Pyramid of the Rulers

Level by townsieboy

Walkthrough by manarch2

After the cutscene progress through the corridor, go around the corner and to survive the spikes in this room, climb the left ladder and shimmy right till the end of the corridor. Get in the new room and shoot the bedouin. At the end you can find a Little Medikit. Jump in the pool and get transported to a new area, climb out and approach the door which then opens. Run to the central of the room, you need two items you can find in the W and E tunnels.

SECRET 1: Climb down one of the ladders, avoid some mummies and get to the W side of the room, run to the right side of the pillar and climb the ledge for a Little Medikit and Crossbow Explosive Ammo. Climb up again.

In the W tunnel, run to the self-opening doors, in the new room and climb either the left or right block, then grab the crevice and shimmy to the other part of the room where you can find a Ba Cartouche. Get back the same way you came and run to the central of the room.
In the E tunnel, run to the self-opening doors, in the new room and use the fire pillars over the pool (time your jumps) to get to the other side to find another Ba Cartouche. Jump in the pool.

SECRET 2: Swim to the other side and find a small tunnel to the right where you can find the Crossbow.

Get out of the pool and return to the main room. Now head towards the N tunnel and enter the new room, shoot three bedouin and climb one of the back sides of the big pillars. On the top, shoot two more bedouin and place the two Ba Cartouches in the receptacles to open the door on the floor part of the room, get back there and head either in or around the pool to end this levelů