Level by ChrissyDoc

Walkthrough by manarch2

Slide down and shoot two tigers.

SECRET 1 (doesn’t register): Search for a tunnel in the SW corner for a Little Medikit.

Go SE and climb the block using the little ramp, then climb the next block and jump to the right hand block, from there to the crevice. Shimmy left around the corner and until you can climb up. Run down the tunnel and sprint when you trigger some boulders. Jump over the gap and climb the blocks, then shoot three tigers in this area. Don’t jump into the river (you’d be stuck) but get in the SW crawlspace, climb the block and jump over the deadly gap. Go into the right passage and pull the block out, then go around the corridor and find the exit hidden behind the box. Use the floor lever and get back to the river where two blocks raised, climb on the first and run-jump to the other side. Go W and find a jump lever left, use it. Get back using the blocks and to the very first room of this level, the NE door has opened so head through and use the ladder left in this room to get to the top. Use the cross platforms to get to the SE exit, slide down and run towards the self-opening door.

Get in the new passage and shoot a tiger and three bats in the new room. Get into the W room and pick up the Red Gem, then climb up in the room above, run upstairs and jump to the safe brown ledge ahead, then turn right and jump to the slopy platform. Jump to the lever, climb around it and backflip to the ledge, then drop to the central hall via the red opening. Now go into the E opening and avoid several boulders in this room, run into the opposite handed exit and run up the ramp, turn when a boulder comes and sprint back and then left. Wait for the boulder to stop at the bottom, run up again and find a room with four gems, pick up the one on the green tile. Return to the central room, place both gems near the pool, then jump into the pool for the Shotgun and Shotgun Ammo. Now climb into the doorway and slide down to end this level.