Hunt for the Easter Eggs

Level by Crash82

Walkthrough by manarch2

After the cutscene you can find the first Egg (yellow) left of you in the grass. Go a bit W to find a ladder on the wall, climb it and use the floor lever to open the mansion door. Find the second Egg (yellow) in the hole behind the lever. Now get out and drop in the garden, then go into the W passage to find the third Egg (yellow). Get out and shoot the box in the S gazebo to find the fourth Egg (brown). Run N to jump in the pool and swim into the hole in the NE corner to find the fifth Egg (blue) - this is necessary to end this level. Get out and run to the far NE corner to find the sixth Egg (brown). Return to the starting point and enter the mansion, go right and in the passage. Use the switch to open another door and get in the crawlspace for the seventh Egg (brown). Now get out and through the open door in the garden. Use the floor lever to open the last door in the mansion and find the eighth Egg (yellow). Carefully look on the floor to find the Lever in a corner, get out of the mansion with it, then right and to the well. Place the Lever on the well and use it to open a door in the garden of the mansion, return there and place the Blue Egg into the basket to open the last door – run into the new chamber and step on the “Happy Easter” sign to end this level.