Tomb Raider Mini Adventures Ė Egypt

Level by Tombraider95 (Bradley)
Walkthrough by Tombraider95 (Bradley)

Bug Note: Donít try and shoot the crocodiles while standing on the waterfalls. For some reason it doesn't damage them, either shoot them in the water or on the block.
Note: Some shotgun ammo is scattered through the level, but save some for the final boss.


You start off sliding into the main area, here you have to collect 3 gold balls to open the door directly ahead, shoot the two scorpions approaching and go over to the pushable block. Push it onto the nearest pressure pad (to the right of it) which will open the door beside it.

Gold Ball 1

Go through and shoot the ninja, then make your way through the cobweb and shoot the dog round the corner. Before pulling the switch slide backwards into the pit and collect the shotgun and ammo in the centre then shoot the 3 scorpions that appear from behind. Climb the ladder out of the pit and throw the switch. A block will raise which is timed, but for now wait until it goes back down and throw the switch again.
Immediately turn right and jump onto the pillar in the pit and onto the opposite ledges, then up to the raised block. You should have just enough time to turn around and jump up to the ledge above. Once at the top, the trapdoor in front is down so turn right and run and jump to the jump switch, this will raise the trapdoor. Once pulled a harpy will appear, jump above the ladder and shoot it. Pull the switch again and do exactly as before to get up to the trapdoor.
Collect the 1st Gold ball from the pedestal and jump back down to where the switch is and shoot the ninja. Collect the shotgun ammo from him and proceed back through the cobwebs into the room with the torch.

Gold Ball 2

In the corner use the slopes to reach the ledges above and follow them round till you reach a wall in front. Turn left, run and jump to the top of the wall and shoot the harpy from above. Drop down to the ledge and use the swing poles to reach the other side, then turn left and use the rope and land on the next platform. Again turn left and use the next set of swing poles to reach the final ledge.
Jump up into the opening, and drop down onto the waterfalls. Like mentioned above donít shoot the crocodiles from here, either shoot them in the water or on the block in front. Once they are dead collect the 2nd Gold ball on the block, then climb up to where the other set of waterfalls are to reach the slopes. Use the slopes to reach the earlier entrance and drop down back into the main room.

Gold Ball 3

Now in the main room push the block onto the second pressure pad directly opposite to open the door next to it. Once entered the door will close, trapping you with a pair of mummies which appear to be asleep. Pick up the Small Medical Pack and Shotgun Shells before sliding into the pit.
(Hint: Pull the block out before you pick up the Gold Ball to save time and even health)
Pick up the Gold Ball 3 in the centre of the room but beware the mummies have now awaken, so quickly run to the block (if you havenít already) and pull it back and throw the switch behind it. This will activate a raised block that is again timed, so turn left and jump onto the raised block and jump to reach the ladder. (Note: Try not to use your shotgun on the mummies unless needed as you will need the ammo)
Climb the ladder and drop onto the ledge and pull the lever, this will open the door, so drop back down and escape. A ninja will be waiting for you so take care of him and pick up the Medical Kit he leaves behind.

Boss area

Place the 3 Gold Balls into the puzzle holes to open up the final door. Go through and shoot the dog to the left. The Demigods at the other side of the room are guarding the skull, so you will need to kill them in order to finish the game.
Climb the ladder and time your drop onto the ledge with the boulder. If you want the extra help jump over the boulder and jump to the second boulder, pull up and jump to the ledges. Collect the Shotgun Shells and Large Medical Pack and drop down into the water.
There are also more Shotgun Shells in here so collect them and fire away at the demigods until they are dead.
When the second one is dead the Skull will appear on the pedestal, collect it and the level will end.