Level by Fabio

Walkthrough by manarch2

You start this level by falling into a courtyard. Notice the high pillar to your right and take out your pistols and shoot down two dogs that attack. Find Shotgun Ammo in the passage right of the mansion stairs. Now get up the stairs and the door on the balcony opens – kill a baddy and a gangster. Inside the mansion pick up Shotgun Ammo, get back out and head left. Jump over the fence and to the wall, climb up and to be safe later, shoot two dogs that run around on the other side of the wall. Now run down the longer side of the wall until you can find a wall on the other side. Climb up and find Shotgun Ammo on its very end, then get back down to the last wall, heading to the other part again.

SECRET 1: Jump to the left building first (right side of the wall), climb up and jump up the slope. From here, jump to the pillar you saw at the very beginning and from there into the left alcove. Shoot the window and get the Silver Plate. Return to the top of the wall.

Now get down to the passage where the dogs where, shoot them if you haven’t already and climb up into the left alcove to find the Janitor Key. Now get back down and run to the boxes ahead to find a Large Medikit. Return and climb up into the right alcove to push a button. This opens the nearby door into the mansion. Kill a thug and a gangster, pick up the Shotgun Ammo the gangster leaves and also the one you can find on the right block. Get into the kitchen shooting another pair of baddy/gangster, then pick up a Large Medikit from a block an get out using the right exit. Go once more right into the little chamber where you can use the Janitor Key. Use the switch to open the door in the passage behind the wall in the starting area. Before getting there we explore the mansion a bit more. Get out of the kitchen, to the main room again, then left and the first right. Kill another thug/gangster pair and pick up a Little Medikit. Get out and right, to the end of the corridor and again right. Now you have to kill a gangster/gangster pair, pick up their Shotgun Ammo and also a Little Medikit in the bedroom and one in the bathroom. Now get back outside, shooting a gangster on your way and run through the left passage until you find the open door. Run further and climb the left wall, thereon kill three dogs. In this area, you can find a switch to your left and a button to your right. The switch opens a door for a shortcut back to the mansion, but you want to explore more first so open the right door with the button. Get in and go into the left room to find Flares and a closed ceiling trapdoor in this chamber, get back out and now run to the room with the big bed, shooting three gangsters – one of them leaves Shotgun Ammo. Get up the stairs and shoot another gangster that leaves the Private Key for you. Back outside (as there’s nothing more to do here) kill another gangster, then get into the first mansion again and return to the long hallway with two right chambers, you can find the right keyhole in the first, open the door with the Private Key to find the Closet Key behind. Kill a baddy who leaves a Little Medikit and go back to the hallway, then right again and find the keyhole in the last bedroom, use it to get the Apartment Key. Open the door in the main hall with it and kill three gangsters and two baddies in this big room, one leaves Shotgun Ammo for you. Get into the far part of the room and pick up Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medikit, then in the nearby room to kill two more gangsters. One of them leaves another Janitor Key for you. Push the button for another shortcut to the second mansion but first return to the big room, running up the stairs now. Kill two gangsters (pick Shotgun Ammo the second one leaves) and run fully up, shooting a baddy. Get back down and then to the lowest stage, shoot a baddy, a dog and a gangster and use the Janitor Key to open the door. Pull down the switch to open the big door in the previous room and prepare for an hard fight. Shoot ten gangsters and four dogs in the parking garage (TIP: Jump sidewards in and out of the “safe” room where you came from and shoot them slowly). Thereon pick up the Closet Key from one of the gangsters and explore the room for a Little and a Large Medikit. Approach the ramp and find a switch on the right pillar, use it to open a trapdoor near the lately created shortcut, so return all the way there and climb up to push a switch, get back and run into the second mansion, upstairs and see the open trapdoor in the bathroom. Get up and use the wheel switch to flood the mansion, jump in the water and swim back to the previous room where you now can climb up at the top. Find another Janitor Key and use the wheel switch again to dry the mansion (you couldn’t get out of it without drying it because a door closed). Now get down and return all the way to the parking garage and get up the ramp now. Follow the passage and use the Janitor Key at the end to open the door, shooting a dog and a gangster, who leaves an Apartment Key. Now return to the stairs again through the garage, run up to the very top and use the Apartment Key in the right passage. Shoot a gangster who leaves Shotgun Ammo, then head through the mansion and shoot a baddy and another gangster, then pick up a Large Medikit behind the bed. Use the Closet Key to open the door in the bedroom, use the switch to open another door in the bedroom of the first mansion. Now get out of this bedroom and head right through the passage, at the end pick up a Little Medikit and use another switch to open a door in the stair area.

SECRET 2 (thanks to vimmers): Go to the beginning of the apartment and shoot the right of the two windows, hang off the ledge, drop and press Action to grab the crevice, shimmy left until you can drop to an alcove, climb up there and jump to the opposite platform. From there, look for a windowsill in the wall you just jumped from and jump in there, shatter the window and use the wheel switch to flood something. Get back all the way to the elevator shaft, soon you notice the garage is flooded so swim to the shaft and find the second Silver Plate in the broken glass

Return all the way down and to the bedroom of the first mansion, find the open door and pick up the Circuit there. Now you have to get back to the stair area, find the next open door and place the Circuit in the right receptacle to open a door at the top of the stair room. Get there and shoot a gangster and two baddies on the big balcony, one of them leaves Shotgun Ammo. Run towards the stairs and shoot another gangster, jump into the pool and find a Large Medikit. Jump on the ledge of the balcony and jump to the nearest roof to find a Closet Key (for a later secret) on the far wall. Get down to the lower wall near the beginning and make your way up to that balcony again. Find and climb the long ladder to the top and shoot a baddy that leaves the Elevator Junction for you, get back to the stair area and to the middle level, into that little chamber where you can place the junction. The elevator now can be used; go to the top of the room and push the button to let the elevator come, but don’t get in, wait for it to drive down and jump on the top of the elevator, wait until he is down and get into the little passage where you can use another switch to open a door near the first mansion’s bedroom. Climb up the ladder again.

SECRET 3: Use the button once more, the elevator comes up so jump on it again and you can now climb the ladder to the top. Follow the big stair passage until you can pull a switch to open a door somewhere. Get out and shoot a gangster who leaves Shotgun Ammo, then drop down the long ladder again and run to the open door in this area to find another switch. Get to the lately opened door in the first mansion and since you have only one left key, a Closet Key, use it in the bedroom, then drop down and find the third Silver Plate. Return to the bedroom again.

With or without secret, get to the hallway in the first mansion where another door has opened. Find an Apartment Key in it and shoot two gangsters afterwards. Now, you have to return to the upper mansion through the stair area, get to the very top and re-enter the apartment, find the Apartment Key receptacle here and find a Private Key in the new room. Get down to the middle level of the stairs area and insert the Private Key near the exit to the first mansion. Shoot three gangsters in this room and, when getting upstairs, a baddy and another two gangsters. Pick up the Shotgun Ammo one leaves and also two Little Medikits. Use the switch in this room, thereon shoot a baddy and two gangsters coming from downstairs and get outside towards the alcove again, jump directly on the wall and drop down on the other side. Shoot five gangsters or run away quickly as when you pass the door, the level ends (with 78 kills!)