One Room Challenge - Return To The Maria Doria

Level by TombRaider95

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Place the block under the lever switch to be able to press it. Go through the door. There are some blocks to move: push the leftmost once to form a line with the other two. Pull the upper box onto the one You pushed a while ago. Move the rightmost cube away and pull the one standing next to the door to place it in front of the portal. From the place where the recently moved block had stood before it was moved, pick up the Dining Room Key and move the same cube back to be able to reach the keyhole. Opened the door and got into the dining room, hop in the passage on Your right to find the switch. Pressing it makes the way out of the place. Not a timed door, so reach the next corridor easily. Don't fall into the pit! Runjump/grab the crack and shimmy around the pillar to land in the hall. Behold the old good TR2 climate and kill an equally old and equally good thug. Get in the SE edge of the pit - there is a crate. DON'T move it towards the raised part of the floor (You can't get on the rope from here). Instead, move it depending on the way You wanna choose next:

SHORTCUT: Push it 3W, 5N and runjump/grab/pull up on the shelf for Maintenance Key.

INTENDED WAY: Move it 3W, 2N, jump on the shelf above You, runjump/grab the rope, super swing (tap sprint, wait for Lara to swing backwards, press sprint again) on the next shelf, runjump/grab/pull up on the one on Your right, RJG the crack and shimmy right to fall on the next shelf. MS on the other one to grab the opposite crack. Shimmy around the pillar to find the Maintenance Key.

Slide down into the pool and move the block located there to find a crowbar. Pull it further and push it for it to stand by the slope, and for You to get out. Another pushable awaits You nearby - move the crate to in front of the remaining door. This one is a crowbar door and now You're able to open it. Behind it, there is an alternative bridge. And yet another block to move under its corresponding keyhole. Do it and place the key You've recently found to open the door. Behind the following pipe, there is a switch. SAVE, as it triggers a timed run. Killing a thug on Your way, reach the remaining door in the hall before it closes. No need to save anymore - the Seraph waits for You at the end of the following passage. And the stats screen.