By Mugs


Walkthrough by Blue43


Regular pickups blue

Secrets green

All Important pickups red



Story: (Loosely based on the movie “The Rock”)

A subversive group who plans to blow up San Francisco if their demands for money are not met has infiltrated Alcatraz. Lara has been sent in to gain access to the island and make her way up to the prison. Here, she must collect 4 wads of TNT that she must use in order to destroy the four rockets aimed at San Francisco. Once she has accomplished that, Lara needs to run for her life! 


There are 3 secrets in this game – 1 in each level


Sally Port:


Turn left after hitting the water and swim south toward the wall.  (You can also swim around and explore the open area instead, but there is nothing to find and it will trigger 2 sharks that might get in the way later). Swim through one of the underwater openings and once inside, locate an underwater lever on the North wall. Pull it, swim back out and climb into the wall-opening, shoot the chest and collect revolver and laser sight.  Locate the wall switch and get ready for some timed jumping action.


The timing is generous so you don’t have to do this very fast. It is more important to line Lara up correctly for this sequence. Pull the switch, hop back and take a running jump to the swing pole, land on the platform run forward and pull up, run to the left (almost into the corner), turn so that your back is backing onto the wall and run jump to the next swing pole. It took me a few attempts, but if all goes well, Lara should land on the slanted rocks and slide to the platform. Tap forward, so Lara makes two steps and do a quick standing jump to the next ledge.


Video Link:


Look E and see a ladder with a closed trap door above. Carefully step back to the NW corner of the rock you are standing, combine revolver and laser sight and look up where to can see a green electrical box with a red button on it. Shoot the button to open the trapdoor. Do a run jump to the slanted block, either with a left curve or alternatively do a straight jump followed by a back flip and mid-air twist to grab the ladder and go up.


Turn around, jump over the hole and run down that hallway, go left, left and end up underneath a trapdoor. Pull it down and go up into the garage. Search the 2 cabinets for shotgun ammo and the crowbar (Remember to step back 1 step from the closet before trying to open it).  Climb up to either one of the Jeeps and monkey-swing N until you can drop behind the fence.  Open the door E with the crowbar, follow through and up and reach another door where you will need the crowbar again. Push the box, climb up onto it, turn right, get off those boxes and shoot the chest for a small MP.  Shoot the window, then slide and safety drop to the ground.

Hint: Be conservative with the revolver ammo and shoot the easy targets with your pistols.

Go W and then right, down the stairs to a wooden ledge by the ocean, where you find a small MP. Go up the stairs again and meet the first bad guy. After you have eliminated him make your way back to the street level and turn W. Go through the tunnel and left where you will meet a few more hostiles and their dogs. I found it helpful to retrieve back into the tunnel and pick them off one by one instead of getting into a massive shootout with a lot of health loss. There might be also a guy shooting from somewhere above – don’t worry; we’ll get him later. After you cleared that area and also the area in front of another closed tunnel where 2 more guys are lurking, go E between the trees. There is some revolver ammo on the windowsill N. Feel free to explore the area. E is the Laundry building, but it is locked and we don’t have they keys yet.


Climb up onto the darker blocks on the N side and shoot the chest for some flares. Climb the vines above the W block and pull into an open window. Kill the guy lurking in the corner. The chest is empty but you might as well shoot it, since you already have the guns drawn.


Go W through the door into the chapel and climb up into the window from where you can take a running jump/grab to the guard tower. Take a few steps to the right and use the revolver to shoot the red button on the top floor of the power plant building. It is also possible to get that guy roaming around there with 2 precise shots from here, but I was conserving ammo at this point.  Jump back to the church and open the main doors and exit down the walkway. There is nothing else to do here. Don’t try to jump into the fenced dog run area, as you won’t be able to get out. Go down and enter the power plant building W. To the right is the way to the power plant, but go left first up the stairs to the roof where you meet the sniper from earlier (if you haven’t shot him from the guard tower already). Drop down in the NW corner behind the steaming vents for SECRET 1 (large MP and shotgun shells). Now it is time to go downstairs and enter the power plant.



Power Plant:


Go down and left. You guessed correctly – the switch on the wall is timed. Again, this is not a tight timed run, but the last jump needs a little precision so saving the game now might be a good idea.  Pull the switch, roll, run to the other block N and from there run jump and grab the grate. Pull up, run and stop at the SE corner of the grate, turn and do a stand jump with CTRL into the opening. Now get ready for some fun conveyor belt action. This is much easier than it looks: Run jump to the first belt, slide and jump to the next belt from where you can jump to a slanted block. Slide down backward and grab the edge, pull up and back flip to another belt. I jumped once while on the belt to line her up nicely for the next jump. Jump at the end and grab the swing pole, and aim to the right side of the next to last conveyor to make the final jump to the right a little easier. You might have noticed a MP in an alcove beside the upper conveyor belt. I was never able to get to it as it was obviously placed there as teaser, like the unreachable Medipack from Tomb Raider 1.


Video Link:


Go into the hallway and get ready for some combat. After the baddies are gone you will enter a room and notice Lara is looking to the left at an electric panel where there is obviously something missing. There is also a button in this room.

Push it and see a camera shot of a raised grate. Go back to the end of the hallway where the conveyor is. Line up and do a running jump to the grate S of the opening. Pull into the opening and carefully crawl over the timed burners hidden under the floor. Follow through and down a ladder until you come to a room where you get a warm welcome by two workers. The room has four blocks and above you can see some slanted blocks, some burners and steam vents. Climb onto the first block on the right where you came in (the NW one). Back flip and jump up until you land in alcove overlooking the room.


The next jump is quite tricky, as you will have to do a curved jump to the next alcove S. Line Lara up at the wall and take two steps back, turn her a little so she looks SSE - see picture below. Save the game, hop back and do a running jump with hard right curve into the next alcove. This might take quite a few attempts to accomplish.




In the next alcove you see a switch and yes, it is timed. Save before this sequence, so you don’t have to do the banana jump again to get up here if you fail.

Possible bug warning! Make sure you wait long enough to see the camera shot of the grate rising, or at least part of it before hitting the look key, otherwise the grate might not rise and you will have to re-do this sequence again. No big hurry, the timing is very generous.

Pull the switch, see the grate rising, side flip, roll, run jump, slide, jump, slide again and jump with grab to the opening on the other side. Turn Lara around and hop back to give her room for the next run jump. Time the burner (it might take a few attempts to get it right), run jump to the slanted block SW, slide and jump using the swing pole to next block, and slide jump from there until you reach the grate.


Video Link:


Run into the hallway with weapons drawn and gun down two hostiles. Pick up some revolver ammo from the table. Turn around and shoot another red button on the wall N across the room. Jump over the handrail down to the ground and go N to a now open room with flowing lava. Jump across and push the button on the N wall and access a new room to the right. Get rid of the baddie, go up the stair and find a jumper cable. Jump back into the room with the blocks and backtrack from there over the hidden burners to the conveyer belt room and go into the room where you can place the jumper cable into the wall panel Lara was looking at earlier. This will open the door E and in there we can pick up the Laundry Keys from the desk. Go east and turn around inside the next hallway to spot a ladder that leads up to a crawlspace and there you will find SECRET 2 (large MP, shotgun shells and the shotgun).  Drop back down into the hallway and keep going E and up the stairs where another thug can’t wait to see you. After a short bullet exchange you can go on and end up in the starting room where you came in. Go up the stairs and the level changes.



Sally Port (2nd time):


Pull the wall switch to open the door and run across the open area in SE direction, kill two more baddies and run across the yard E to the Laundry building. Use the keys, go inside and inspect the two cabinets. One is empty; the other one contains some revolver ammo. On the E wall of this room are a bunch of washing machines, a floor tile with a sign “Laundry Chute Control” above it and a grate with 2 boxes above the washers. Pull the right box once, drop down and go to the W of the room, pull the wall switch behind some more washers and go up through the newly opened trapdoor. In the room above you see three laundry boxes on the E wall, two jump switches on the S wall and a wall switch in the N side of the room. Pull the wall switch, pull out the middle one of the three laundry boxes twice and then push it all the way to the N where it will fall over the edge.

Now use both jump switches and the box ends up on the floor level, Go down there and push it on top of the “Laundry Chute Control” tile, which will open the Laundry Chute upstairs. Go there, climb in and follow through into the next level.





Go up the stairs left or right and find a total of three bad guys in that general area. After they are eliminated go inside the control room across from the closed A-Block Cells. Lara will look up at the ceiling. Shoot the ceiling tile with the revolver, step onto the NW corner block with the keyboard design and do standing jump from there to grab and pull up into the ductwork. Go until you see the next shootable tile and drop from there in the second control room. Pick up TNT Wad1 and some revolver ammo. Exit through the door and sprint all the way to the end of the hallway where you can pick up some shotgun ammo and also draw some fire from a sentry gun positioned in a hallway on the left. Run back where you came from and go through a door on the right side just before the end of the hallway. Push the box back to the wall and position yourself on the left side of the triangular wall opening. From there you can use the revolver with laser sight  (zoom in!) to destroy the sentry gun. It is somewhat hard to aim from there and I found it easier to jump up once so that the gun senses you and points at the wall opening where you are standing. Then walk back out and shoot it safely from the hallway. It’s your choice.


Go N from where the sentry gun used to be and find the “A-BLOCK Cell Release Switch”. Use the switch and go S where the door has opened and you can also see that the all the A-BLOCK cells are open now. Inspect the five cells and find some flares in cell one on the far left. In the fourth cell you’ll notice a wall panel. Kick it in, crawl in backwards and go down the ladder into the larger sewer pipe area of the prison. You are standing on one of two huge pipes. Go a bit W on the pipe and take notice of an opening in the ceiling with a closed trapdoor – you’ll get there later. Turn around and walk back to the area where you dropped and look NE. There is a crawlspace in the alcove of the other pipe. Line up and do a running jump without grab to land in that alcove. Do not crawl into the crawlspace right away, as you need to do something else first. Take a standing jump onto the sewer pipe and find a manhole cover. Go down and pickup the KEY for the Sewer Hub. Now you can climb back up, jump over the manhole cover go into the crawlspace by jumping into the side of the alcove first and then crawl in from there. Use the key to open the trapdoor and go down the ladder to the lower part of the room. Now look around and see a high jump switch on the S wall, which cannot be reached from the ground. Go to the NE side of this room where you see two pushable blocks. Get ready to pull out the right block, but roll around first and battle two bad guys and their dog.  Push the block all the way down and then left over the grate where it will fall in between and create a bridge. By now a gate has opened and another bad guy and his dog are waiting for you. Once they are dead, go back and pull out the block from the opening where the first guys came from. Push it across the bridge* to the other side where you can position it in order for you do reach the jump switch.

*Bug Warning: Do not leave the second box sitting on top of the first box, instead keep pushing it through to the other side in one move. If you stack those two boxes, they will get stuck solid and become unmovable.

Use the jump switch and you will see a camera shot of an opening trapdoor. This is the one you noticed earlier above the pipe, so make your way up the ladder, through the crawlspace and carefully jump from the alcove to the other sewer pipe. Go to the opening in the ceiling, jump up to grab the ladder and pull up into a crawlspace. Shoot the vent cover with your pistols, climb out and find yourself in a new area, one floor below the A Block.


Go around the corner and you can see the closed C-BLOCK cells to your left, another closed gate at the end and the open doors to a control room on the right.

Go inside the room and take note of a gray pushable box, which you will use later. Go through the other open doors, confront another bad guy and pull the “AUXILIARY DOORS” wall switch. Go a few steps S to the intersection and look up. You can see a high pull down trapdoor that you will have to reach, but that’s a bit later – just remember where it is. Look down the hallway to the right and see the “SOLITARY CONFINEMENT” area, currently closed, so don’t go down there yet, look left and see the “SHOWER BLOCK” door also closed. Turn around and go back through the control room and into the hallway with C-BLOCK cells.  The Auxiliary Door to the E is now open. Go there and pull the C-BLOCK CELL RELEASE switch. Ouch – there is an electrical shortcut!  The doors don’t work. At least the Shower area door S is now open and when you go there you can hear footsteps behind you. Turn around and gun down the bad guy. He leaves behind a note that reads: “Jocko – the switch controlling the C Block Cells is broken! Fix it!”  Well he won’t be able to fix it anymore, so you have to do it yourself. Now head back to the shower and go straight in. Climb onto the first block and do a standing jump to the first swing pole and then to the second one and up to the higher area. Pull up and get some ammo from the cabinet, grab the ceiling and monkey-swing through the NE opening into the next room and curve to the right where you can drop in front of another cabinet to find a small MP. Turn Lara around and look N. It doesn’t seem there is anything interesting at first, but take out the Binoculars, use Night Vision and you see an opening. Grab the ceiling again and monkey-swing across all the way to the wall, drop and immediately grab to pull into the opening. Once inside you can pick up a blue fuse from the ground. Climb back out, safety drop to the floor of the shower room and go past the broken switch into the control room.  Remember the gray box and the high trapdoor you looked at earlier? Pull/push that box underneath that trapdoor, climb up and pull it down and now you can go up to place the fuse. This opens the C-BLOCK but also the SOLITARY CONFINEMENT cells, so go to them first (W). Shoot a dog and find TNT Wad2 in one of the two cells. You can go back to the C-BLOCK cells and check them out, but I did not find anything interesting in them, so instead pull the AUXILIARY SWITCH a second time. This opens the door behind the broken C-BLOCK release switch (with the blue sparks and lighting). Go N past that switch and around the corner to enter the D-BLOCK area where all the cells are still closed.

Go into the open control room, gun down another thug and find some revolver ammo on a block in the SW corner. Follow through to the N; go right around the corner and into the armory where a door automatically opens for you.  Shoot a baddie; go straight through two smaller control rooms and around the corner where another guy is waiting for you. Keep going until you come to a big room full of cool looking red laser traps on the ground. Lara catches fire when you touch them and some jumps are a bit tricky, so it would be a good idea to save your game before going any further. 


If you look closely, you can spot the safe tiles where there are no red laser tubes in the center. Let’s go for the pickups first. Start with a running jump to the safe tile straight W. From there do a standing jump SW and another one NW to the tile at the W wall. Take a standing jump N and pick up TNT Wad3 and one more jump NE to pick up some revolver ammo. Return to the tile at the W wall and save. Maneuver Lara as far as you can into the NE corner of that tile without getting burned, turn her until she faces WWS (almost looking straight at the wall) and then run jump with a curve along the wall to the safe tile S. (You can do it differently, but this method has worked for me every time) There is a closed trapdoor above. Pull out the revolver and shoot the red button, nicely place in a niche below the ceiling. Now that the trapdoor is open, carefully without stepping on any close by laser tubes pull up and follow through to a wall switch, which opens the door next to it. Shoot the bad guy and use the switch for the D-BLOCK CELL RELEASE. There is nothing else to do in this room, so go back down and carefully make your way out of the laser floor room with a series of standing and curved running jumps. Backtrack through the armory rooms and the control room to the D-BLOCK cells.  


The 2nd cell from the left must have been Andy’s room since there is still the famous Raquel Welch poster on the wall. A nice homage to the “Shawshank Redemption” movie. Shoot the picture, go into the opening and climb up from there into the B-BLOCK. The cells in this block up here are all empty, so go straight out and down the hallway right of the control room, where you meet another attacker. Go into the large empty room and hear the ominous music. Look up and you know why. Four nuclear missiles are hanging from the ceiling, pointing toward San Francisco. You will have quite a few more things to do before trying to blow them up so turn around and go back to the B-Block control room behind you and push the small button right of the entrance. This opens a secondary control room, which you might have seen already. It is to the left of the missile room, so go there and kill two bad guys lurking at the entrance.


This room is full of blocks so get ready for a nice block pushing exercise. Push the 2 upper boxes into the NE and SW corner and shoot the vent cover that is revealed now. In order to get into the crawlspace you will have to move the boxes around until there is none directly under it.  I did it by pushing two boxes out of the room to make some space, and then move three more boxes each one time. Get into the crawlspace, drop down on the other side and shoot some more ventilation covers. Climb up and go from there into the next room where you see a sign that says “TARGET PRACTICE” and also find a box of revolver ammo. Approach the next area and roller doors open automatically. Do what the sign says and save your game before stepping onto the gray start tile,


There is not much to explain what to do here. You have 35 seconds to shoot six targets. If you exceed that time limit the block you are standing on will be lowered and Lara drops into the deadly fluid. It might take several attempts to master this, depending how fast you can use your revolver with the laser sight. Don’t waste your time zooming in. Also, you will have to move Lara around carefully on that platform because the last two targets cannot be shot when she is standing in the center. Once all 6 targets have been shot, a block raises SE of you. Jump there – and relax, this block is safe! SE of this block is a new opening, but don’t go there yet.  Take a running jump with curve and grab (a little tricky) to the opening that revealed the second target (S wall), go around the corner and find SECRET 3, the UZI with some ammo. Jump back to the safe block and from there take a running jump (with grab) to the new opening in the E wall.


Video link:


Pick up the ammo in the next room and follow the nice hint on the wall to save your game before sliding down.  Draw the revolver, slide down the ramp, shoot one target straight ahead on the S wall, turn a little to the left, shoot another target in the E wall and turn around to shoot the last target low on the W wall. Now comes the more tricky part: You now have to grab the ladder above you. The problem is not lining Lara up perfectly straight with the wall; the problem is that due to probably a limitation in the editor, Lara cannot grab that ladder at all while the trapdoor she is standing on is horizontal. Only when the trapdoor drops, Lara will be able to grab that ladder. So what you must do is time it perfectly and jump to grab just before the trapdoor will drop down. (reported by Driber).


Pull up and find TNT Wad4. Now you are ready to blow up the missiles! Go up the stairs and through a small room until you can pull up into another hallway that leads to a control room with two more gunmen. After you shot them, push the button on the wall to open the other doors and shot the next guy lurking right there. Walk through into the next hallway and go N where you meet another bad guy. Go into the next hallway to your right and end up on the upper level of the missile room.


Pick up some revolver ammo and see the four closed sliding doors on the N side of the room. Position yourself in front of the first door, turn around and look up the S wall. There is another green box with red button to shoot.  This will open the first sliding door. Place the TNT wad, which will open door number 2 and so on. Once all TNT wads are in place, Lara will tell you that it’s time to go.


Run back into the previous room, take a right and follow counter-clockwise until you see a trapdoor. Pull it open, drop in and gun down two more thugs. Shoot out the windows and look across the deep pit. There is an opening on the other side. That’s where you will have to go. Now go back and locate the wall switch and a warning sign.  Don’t worry about the 1-minute limit, you have all the time you need, but save your game before pulling that switch because of a possible bug.


Possible bug warning: If you pull the switch and immediately back flip, the rope in the deep room might not be released. So pull the switch, wait a short moment until the music kicks in and now go to the window, line Lara up with the rope and take a running jump. Slide down the rope as far as possible and take a good long swing to the other side where you land in the opening. Once in there, Lara will slide down. Ignore any trapdoors you might hear or see and jump up with grab just a little bit before the ramp ends. If you timed it right, Lara will grab the grated ceiling. Monkey-swing straight ahead and across where you will hear the familiar Tomb Raider music, drop and Lara will slide and drop down into the waiting boat where this beautiful level ends………