One Room Challenge Oriental Mystery

Level by Ward Dragon

Walkthrough by manarch2

Sliding down a bit, you start this level in a greenish cave. Avoid the spike pit and head to the doors that open. Kill a baddy for a Yang piece and head left to some statues. Pull the purple one on the purple tile and a block raises. Now go right of the door to find a crawlspace. At the end get out, climb the ladder and thereon use the monkeyswing to get to the other opening. Climb down and kill another baddy in the fairly easy maze, taking the Ying piece. Find the climbable ladder and find an Ornamental Fan at the top, then get down and follow the maze again.. At the end crawl out, combine Ying and Yang and use it in the receptacle. The doors open get back to the main area. Now get to the statue puzzle and push the green statue on the green tile. You can see another block lowering get there and push the black statue on the black tile, the door near you opens. Get through it, jump over the water and quickly run into the next room avoiding a boulder. Run to the end of the dark corridor and climb the block, turn and jump over the blocks until you can get the Mystical Gem. Slide down the ramp the boulder came from and get back to the main room, placing the gem on a receptacle in the wall of the building. Get in and use the fan on the right board to open the door. Get the Glowing Device off the pedestal in the new room, then shoot two baddies and take the Crowbar with. Now get back to the maze and climb to where the fan was, use the Crowbar and the door opens. Slide down into the dark.