The Great Ekarbian Tomb

Level by Bradley

Walkthrough by manarch2

Slide down and shoot the grating to get into the temple. Jump on the slope to trigger a boulder, then quickly get away, find Revolver Ammo left of the slope and then continue running to the gap. Shoot the scorpion inside and jump to the first platform, shooting a bat. Use the monkeyswing to get to the next platform, killing another bat there. Get to the little block ahead picking up a Little Medikit, then use the ladder to backflip onto the far platform and exit through the corridor. Run through the wall to get into a pool, quickly swim to the far wall and climb out, watch the cutscene and kill the crocodile in the water. Jump up to the wall platform, then run around the walkway and jump to the ledge on the other side. Use the monkeyswing to get to the opposite exit.

Run through the corridor avoiding two spike traps and run over the bridge, then jump to the platform with vines on the wall. Use them to shimmy right and backflip onto the next ledge (you can also use the slopes). Jump to the crevice and climb up into the crawlspace, get down again on the other side and use the vertical pole to climb up to the next stage. Jump to the door ledge, then into the pool where you can find Flares. Get out and in the alcove left of the entrance to spot a floor lever. Use it to trigger a wraith jump in the pool and wait until hes extinguished. Now use the other floor lever in this room, you can see a rope somewhere, but another wraith is now hunting you, but you know what to do.

Get out thereon and to the rope, use it to get to the other side and run towards the self-opening door. Get into the passage and jump up to the pillar (deathly floor!), use the next ones to finally can jump into the right passage and push another floor lever to change the pillar positions in the previous area. Get out and jump to the right pillar, then on the next row until you can get into another passage with floor lever. After using it get out and follow the new pillar row to the exit and another self-opening door. Jump down and use the rope to arrive at the high ledge. Jump to the next and run around the room to find another exit. Follow the big corridor and shoot not less than six dogs at the end. Get in the far right passage, climb the ladder and backflip onto the safe ledge. Climb the ladder and shimmy right to push a button. Get down, back to the previous room and climb up the sand you just triggered.

Use the passage to get back to the big main room and jump to the right platform. For the only SECRET jump up to the invisible platform with the shotgun and then pick it up, thereon get back. Climb the long ladder to the top and then follow the corridor to a pool room. Jump in and swim to the opening in the wall. Swim through the tunnel, climb out and use the button to raise the water level in the pool room. Get back, climb out at the top and use the floor lever, then shoot the crocodile in the water and swim to the now open door in one of the corners. At the end drop on the platform below and only push the floor lever that is in one line with the two ladders in this high part of the room, the other will set Lara in flames.

You can see a door opening so jump into the pool again, quickly get out and shoot four crocodiles first, then dive into the tunnel where you can find four ways to go. E you can find Revolver Ammo, W Uzi Ammo, N the Revolver and S the exit. Swim further until you can climb up and pick up the Eye of Isis in this room. Find a jumplever on the S wall to open the E door, then get in and you get into a very dark room with many boulders, so watch out where you go! At a junction go right and follow the dark tunnel until you can find a ramp. Climb it until some music plays and then a little further to end this level.