Aspidetr Easter Time 2011 - The Rainbow Eggs

Level by Ranpyon (a.k.a. Kya)

Walkthrough by manarch2

After the beautiful starting cutscene, in which you can see the location of the Lasersight, Lara finds herself in front of a waterfall. Head NW through the garden, noticing a broken tree that requires an item, and jump into the water. Swim into the cave and pick up the Lasersight you might have seen earlier. Now turn and swim out, then NE and climb up the left of the two ledges with a column on it. Turn NW and jump over the water to the ledge, search the floor for an Ornate Key. Jump back to the column ledge and from there to the NE ledge, left of the mansion. Climb the ladder here and use the jumpswitch to open a door elsewhere. After dropping down dive into the water and swim around the mansion in a counter-clockwise direction until you can climb up. Follow the meadow until you find an opening with some plants jutting out to hide it. Run up the stairs and first jump into the right pool to get some Revolver Ammo on the floor, then climb out and follow the N passage, picking up some Flares. Now you can find the door you have just opened and get into the kitchen. Lara will look at the table, so climb on it and pick up, then read the message:

“Hi Lara, welcome! I’m not at home right now, I went out to buy all the necessary for the barbeque. But I can’t find the keys for your apartment, they must have fallen on a balcony. Search for them, and make yourself at home! Amy”

Now that you know what to do, you have to explore the mansion to find the keys. There are three closed doors in this kitchen. First, open the SW door by using the button beside it, then enter the bedroom. Climb on the windowsill and get another message:

“I have to change the pool lights, they don’t work anymore.”

Get back into the kitchen and this time open the opposite (N) door with the nearby button. You will now have access to the bathroom. Jump into the little pool and pick up the Winding Key, then get out again. Now open the W door with the Ornate Key and get into the next room. Pick up the Diary and read the information about the seven Rainbow Eggs in it that together give a wonderful treasure. After picking it up the door in this room opens that lets you have access to a balcony. If you want you can turn on some music by pushing the button. On the balcony pick up the Small Medikit (apple), but leave the Torches alone first. Jump up to grab a monkeyswing in the SE corner, follow it to another balcony. Pick up the Green Key and get back to the first balcony. Now take one Torch with you and head back inside, then to the kitchen and outside again. Go right and light the Torch on the grill, then throw it away first. Now go further and head right down the stairs, then again right and use the Green Key to open the nearby door. Get in, the door closes behind you. Go right into the shower to get another Small Medikit. Now head to the very end of the corridor and get into another bedroom. Get on the opposite windowsill and grab the Mechanical Turtle, which you can combine with the Winding Key. Now go left of the bed and open the drawer of the furniture to get the Revolver, which you can combine, too, with the Lasersight.

Now get back into the corridor and open the only left door with the nearby button. You reach the library; a diary entry will mention you have to explore it very thoroughly. First go right and pick up some Flares, then get to the NE corner and climb up the shelves, then crawl into the hole and get down to pick up Revolver Ammo. After getting out of the hole crawl further S and notice a wall texture slightly different from the others (little sign on it), shatter it and get into the dark chamber behind. There are three blocks that are darker than the others; the one in the right hand corner you don’t need, but the one near to it so push it in the gap in the row of blocks on the E side. Climb on it and pull the left block once, then get to where it was and pick up the Red Egg. Now get back to the library and to its SE corner. Pick up a Piece of Paper (the apartment door opens again, a diary entry says the words on the paper mean Niji, “Rainbow”). Shatter the picture in this area and throw the switch to open a trapdoor near the pool, under the gazebo. Run all the way back there, take your Torch again and throw it into the open trapdoor, thereon climb down the ladder. Light the wall torch and the door opens. Get the Yellow Egg and leave this cellar, climbing up the ladder. Take out your Revolver and get to the pool. You can see four pool lights in it, so shoot them and a cutscene shows a door opening SW. Get there and follow until you are blocked by a too small crawlspace. See the flower tile? Take your Mechanical Turtle with Key and use it, it gets to the other flower tile and the block will be pushed away. Pick up the Green Egg and, if you have three eggs until now, an underwater door opens in the far NE corner of the pool. If you want take the turtle with you, you don’t need it anymore, anyway.

Jump into the water and swim NE, then into the tunnel to get the Crowbar. Swim back and swim and run all the way up the stairs to the mansion entrance, but pass it following N and around the left corner. Use the Crowbar to pry the Ladybug off the wall. Remember the broken tree in the W? Get there, it’s left of the big waterfall and the little grotto. Place the Ladybug here and the door inside the grotto opens. Swim there and see a little cutscene. Afterwards jump down in the pool and turn to find a little passage under the waterfall, get the Purple Egg here. Get out again, swim left and climb out. Turn left and run around the pool until you can find a crevice in the E wall, grab it and shimmy all the way left until you can climb up and use the lever that opens the doors in the last room. Get down in the water, climb out and run through the doors. A new diary entry says you’re in the Rainbow Palace now. Run through the curtains and get into the main hall of the palace. There is a key in the middle you cannot reach yet, two keyholes left, and a stairway right. Run up the stairs and the path divides into two, but both ways lead up to the first stage. Go around the right (or left) corner and find two pushables, place both on the tiles in front of the rainbow texture to open a door on the lower level and flood the central hole.

Now get once again into the left passage, there is a monkeyswing at the end so grab it and get to the jumplever, use it to open a door on the upper level. First, get down to the lower level and pick up the Rain Key. Get to the upper level and find the open door. Get in and you will find a letter puzzle. You have to “spell” a word that you can find in the notes, it’s the Japanese word for “Rainbow”. But watch out – there are more ways to spell it, but only one works, if you jump on the nearest N from the entrance, then jump further – always stay near the middle, the last I is just in front of the gate platform. Get into the passage and take the Lightblue Egg, then leave this room taking the Flares with you. Now go to the lower area of the main hall and enter the only open door. You arrive at a room with three pools – jump in the left one for a Small Medikit. Thereon jump in the right one to pull an underwater lever, this will cause a little earthquake. Climb out and get to the nearest pillar, look up and spot an alcove. Climb up there and take the Waterskin, get down and fill it in the middle pool. Now get exactly to the top of the stairs and jump up to grab the monkeyswing, get to the middle of the wall and drop, then press Action and get into a crawlspace, use the Waterskin at the end to fill the shell. Get back out, a trapdoor in the pool has opened so swim in to get the Sun Key. Get back to the main hall, head right and place both keys in the receptacles. Run through the corridor and arrive at a room with seven pedestals for the eggs, two are luckily there so you can place your five others, climb up the raised block and open the door to get your reward…



Secret locations

SECRET 1: At the beginning, run through the waterfall for a Silver Egg.
SECRET 2: In the bedroom, open the drawer of the furniture left of the bed to get a Bronze Egg.
SECRET 3: After having found the Yellow Egg in the cellar, push the block in the corridor once to get a Bronze Egg.
SECRET 4: In the area in front of the palace, where you grab the crevice (SE-most point), turn left, backflip onto the slope and jump onto a safe ledge. Now jump over the plant to the slope, grab the ledge and shimmy left, climb up when possible, jump to the slope and then to the monkeyswing on the top (it doesn’t work when getting to the ledge directly from the entrance). Get to the other side and drop on the balcony, open the door and find a Gold Egg.
SECRET 5: In the letter puzzle room, simply run through the wall behind the egg pedestal to get a Silver Egg.
SECRET 6: In the finish room, shatter the left vase to get a Bronze Egg.