Level by Leandro Dubost

Walkthrough by Yoav

NOTE: This level is missing the Angkor Wat Wads, that you can download at


Brazil 1986, Young Lara slides into a short passage to her way to Water Temple.

Follow the passage over the next room, but DON'T hurry to pass the opening, there's a spiked trap tile at the entrance, the camera will be changed and you see Lara from other side of the room. Turn and face to right wall, jump and grab the crack, shimmy right and fall down behind the tile. In a room go the left, use climbable wall and move left above the two spiked traps tile, backflip over them and land near the lying skeleton. Don't try to take the medipack from the tile, it's a trap too, proceed out of the room over the pool and look to see the flyby.

Get in a pool and swim right over the corner, pick up small medipack, turn around and keep swimming to second ramp past near an underwater closed gate to get out of the pool. Go to wall in front of you, jump grab the crack and shimmy right, when you get to large crack pull Lara into it. Crawl to other side, turn and drop onto wooden ledge, you'll find yourself in a big room with pool infested crocodiles, jump grab the ceiling and monkeyswing over the waterfall, cross the pool to other side. Go and pull the lever floor, it opens the gate at the first pool, pick up from both side corners medipacks, then back the first pool.

Swim through the open gate into underwater passage, at the end get out of the water, follow up a short slope, you will come to another pool with more biting crocodiles. Follow the stairs over the other side, look in water under the big face for closed gate. Now run jump and grab the rope, swing over the the next stone ledge to cross the pool, get down stairs and stand face to right side. Run jump over the gap into an opening in front of you, get in a some kind of simple shallow water maze with few crocodiles. Go forward, jump over the crocodile in front of you, turn left way and take sprint ahead, turn left, then climb into high opening in right wall. Proceed into the room and pull the lever floor to open the gate at the pool you came from. Back the same way you came here to the pool and get into the water, quickly swim through the open gate, swim along the

underwater passage over the opening and get out of the water into a room.

Four sunlight giving the room nice atmosphere, first pull the lever floor to cancel the hidden spiked traps in a large basis stone at the middle of the room. Now jump over gap onto the basis and pick from pedestal the Skull of Sabath, jump back and go through the open door into next room. Front of you is closed door, turn left side, up the large stairs, you see statue onto each blocks from both sides. Climb onto a block with tile that's missing statue, it will open the door you just saw now, keep up stairs over the end and you'll see another closed door.

Back downstairs, go through the open door to next room with few mummies, climb onto the block and pick up medipack. Proceed to next high block with the torch wall and climb onto it, save the game before you pull the lever. Note; The lever opens timed door you saw earlier and if you not make it on time you not be able to pull it again. Pull the lever and take sprint over the the open timed door, you will come to yard there, Von Croy is waiting for Lara and the level will get to the end.