One Room Challenge - Von Croy Industries

Level by Uzi Master

Walkthrough by DJ Full

Pick up a large medi and a Coin from the desk. Insert the Coin into the Coca-Cola automat to get Coca-Cola and a Code Bit. Open the cabinet (stand in the middle of the square) for Pistols. As soon as You finish the robbery, a guard appears to send You to jail. He won't manage to do it - and, very unlucky for him, he's also in possession of another Code Bit. When You end his life, combine both Code Bits to make VCI Office Key and open the door with it. From the accessed storage, steal an HK Gun hanging on a pair of hooks to get ambushed by another two guards. One of them has Uzis, the second one - some ammo for it. You can also find a Plasma Gun placed somewhere close by. Picking it up doesn't alert anyone, as well as retrieving a tube of Normal Plasma from under some pipes in the corner - apparently, You've just murdered the whole personnel and no one is able to notice it, just like obtaining another tin of Coca-Cola from the corner on the left of the exit.

Speaking of exit - GET OUT in a purpose of annihilation - there are other poor guards right behind the junction, and You need to take the left path to meet them. Search their soulless bodies for those guys to lose a large medi and some pistol ammo - they won't need them anymore, unlike You, who might find it very useful, especially in the finale grande. Ha! You thought it will be now, didn't You? Wrong! You have something more to do here. Look into the fountain - there are more goodies to find: 4 units of Burning Plasma (seems those 2 tubes are waterproof), 90 uzi bullets, 1 Coca-Cola, 240 MP5 ammo, another big medi and - just in case - 50 more pistol rounds (seems a lot, but it's only an illusion - in fact, You're getting as much ammo as You need, and it may not be enough).

Get into the vent (heheh, I love vents, and this one is nice) by shattering the grate blocking the entrance). After some crawling, pulling up, crawling again, grabbing and descending down the ladder, and crawling some more, You'll find the Top Secret Access Disk (some kinda rat must have stored it there - there are lots of these rodents in New York, and, according to the horizon we can admire in the meantime, this is exactly where we are). Having the disk in Your pocket (no need to put such small thing in the backpack), remind Yourself about the junction.

Get back there and check the other part of the corridor to find the terminal. Put the disk in to access the Iris room. Before You pick up the artifact, find a large medi in the nearby pool. It will save Your life in the next moment. SAVE!!! And keep in mind: the soldiers emerging from teleporters (?) as soon as You pick up the Iris, are modified demigods - lure one of them into the corridor, draw pistols and duck next to him. When You run out of ammo, make some distance - somehow, other weapons miss those enemies if You stand too close. More precisely, a distance of 3-4 squares should make You able to wipe them all out. Or just use some plasma to burn them - but for this to work, You need to stand close to the enemies gathered in a group - this way, all of them will get damaged by "common" shots. Only if they are all dead, the door leading out of the Iris room opens. When it happens - SAVE again and escape with Your prize! You will end on a ledge behind the automatic door. Lighting a flare recommended, but using binoculars even better. Spot a triangular, standable part of the floor. Hop on it and grab the ledge. Shimmy right and pull up next to the exit door. Actually, this place is an exit from the whole game - You made it!