Level by Bashar

Walkthrough by DJ Full


Wake up and get out of the room. Follow the left room to find the restroom and a small medi inside. Check the next door in the corridor for a key in the wardrobe and a Silver Cross on the fireplace - SECRET 1. Exit and open the double doors (do You feel obsessed to open them both? I do) to watch a dramatic cutscene showing a murdered guy on the floor. A dropped piece of parchment (Bloody Note) has apparently fallen from his hand while he was dying - so pick it up and read some hints. When You're finished, use the Golden Key found in the wardrobe to open the door leading to another door. Open this one to find Yourself in the hall.


Go around the 1st floor to find a library. Climb the bookcases and throw 2 switches in the upper alcoves to spawn a rope. Swing it across the room for another Golden Key and open the golden keylock with it, to access the first jumping test. This is only an easy introduction - next one will be much more challenging. On Your left, there are two invisible platforms - hop on them, then into the alcove, and runjump onto a tile with a Silver Key. Use it to open another door in the library. SAVE. Get the Purple Crystal and lead the two wraiths chasing You to one of armors standing on the ground floor of the hall. TIP: Place the Purple Crystal in its slot at the end of the hall NOW. Otherwise, You will lose a lot of health later. Now You have two options: choose the N or S door leading out of the hall.


In the dining room, watch out for a zombie on Your way to the door behind it. Press the switch behind that door to open another door. To find it, You need to push double doors on the opposite side of the room. They lead to the kitchen, and the exit is already open (with the last button). Actually, it's not an exit, but a cover for another button. Push this switch to open the trapdoor in the dining room. Descend into the... basement? Hey, there is a shortcut You may want to know. Runjump directly on the slope beneath You to bypass a lot of platforming. Otherwise, follow the intended way: Runjump on the opposite slope, grab it, shimmy left, pull up, reverse roll, runjump on the next shelf, rev. roll again and runjump on the following ledge. Reverse roll for the last time, runjump on the other side and grab the last shelf, but don't pull up. Just drop on the shelf below You, and jump on the opposite one. Recommended to SAVE. Jump on the first sinking platform, DON'T STOP, jump on the slope, bounce off and SAVE - yes! in midair! - before You land on the next sinking rock. Jump back and forth between those two until the fire is off. When it happens, jump with a midroll onto the platform behind the emitter.

Now jump on the previous platform, DON'T STOP, proceed to the last one and hit Action to pull up on the safe block. SAVE. Jump on the rock with the pedestal holding the Yellow Crystal. Grab it and runjump back on the slope, to bounce off it and SAVE, in the same place as previously. Again, by jumping back and forth, wait for the fire to go out. Then, do as previously, but finishing with a continous series of backtrack jumps to return on the safe ground You started all this platforming from. SAVE and climb all the way back to the dining room. Before You pull up on the last block, some armor standing in the manor should suck the wraith in and kaboom it to nicely looking, criss-crossing circles. Back in the hall, place the Yellow Crystal in its slot (do it now if You want to avoid future trouble).


Move the leftmost, bright box to uncover a switch. Press it to open the door. Move the crate in the same direction 4 times more, and once towards the other set of boxes. Pull the other one out of the corner and place it between the one You've previously moved and the one standing below the upper crate. Now, when lower boxes form a line, move the upper cube twice, towards the slanted roof. That's not enough to make a way up - so get one box from the other side of the room and place it between the roof and the upper crate. Move the upper cube once more and You're done. Stand on the high box, runjump with midroll to bounce off the roof and grab the wooden beam. Pull up and... save? Now You need to time the spiky swing to safely cross the gap. Runjump, grab the ledge, pull up and do one more jump to access the open door. SAVE and slide down, avoiding the blades (NOTE: SWAN DIVE HELPS MUCH HERE). On the safe ground, SAVE. Climb around the ladder, jump off with a midroll, grab another ladder and shimmy around the right corner to have a slope behind You.

Place Yourself close to the right side of the ladder. If You are hanging exactly between two dividing lines, You know You are on the desired height. Jump of with a midroll, curve left, slide a little bit and bounce off the slope to grab the next ladder. Climb around corners to land on the safe rock. Runjump to grab the monkey swing and follow it into the alcove to press a switch. This opens another door. If You managed to do all this platforming, You know what to do now - another successful, continuous run through sinking tiles is enough for You to make it through the exit and hide in the corridor containing a trophy... WAIT! Don't pick it up yet, but follow the next corridor and throw a switch - this makes Your way back, and now You will have much more time to escape wraiths guarding the item. WAIT! once again. There is a Golden Cross on the shelf above You - get it to claim SECRET 2. Now grab the crystal and get out of here! Climb the ladder back to the upper corridor and hold Sprint to slide down the roof while the cutscene is shown - You can't be hurt during flyby cam activity!


Escape the wraiths and two warriors (the monster seems to be harmless) back to the main hall. Armor takes care of wraiths, one warrior dies killed by the hellhound, and the last one should die this way as well. However, if a local AI fail occurs, he remains alive and this can be a serious problem while placing crystals - and that's why I told You to place two of them several minutes ago. You HAVE placed them, haven't You? If not, there is a way to gain some time. Lure the undead knight on the 1st floor and jump over the railing. He can't follow You this way and he needs to backtrack, so You have some seconds to place a crystal before he stabs You in Your back. Do the same for another crystal, and for the last one. SAVE and exit the hall, keeping close to the left wall.

As soon as You avoid the blades (if swan dive was helpful for the last time You did such thing, now it can be considered PRICELESS), bounce off the slope once more curving the jump left to land in the alcove for SECRET 3 - a large medikit. Bounce off the slope to grab the fire platform. Pull up in the very right corner. Timing the flame, runjump/grab/pull up on the following slope. Slide down, bounce off with a midroll, land on the next one, slide backwards and grab. Shimmy right to find Yourself on the ladder. Go around the pillar, bounce off with a midroll to land on the next slope. Bounce off. Two sinking platforms and three slopes later, press the switch to open the exit. Get the key from the pedestal on the next safe block. NOTE: Landing on the next platform is not required to perform the last agility test - but it's much easier if You do so. From the top of the highest block, jump into the corridor. You can use the just obtained key to enter the last room, where everything becomes clear as soon as You pick up another Bloody note. See You in the 2nd part of the game.