One Room Challenge Bolivia

Level by AgentXP

Walkthrough by manarch2

After the sliding you get into a room with a pushable, some temporary burners and a tile. Push the statue onto the tile, timing the burners well. Get through the corridor and jump up the slope backwards, then jump to grab the jumpswitch. Get out of these tunnels and slide down into the open area. Climb on the block in the middle and get up once more, for SECRET 1 jump to the W ladder and climb up for the Bronze Reward. Now climb and slide down and climb up the blocks a second time, this time head E and grab the crevice, then shimmy around and see a pole behind you. Get to the leftmost point and jump to it, then jump from the pole to the lowest point of the ledge. Use the jumpswitch, get back down and climb the blocks again, then turn and jump SW to the single ledge. Jump up the platform, then grab the crevice and shimmy left around the corner, jump to the platform and to the one near the waterfall. Get to the top of the waterfall and avoid a boulder, then head through the open door. Get down on the floor to get SECRET 2, the Silver Reward, then get back up, use the jumpswitch and shoot the symbol by jumping up and shooting with the pistols. Use the rope to get to the other side.
Jump to the vertical pole, climb up near the top and back flip to the N opening. Use the ladder to climb down to the floor, use the sloped pillars to jump to the swingpole and get to the other side. Use the switch to flood the room. Search for the W underwater door and open it, then use the underwater lever the room dries again. Get down and climb the ladder, then jump to the right alcove and make your way down to an open door here. Climb the ladder and run through the moving walls, then drop in the new room. Place the cage on the marked tile a block rises and get in the E alcove for the Gold Reward and SECRET 3. Get down, climb on the cage and jump on the block. Grab the crevice, shimmy right and climb up, use the tightrope to get to the other side. Pull down the wall switch to raise a block in the corner of the room to your right. Safety drop to the floor, losing some health that you don't need at this point. Move the cage to the newly raised block and climb up to its top. Jump up to grab the crack, and shimmy over to the alcove. Jump to the swingpole, use it to get to the other side. Approach the pedestal to end this level.