Folly of the Watchers

Level and Walkthrough by Mman

N E S W refers to compass directions (the red arrow on it).


You begin in a hallway of pillars. A little N of where you start is a Horse in a makeshift stable and nearby (between one set of pillars) is a pushable box with hay in it; push the hay right in front of the horse and a block beside it will lower to reveal a switch. Jump into the stable and use the switch to see a door open.

At the E end of the pillar hallway there is an alleyway S, follow it and turn the corner. Jump across the raised platforms, but be careful not to fall between them or you will fall onto a fatal block. When you climb up at the end another door will be opened. Return to the pillar area and go E to another alley with the entrance to two of the buildings. Take the door on the S wall here.

The Trap Prison

Take a left carefully (lighting a flare will help) and crawl under the swinging blade, follow the path along but be ready to jump across the spike-pit around the corner, at the end you will reach a flame-lit area with a deadly pit. Look up and grab the floating ledge with the flamethrower on it, shimmy to one edge of it and climb up. Be careful when grabbing near the middle as you may suddenly combust (try and grab a side of the ledge to avoid this). Forward and to the right is a window-ledge, when the flame stops jump up to it (either jump from the SW edge of the tile you are on, or do a curved running jump). When on the ledge, turn towards the S and another ledge with a flamethrower will be visible, along with an opening to the left just past it (the fog may make this tricky to see). Hop back against the grate, sticking near the middle, and, as soon as the flame stops do a running jump. When you land, immediately do a quick jump into the left opening before the flame starts again. Use the jump-switch above the fire to turn it off, then drop off to the S (if you go N you have to do the flames again).

You soon enter a confined hallway with greenish lighting, a Phantom will ambush you from behind. Try to stick to the middle of the hallway during the fight; if you go too much further along the Phantom can climb into the next area where it is much harder to fight, if you go back you can be pushed into the deadly pit. If it seems too difficult try turning on manual aim and not locking on, as this avoids its defenses. At end of the green hallway you can climb into another hallway if you grab up from the SE side. Various traps will activate, grab the flares and light one. There is a timed spike trap in front of you; go past it when it is down and onto the safe tile past it. There is another timed spike and swinging blades in front of you; when the spike trap in front of you (W) is up run into the middle part of the spike tile and quickly side-flip right twice over the spinning blades (there are other ways, but this seems the easiest way). You will land on a collapsing tile and fall down; this will be a shortcut soon. Jump back up E and follow the path to two swinging spiked-bags, crawl under them and climb up the ladder from the right side (be careful not to shimmy into the bags). On the roof step on the sparking tile to see a door, two more to go! Go back to the collapsing tile (watch out for the bags on the way back) and leave N back to the alley.

The Puzzle Prison

Go E then N into another building, ignore the movable blocks for now and collect the book from the plinth at the far end, then read it:

"Find out the colour of the prisons

and mark them here




This puzzle has multiple things to work out. Firstly, there are three movable items in this room corresponding to what's mentioned in the book (A Knight, a cobble block, and a wooden block).

Secondly the colour of the prisons (the three main structures, including the one this puzzle is in) must be found. There are two clues to this; firstly one wall of each building has a glowing glyph on the side that tells the colour of it, and also the most dominant lighting in each one corresponds with their colour.

Thirdly, where to push the blocks must be worked out; on the floor are three tiles textured different, one in faded white brick, one in yellow brick, and one in large blue/grey bricks, which is the same texture as each building is, finally the tiles are positioned relative to how the buildings themselves are in the level.

The solution is to first push the Knight N once onto the faded white brick tile, the cobble block S once and E once onto the Grey/Blue brick tile, and lastly move the wooden block onto the yellow brick tile. A trapdoor at the top of the ladder on the E wall will open. Climb the ladder, touch the spark on the roof, then climb back down.

On the W side of this building is a slightly raised floor that allows you to climb into a crawlspace, at the other end you are on top of a wall; drop down N into the small graveyard/garden. In the NE corner of this area is an alleyway; follow it and jump up the blocks at the end to open another door. When you turn around another door W is open and a Knight will come through it; drop down and take him out.

The Skeleton Prison

Return to the pillar hallway. Along the E side another room is open, enter it. The door will close behind you, to the left of where you enter is a Shotgun and some ammo; quickly grab both before the Skeleton in front of them awakens. There are four pits in this room, three are red and one is blue; lure the Skeleton to the blue pit in the SE corner and knock it in with a Shotgun blast (knocking it into a red pit is fatal). Don't worry about shotgun ammo as more will appear where you collected the Shotgun if you run out. A raised block in the middle of the room will lower to reveal a ladder. Climb up and jump across to the last spark to finally open the door.

Return to the top of the wall of the graveyard/garden and jump on the raised block on it. From the block, jump to the ladder on the W side. When you've climbed up, move onto the tile with the artifact on it to finish the level.