, climb out and see a little cutscene. Afterwards go around the room and pick up a Little Medikit, Grenade Ammo and a Large Medikits in the alcoves. Thereon place the two crystals in the N receptacles to open the door. The path divides into two; first go for the left path – jump in the water, quickly swim through the tunnel and climb out at the end, pick up a Little Medikit and jump to the other side, using a triangular ledge. Look carefully in the mirror – there’s a crawlspace NW, jump up and climb in there to push a button. Get out again and jump back to the other side, now entering a maze (thanks to Scottchu for providing a map).

Pick up the Grenade Ammo and shoot a skeleton with the launcher. Go pulling all switches in this maze and picking up two Little and a Large Medikit and Grenade Ammo and shooting eight skeletons, remember all crawlspaces. Return now all the way to the junction at the start, through the maze and the icy pool. Pull the lever on the right hand wall to open one of the two doors. Go upstairs and pull the next lever to open the double doors. Get Flares, a Little Medikit and Shotgun Ammo in the room and push the button on the left wall (coming from the entrance). Again the path divides in two; I chose the left door first and went all around the starting room high above, getting a Little Medikit and finding the exit right, just a little bit before the medikit location. Get downstairs and see the five pedestals in this room – they need to be placed on the clear tiles. To find the right ones just look on the top of the pedestal, there is a special symbol, and look for the row where one symbol each is missing. Place the pedestals with the missing symbols there.

After quite a work the door opens – pull the lever and see a still closed door. Get back all the way to the path dividing and now head through the other (left hand) door – right of you are three ladders that lead to alcoves, pick up a Large Medikit in the first, Grenades in the second and Flares in the third, here is also a crawlspace with a button at the end. Push it, a wraith will be released. Quickly get out and run right, then jump in the pool to make the wraith disappear, but the water is cold again so swim to the end and climb out, into the crawlspace and back to the main room again. Jump on the frozen pool and to the other side. Go upstairs and pull a lever a door opens in the first area of the level, get in the next room and pull the second lever. The door opens – head inside for SECRET 6, no goodies await you but a wraith. Run all the way back to one of the pools in the very first part of this level and jump in to extinguish it.

Now get out and see the open door. Go through and first pick up a Large Medikit, then follow the corridor into the second mirror room. Always look in it to see which tiles are real and which are fakes and lead to death by falling in a deep pit. At the other side watch out for the stalactites and spike tiles and see an E crawlspace in the mirror, get there by jumping over the spikes and avoiding few more stalactites and exit this room. Get out of the tunnel and prepare for the boss fight: A female knight and her horse. Take the shotgun and shoot at the left side of here – there’s the only point where she is vulnerable. When she falls of the horse, shoot her few times at her front and she dies. Take Fairy’s Heart from her and also a Large Medikit in one of the corners. Place the heart near the door and it opens. Run to the pedestal and Lara will grab the Mystic Crystal herself. Climb into the octagonal alcove and see a garden that you cannot access because the level ends.