Level by Mytly

Walkthru by DJ Full


Hello every single player of every single level.

Hello all multiple players of all multiple levels.

Hello to all of you for whom this is the first TRLE custom level ever launched, so you’ll probably need this walkthru all the time.

And, finally, hello to all hardcore raiders, even if it’s very unlikely for them to read this stuff.


This walkthru is my first written on a level I learnt by heart. So it not only gives some hints/tips – it also tests my memory. I really wanna see how much I remembered from betatesting.


Speaking about betatesting: I don’t know if / how much the game has changed since the day I played it for the last time. If anything differs – WRITE TO ME!!!!


As it is (as mentioned above) also my memory test, if any pickup, object or enemy is skipped – WRITE TO ME AS WELL.


Last thing: Sorry for delayment. Had to fix something in my project before I could start writing…


Let’s go!

For all those of you who didn’t bother to read the readme :D




Hints & Tips: (Please read)

·     There are many places in this level when you have the option to go down one of two or more paths. you can choose any one of them first – you will eventually be able to get back to the others.

·     Thanks to Paolone’s fabulous TRNG, Lara can push rollingballs if they are on a flat surface, until they reach a slope. But it can be a bit tricky to get her into the right position to push – just try to face the ball squarely and press action.

·     Certain pushable objects can be pushed off ledges.


Possible Bugs:

·     Please throw lit torches into water after using them, or else the flame of the burning torch turns up randomly somewhere else on the map.

·     Some of the beta-testers experienced a bug in which the textures in certain underwater rooms turn black temporarily. I myself have not experienced it, and have no idea what causes it or how to fix it. However, it’s not a game-stopping bug, so it shouldn’t be a major problem.




One more tip: Please remember to turn on Volumetric FX!




You’ve just arrived at the temple gates. Some kind of a mystic force opens them for you. Leave your jeep among the sands and get through the entrance to see the invitation. Seems someone wanted you to get here… They don’t introduce themselves yet, and it’s unsafe to talk to strangers, however take a risk. It appears to be even greater after getting a small medi from the water and killing 2 small scorps – when you realize you are supposed to destroy some priceless vases of those who’ve just kindly invited you to their ancient estate. Never mind being rude – find some flares, uzi ammo and another scorpion inside that urns.



Pass the garden and get arrows from the pillar in the right corner by taking a running jump/grab from the higher block. The blocks seem to be prepared for you to use them. Indeed, they can be moved – so make a bridge of the lower one to be able to push the upper one over it. Then, move the lower one around to make another bridge and push the upper one further, towards the other pillar. After one more sequence like this, you can runjump/grab/pull up on that column. Aim at the left side of the next pillar, RJ/G/P onto it and get through the hole in the wall.



Press the subsequent switches. Some of them open the door to the inner temple, some of them close it, but after you pull the last switch, you can go back to the first one through the central doors and bring it back to its initial position – now it opens the door.



This is a HUB – I like this word since I read JEAN_YVES tutorial :D – it means the central point of the whole game, from where you will be taking on all sub-missions. The Ancient ones introduce themselves. If you run around, you will find two vases – one of them hides uzi ammo, the second one contains a fire wraith. Set free, it chases you. Escape into the water (meanwhile, the Ancient Ones tell you who they are). Dive deep to avoid the wraith (they can damage you close to the surface). As you’ve just landed in a starting point of one of possible paths, just take it (all in all, no matter which one you start exploring with). Open the underwater door and swim through the passage to find an air pocket. With a lever switch, but SAVE before you press it – it’s a timed run! The best way to do it is to:

-     pull the lever

-     turn right a little bit

-     backflip with a midroll to land in the water

-     hit Down to position Lara horizontally a split second before you hit Jump to start swimming – this way, you won’t hit the lower corridor wall and lose time

-     swim back to the pool, get on the bank, run diagonally left between the pillars and sprint through the grated door before it shuts.

Press the button to open the door below the ceiling. Reverse roll and follow the right wall to find a cube nearby you need to climb. Actually, the cube is a bit misshaped – use its highest point, facing the MS above you, to jump and grab the bars. Get through the door.



Roll down the ledge and roll again when you land – this way, the croc won’t have enough time to bite you. Jump over it, but don’t land in a place of the pool where the water is deep enough to slow you down (that could give the croc an advantage). Roll, backflip and kill the enemy. Climb the ladder, go over the bridge and SAVE.



You’re entering the Sandy Foggy Misty Collapsed Passage. Jump into the opening, slide down and jump off the ledge in the last possible moment. Curve left to land in the highest point of the destination ledge and you should lose no health at all. Jump over the abyss to find a ledge with a ladder. Descend to the bottom and collect SECRET #1 (a big medi and uzi ammo) from the other side of the hole. [Note from builder: You can also get this secret later on your way back by safety-dropping into the hole from just above the pickups. This makes the route back much easier, though you lose some health.] Backup… I mean back up, jump on the previous side. Jump on the flat plat two squares ahead, and don’t mind the crack next to you – it’s for backtracking. Instead, jump diagonally on the other side. Grab the crack on the pillar, shimmy left, let go to land on the slope, and jump to bounce off backwards and land on safe ground. A cam should show you a jumpswitch. See the ladder behind the pillar? Climb it and fall backwards to the other side to pull the lever. Landed on a triangular part, SAVE. Run-jump diagonally to the left of the higher part opposite, and DON’T grab. Jump over the final dune and slide down into the place where the path splits in three.



The middle route is a place you will come from, so ignore is (unless you need a small medi). Two side paths lead to a certain pit and a certain platforming zone. No matter which one you choose as first. I have CHOSEN the Blue Mist Room – just because it’s named the prettier way in this WT. The left path it is, and the door you’ve recently opened with the jumpswitch leads there. The water below you is either very hot, or no water at all. Grab the crack in the right wall and shimmy left. When the crack seems to end, just have some faith it actually does not. Pull up on the column. Now, you need to avoid death pillars (marked). After some platforming, including shimmying, you will find a switch. Press it. Water friendly now. Jump in to find a passage in the left wall, and swim through it. Get out of the water and spot two more vases. Just like it usually is in this game, one of them contains a reward, and another one – a threat. In this case, the reward is a small medi, and the threat is a fire wraith. Fortunately, the water is close enough for you to go no scratch. Notice some ascending slopes near the just found medi. Get close to the wall they stand next to, bounce off them to land on the upper shelf and press the nearby lever switch. That flips the corridor next to the one below you. Get back down and pull another switch. Follow the corridor to find the first marked square. SAVE and jump on the following marked squares to keep the door open and be able to throw a jumpswitch behind it. The latter thing will cast you in the water. Swim towards the door (a sink helps) and resurface in the pool. Watch out for the crocs! If you want some health, there is a small medi nearby. You are in the place I once said “you will come from” – so it means the first part of this mission is over and you can exit to the junction.



Follow the right path and prepare to FIGHT! Watch out for not to fall from the ledge before you kill the dogs and collect all the pickups from vases (apart from flares and another small medi, one urn contains a scorpion and another a wraith). Jump into the pit to land in the water (NOT next to it like me!). Taaaaake a deeeeeep breath and dive. Open following UW doors, collecting a small medi in the meantime. When you see two doors leading out of a room, pull the left one first to find yourself back in the pit and get some air. Open the last door, pull the ceiling switch and get through the passage full of timed rotating blades to resurface in the last croc place (now there is another reptile to produce some red spots in the water). If you haven’t yet, collect a medi. Two raising blocks have become raised blocks, so use them to get Canopic Jar 2 (you’ll get Canopic Jar 1 later).



Get back to Canopic Jars Chamber, keeping in mind the backtrack crack (backcrack for short) I told you about in the MISTY FOGGY… chapter, entering a newly unlocked passage indicated by the last camera, and – optionally – getting SECRET #2 by pushing the block over the bridge, placing it on a marked square and finding some revolver ammo with a small medi, both of them stored under a raising block now lowered in one of the corners near the croc pool.



You played with water. Now it’s time to play with fire. Going around the room, you could see a crawlspace on the right of the entrance. If not – there is a crawlspace on the right of the entrance. Get through it and grab the torch. Throw it through the hole into the main chamber. I recommend to sprint while doing this (the torch flies further), but you should make it standing still as well – if only you are not too close to the crack (Mytly did it). Get back through the crawlspace and light the torch from one of the already burning (if you wanna get fire from any of the standing candles, watch out – they can heavily burn and/or kill you). For SECRET #360 uzi bullets and a big medi – throw the torch back through the hole it came from and light a candle placed there to open the lockup. Get the fire (and you) out of here and light the wall torches beside a door on the opposite side of the chamber than the timed door is. Don’t leave the torch yet.



Go around the pillar and downstairs to face the pool. Extinguish the fire now – that prevents a certain pushable to burn later. But I found this burning pushable rather cool, so if you want to see it, just leave the torch burning. Grab the rope (a secret is near, but it’s faster to get it on your way back) and face the opposite bank. Turn right to NEARLY face the right pillar. There is a flat surface behind it which is CLOSER to you than the rest of the bank – so it’s also a place you need to land in after doing a Super Swing. If you are new to TR, you have no idea what it is. Tap Sprint once and wait for Lara to get her legs back on the rope. Next time she swings back, press Sprint again and she will fly much higher and further when you release the rope than she would do the normal way. [Note from builder: The easier way to do it is swing straight normally, then jump just after Lara reaches the highest point of her swing.] On the other bank, get more uzi bullets and another scorpion fight from vases and prepare for a timed run. Throw the jumpswitch, reverse roll and hop through the closing door. Follow the tunnel to the…



A flyby to watch and two dogs to kill. Also, two vases to shatter – you can get on the lower platform above the small pillars. For a small medi. The other vase is empty. Leave small pillars and head to the big ones. Two more vases on the ground – the reward is some arrows, and the threat is another fire wraith. Turn it into smoke and find a spot where you can jump on the middle pillar from. Go around it. On your way to the neighbouring column, you can spot a trapdoor that has not yet been triggered. Remember it and, after visiting a ledge close to the wall, get around the closest pillar. There is another shelf in front of you, next to the opposite wall. Get on it and grab the above crack. Shimmy left to reach the upper platform. There is a red square with a teleporter. Get in.



A rollingball is above you. This is one of three. You will need different techniques to avoid them all. This first boulder isn’t so dangerous – it’s enough to sprint through the door and hide on the left or right of it. When the ball stops (not earlier), push it into the red hole (corresponding to red teleporter). Exit through the next teleporter to land back again in the Hall of Pillars.



Remember the trapdoor? Now it is raised. Use it as a base for a jump to grab the above slope. Shimmy left, pull up, bounce off backwards. RJ over the slope. [Note from builder: Make sure to hold down forward or you will fall short.] Maybe it’s not so necessary now, but I’ve just noticed it’s been a long time ago when I last recommended you to SAVE. I know you SAVE no matter if I recommend it or not, but I feel much more caring if I advise such thing anyway – so I advise it. Before you get through the next teleporter, see the lever switch behind it. RJ on its ledge (don’t hit the teleporter!) and press it. Another trapdoor raises, so you can use it to get SECRET #4 – a small medi and more revolver ammo. Now get through the teleporter.



The same as above, but you need to DUCK to avoid the rollingball.



This time, a rope has appeared that can help you get to the third teleporter. Find it on the not yet visited pillar and do another Super Swing (this move is described in OVER THE POOL part) to grab and pull up on the ledge. There are 2 shatter baskets nearby – one of them contains a big medi and the other a scorpion. Get it and jump into the green teleport machine.



See the edge? Land right next to its right or left side (you may need to curve the run-up). [Note from builder: The easiest way to avoid this boulder is to hop backwards, and press action when you fall off the edge to grab it, and the boulder should pass above you.] SAVE before you move this boulder – it can squash you if you get too close! When all three boulders are in their places, Canopic Jar 1 becomes accessible. Never mind the yellow hole, there’s nothing to do with (or inside) it, so get the Jar and get out of here! And out of the Hall of Pillars.



Back at the edge of the pool, jump into the water. You can enter the side rooms (sewers?). Find a one-click high, underwater crawlspace. Swim through, up and get out of the water to enter the closer side sewer. You can shatter some vases, grab uzi ammo from the pedestal and SAVE before you throw the jumpswitch. Timed run! Get out of the water, run (not sprint) into the corridor, jump over the pool and now you can sprint towards and through the door at the other end. This is SECRET #5Uzis, and some flares in the shatterable vase. Take it all and get back to the Canopic Jars Chamber.



Place the Jars in the receptacles behind the statues and hop into one of the newly opened holes. Again, no matter which one is CHOSEN as first. Each one leads to a Golden Vraeus, and both paths meet in a place where you will place those key items to open a gate. But before it happens, there is much more to do…



Jumped into the left hole, you end up in a corridor full of mummies behind gates. While it is possible to set them free, there is no use for it yet, so leave those creatures be… for now. SAVE, watch out for the bird blade and fight the demigod. Defeated, he triggers a raisingblock. Climb the block and the demigod’s platform. Shatter the vases on the corner platforms (one of them contains some uzi ammo, another one hides a small medi). Get on the even higher block to face the Harpy Bridge. Pull up onto it and fight the poisonous birdie. Shatters give you another small medi. Locate a block at the end of the bridge and pull it three times. SAVE.



Jump into the dark corridor. It’s actually a slope beginning a series of the hardest agility tasks in this level. You need to: jump over two holes, one gap over the burning floor to grab a ledge, shimmy right, pull up, backflip/midroll/grab a ladder, go up leaving some space above you, move left to backflip and land on another slope, bounce off, grab another ladder, shimmy right, SAVE, climb into the opening, slide for a millisecond/grab the monkey swing and time three flame emitters (optionally getting SECRET #6 from the side crack – in this case, after picking up arrows and a small medi, you need to shimmy right, land in the corner of the 3rd emitter square and jump on the safe floor).



Two holes on your right – jump into the left one and down a crawlspace to press a switch. Get out and avoid two boulders on your way up the slope. SAVE – as you need to be fast enough to draw weapons and shatter the urn behind you after you push another rollingball. If you don’t do it before the ball hits the trigger at the bottom of the slope, you will burn. At the end of the accessed corridor, turn left and jump onto a raisingblock, the one already lowered by the recent switch, to find SECRET #7 – a large medi and some more revolver bullets. Throw a jumpswitch to open the crossbow room. Get the new weapon, switch to explosive arrows and get rid of surrounding mummies. The trapdoor is open, so slide down, get another pack of explosives and approach the gate for it to rise. You’re in the mummy switch room again. Pull the lever and destroy them. One of the monsters gives you a Key. Place it in the slot located in the same room to uncover the 1st Golden Vraeus. Get it and see the final gate rise. Go through it and SAVE. Another set of traps awaits you in this corridor – the sequence is: bounce off a slope, grab the ceiling, time the stargate. And you have to do it all twice before you fall into the pool in front of the huge door. You can get some revolver ammo from the right vase, and trigger a wraith by shattering the left one.



Jump back into the pool and follow the large underwater passage to find a door. Open it and swim out. This path joins a familiar one you know from the 1st timed run – so follow it to get back to the Canopic Jars Chamber. There is not much to do here anymore – so don’t think too much and jump through the 2nd trapdoor hole.



“FEW” stands for “Fire, Earth, Water”. As soon as you enter the chamber, you will encounter a Harpy. Pick up the large medi and (if you want) spawn another scorpion by shattering the vase. You can see three trigger squares here. Red is for Fire, Green is for Earth, Blue is for Water. As always, it does not matter which one is CHOSEN as first.



Jump over the gap. Move the Fire Cube from one red square onto another. Press the switch to activate a rope. Swing it to grab the ladder. Climb up and backflip/midroll/grab/pull up on the highest “bridge”. Do a banana jump to bypass the pillar. Jump with a feign grab to safely land into the hole below you. Pull the lever and press the switch. This raises a block with Fire Cube on it, but also allows you to grab a rope which appears to help you get back. If you want a secret, swing the rope to land on the further dark square at the bottom of the lava pit. SAVE (preferably in a new slot). Pick up SECRET #8 – the revolver – and RJ onto the other tile. Grab the rope and swing to grab the highest ledge again. [Note from builder: If the yellow damage bar is very low when you grab the rope, first just climb straight up the rope until it starts to refill, then go back down and swing.] Move the Fire Cube onto a trapdoor at the end of the bridge. Activate the lever to make the pushable fall. Safety drop through the same trapdoor and move the cube onto its destination square.



Watch out while climbing the block – keep close to the corner while pulling up, otherwise you’ll burn. Wait for the flames to go out and runjump/grab/climb the ladder. Slide down the slope to bounce off it at the end, fly over the gap and grab the next ledge. Runjump to grab the slope edge, shimmy left, pull up, slide down for a split second/bounce off/curve the jump left, slide/jump to grab the final ledge, shimmy right, pull up in the corner, wait for flames to go out and MS to grab the last ladder. Shimmy around and SAVE. You may need to descend a little bit before you backflip. Do a midair roll, grab and pull up onto the Water Cube shelf. Push the cube off its resting place. It hits the bottom of the pool, what creates a shockwave opening the underwater trapdoor. You have fallen into the pool as well, so swim through the now accessible passage of blades to throw an UW switch at the end. Go back and stand on raised blocks. Throw a jumpswitch – now the path is clear for you to move the Water Cube onto its square. On your way to it, remember this pushable can fall off ledges. [Note from builder: If you can’t get between the pushable and a wall, try jumping between them rather than walking/running.]



Get on the block, shatter the urn, MS and get into the crawlspace to find another vase to shatter. There is also SECRET #9 to grab – a big medi and uzi ammo. Two vases remain to shatter – get out of the crawlspace, find the timed switch by the already climbed block and make it through the grated door at the other side of the fountain, before the gate shuts. There are some more revolver bullets waiting for you, and the third urn to shatter. [Note from builder: You don’t need to get into the gate, as long as you don’t mind not getting the bullets. Just run towards the open gate while shooting at the vase to shatter it.] Notice a slope on the left of the fountain. Climb it, backflip/draw weapon/midroll/shoot the vase located in the opposite hole. The exit is open, but you may want to get a small medi from the fountain first. Push the Earth Cube through the door and onto a raisingblock at the end of the passage. Throw the switch to elevate the cube into the main chamber and get back there to move the pushable onto its tile. The 2nd Vraeus is yours – grab it and the trapdoor opens in the corridor which once led you here. Fall through it, into the water. Through the final set of UW stargates, return to the big door.



Place the Vraeuses and go through the open gate. The Ancient ones tell you why you are here. Seconds later, you can see another flyby showing the final outside scenery. Get arrows from one of the shatter, kill a scorpion emerging from another vase and find a small medi in one of the shallow pools. The mission is to set those torches on fire – you are supposed to:

-     kill mummies in the side rooms

-     light the torch found in one of these places with an already burning flame located in the other one

-     push those two blocks out to be able to reach the upper ledges

-     light torches placed there to lower the obelisks

-     light the torches at the top of the lowered obelisks to open the door.


1.   you don’t need to move blocks.

2.   you don’t need to light upper candles.

Figure them out if you want to.



Inside the transparent room, red lines represent are X and Y. Place the Red Cube where those axes cross each other. This will replace red lines with green ones, also being X and Y. Push the Green Cube off ledge and move it to where the hint points to. The last trapdoor is no more an obstacle.



Fall through to fight a dog. Switch to explosives or a revolver to blow up the Harpy. Time the bird blade and face the demigod. Beat him, and place a Key dropped by the demigod to open the door to the final chamber. (There are the arrows and some more revolver bullets in the vases on the upper level and explosive crossbow ammo on the lower level in case you run out.) Pick up the Ankh, you get a message explaining it’s a kind of device the Ancient Ones will use to contact Lara in the next part. Step into the unlocked teleporter to find the jeep abandoned at the beginning of the adventure.


Actually, it seems the beginning is still here… Now Lara will have some time to prepare to meet the Ancient Ones. As long as she takes her time, you should be patient while waiting for the next part as well.