Tomb Raider - The Crystal Skulls - Part 1

Levels by Matie and Tombraider95

Authorized Walkthrough by manarch2

NOTE: To shimmy or drive the boat faster, just press the Sprint button on your keyboard (-).

Level 1 – Arrival

Author: Matie
Secrets: 3


You start this level sliding down to a rocky area. There is nothing to find in the big gap but death. Head W; jump on the slope and after sliding down shimmy left and drop to a jumpswitch. Pull it down (some spikes are disabled now), drop on the slope and shimmy to the rightmost point of the slope. Climb up and backflip onto a triangular ledge; from here jump S to the now safe platform. Now turn SW and jump on the most flat tile of the slope ledge, from there W to the flat area. Quickly turn right, backflip onto the slope and jump to the ledge, shimmy left and climb up, then jump NW to the cave. Turn around and shoot the vulture that otherwise could have pushed you from the ledge into the darkness. After killing it jump back to the last higher ledge, as you have to find the switch to the door in the cave first.


First, you have to get into the S cave – therefore, as you cannot get there directly, jump on the slope near the cave and jump to and fro with a little curve to the cave when jumping forward. When finally in follow the cave until you find a wall lever. Pull it and the platform will lower, turn around and pull the second lever; the platform will rise again and also the door in the N cave will open. You can go there now, but first follow the cave to its end to find a crawlspace with some Flares in it. Get back and run all the way to the entrance of this cave, perform a run-jump to the ledge of the N cave, get in and run through the now open door.

Boat Ride

Look at the trapdoor above you – when you slide down the left ramp, a boulder will get out of this trapdoor, so be careful and jump over the ramp and quickly over the gap. You will hear a noise that sounds not really good for the soldier you saw earlier. Climb back up the ledges around the ramp, and get to the open trapdoor. Climb in and find the
Silver Secret and Shotgun Ammo. Get back down the ramp and into the next room to find the body of the soldier. Kill the tiger and pull the soldier away to get the Dead Man’s Key. Run through the new passage and arrive in a room. A door opens and another soldier comes out. Kill him and go into the N passage. Pull the block once and run back to the last room.


Climb the ladder in the hole in the ceiling and follow the passage until you can drop in another little room. Insert the key in the keyhole and the door opens. Jump in the pool and then left to find a passage with some Shotgun Ammo inside. Swim to the motorboat and climb in, drive through the passage and fall down the waterfall. Be sure to do it with the boat or you will be stuck later. After falling down you will be at a junction, climb out of the boat and swim back to the waterfall and SE, there is a little passage with an underwater lever at the end, pull it and swim to the junction, then W and get into the left cave. When approaching the trapdoor it will open; swim down and open the door yourself, in the passage behind pull down the underwater ceiling lever, swim back out and get to the junction. Climb back in your boat and drive through the open door. Jump with the boat over the spike gap. Drive W to the end of the room and find a triangular ledge left. Drive there and climb out on the left side.

To the Little Monastery

Time your jumps over the fire platforms and into the N alcove. Pull the button and a block raises for a limited time in the water, jump in the water and swim W, quickly climb on the block and jump to the ledge with the burner, wait with the jump until the fire is out, push the lever when the fire just starts, Lara won’t be hurt, and jump into the water. Avoid some piranhas and swim into the last S passage to find the next door that closes behind you, swim through and at the end climb out. Follow the passage, wade through some water and climb several blocks, when it seems you cannot proceed turn and jump NE (maybe with a little curve) to the ledge and climb up. Turn and jump on the slope, then on the wooden ledge.


Climb the right block and jump to the SE ladder, get into the cave at the top and at its end you reach another outside area. Follow until you can see some windows right, look left and jump into a hidden alcove E. Pull the lever inside and jump out, go S and jump up the rock in the right corner, jump up and shimmy right until you can stand up. Shoot the tiger in the S area. When going for another secret, look in the SW corner to find a jumpswitch on a wall. Jump to it and pull it down. Go N over the roof and drop into the just opened room and find the Bronze Secret. Get out again and jump NE over the rocks to get a Large Medikit, but attention, when you pick it up, a boulder will appear, jump backwards to avoid it. Now go W again and find a passage over the right part of the roof. Crawl in the passage, slide down and drop into the room.

Little Monastery

Follow the left passage and open the door just in front of you. You reach the main hall of the monastery. The task is to raise the bell construction, then find two gems to place it there. Go into the NW corner and climb up to the second stage. Open the door to your right and drop into the hole in the floor, push the button near the window and get up again. This opened the N door in the foyer, where you opened the double doors. Get back there and run downstairs. Kill two bats and get the Red Gem from the pedestal. Quickly get back as a stone will fall on it. Look at the ceiling to avoid the squares with more stones, jump over the S boulder trap and pull the lever to open the S door in the foyer.


Run down the stairs there and jump over the first blades, kill a bat and run left or right around the blades, time your run through the deadly doors. Climb the ladder and backflip into the passage, in the next room shoot all little vases and push/pull the two vases on the marked tiles. The fence lowers so that you have access to the four levers; three of them are deadly, only the one where some lights are above it opens the underwater pool in the last room. Get back there, avoid all possible traps and jump in to find an underwater lever, pulling it opens a trapdoor in the monastery, but also the way back, you have to climb the ladder after the deadly doors to the top and open the door to be back in the monastery.


Jump to the middle using the alcoves and while jumping shoot the bell above the central platform to lower the fence to the second gem. First of all jump to the W monkeyswing and get to the jumpswitch at the end, pull it down and climb back up to the second stage using the NW structure and get into the chamber to get the next Red Gem. Get out and use the central platform to runjump to the S ledge, then get to the very SE corner of the higher stage to find a lever there, this one lowers the right fence of the bell structure.. Pull it and jump down to the floor, get to the entrance and look up – climb the ladder and shimmy left around the corner to drop to the jumpswitch. After pulling it the bell rises. Get there and place the first gem right, the left fence lowers so place the second gem. The exit door W opens so get out and you arrive at a beautiful outdoor area.

Lake Area

Kill two tigers and a vulture. Jump in the lake and get some Flares in the middle, then swim E and pull the timed underwater lever, then swim around the right corner and into the tunnel before the door closes again. Pull the underwater ceiling lever and swim out to get some air first. Swim to the underwater lever again. Climb out and shoot the left vase for Uzi Ammo, jump again in the pool. Afterwards, swim into the little SE tunnel and down into a room with a gigantic blade trap. Avoid it best as possible and get to the S wall to pull an underwater lever here. Get out of the room again, if you have some air left you can get a Large Medikit in a NE passage.


In the outdoor area climb out near the waterfall. Run E and to the fences. Either perform two side jumps or two dives over them to get some Uzi Ammo from a pot. Get back using the same method and run to the entrance of this area again. Go left of it and jump up the slopes to get to the big stone structure over the water. Jump to the slope of it and shimmy right until you can stand up. Follow the stone bridge to a big gap. Jump to the jumplever, pull it down and drop into a well-known room. Now get into the open door and push the button in the right corner. Get out and climb the block to get up to the ledge again. Jump S to the ledge with the tiger, kill it and take a Little Medikit where it was.


Get down and into the pool, now heading to the blade room again. Swim into a NW tunnel and pull the floor lever to open a door in the pool. Now climb out when swimming back to the main area and head S, to the boulder. Pull the boulder away to get a Large Medikit and Shotgun Ammo, but watch out, another boulder comes down! Get away fast and to the NW of the area, go behind the fences to find a ladder. Climb up and jump over the left slope. Climb up the left ledges, jump N over some ledges to get some Shotgun Ammo. Get back and jump on the roof of the building, hang off the ledge and shimmy left around the corner until you can drop on to where you can stand again. Jump S to the other side and then to the other part of the roof. Use the left part of the slope as a boost to get to the higher ledge. Lara looks on some item in the mountains so jump SE and down to the ledge to get the Blue Crystal.


Drop down and jump again into the pool and swim into the passage you opened in the blade room. Swim to the receptacle and press Action to place the crystal in it. Climb out of the pool and run S into the smaller pool. The door is now open here; pull down the underwater lever inside and see a trapdoor open. Jump up the rocks above the little pool and get into the E crawlspace, shoot a bat and push down the boulder at the end. Jump into the passage and with a run-jump over the fence. Notice a currently with a spike and a firetrap saved key.


Shoot the box and the vase in this room, picking up a Little Medikit. Push the button to “make things easier”, namely closing the little pool in front of the cave so that the Torch doesn’t fall in, and pick up the Torch, jump back over the fence and up the ramp, then backflip onto the higher area. Before leaving let the Torch fall onto the ground for a moment and climb the ladder in a corner and backflip for some Shotgun Ammo. Pick up your Torch again after getting down and throw it through the crawlspace, get out, slide down and shoot another tiger.


Take the Torch (probably on the pool trapdoors, use binoculars) and light it on one of the two firepots in the N. Run NE and find a block and a trapdoor risen, climb the block and onto the roof, jump to the trapdoor and to the ledge behind the firepot. Get to the highest point of this square and turn towards to the NE part of the higher ledge, jump up and light the first firepot. Jump over towards the second after jumping down one ledge lower, use the same technique (heading SE now) to get up and light the second pot – a door opens S. Get down one ledge again and throw away your Torch.

Final Steps

If you want the last secret run-jump to the E roof. Walk to the NE corner of it and look up to see a near ledge. Press Backwards, if needed jump up once to have some more length and run-jump to this ledge. Jump to the N lever and pull it down, get down to the floor again, for example with jumping into the pool. Either way, you need to get in there and get once more to the blade room. A door has opened in the NW passage, get there and swim to the passage’s very end to get the
Gold Secret, a Little Medikit and Shotgun Ammo.


Get out again and up to the roofs again. Jump S to the other part of the roof and use the slope again to get up. Crawl in the newly opened passage and get up to your right at the end, push the button and you fall into the room below. Climb down the ladder and get a Little Medikit. Pull away the box to reveal the lever. Pull this lever to close the trapdoor in this room. Then, push the block to the white tile (a platform has raised to make things easier). The door opens in this room. Enter the passage and pull the rope once to make the pedestal with the key you saw earlier safe. Get all the way back there jumping up the rocks and the crawlspace, picking up the Monastery Key. Get back out and use the key in the keyhole near the W doors, then finally enter the monastery rooms.

Level 2 – The Ancient Monastery

Author: Tombraider95
Secrets: 3

Shotgun Detour

When running a bit forwards some doors open, run through them and a cutscene plays in, showing you the location of the Shotgun, afterwards you are attacked by two vultures. Kill them and run into the courtyard you saw in the cutscene. There are many doors around it; you will open them later in the level. First of all, we make a little detour for the Shotgun. Run in the far SW corner of this area, there are some pushables to find. Pull away the one in the corner to get a Large Medikit. Use one of the blocks near the fence to jump up to the ledge of the slope; shimmy left until you can climb up and stand. Look up left, there’s another safe ledge. Jump there and then to the ledge, where you can follow the roof. Jump down to the next, W safe ledge and then to the ledge near the opening in the wall. Jump in there and find a button at the end.


Kill a bat, after getting out another, but first push the button, perform a sideflip leftwards and run-jump forwards onto the slope, so that you slide down backwards, turn and jump on the timed trapdoor and then to the other, N roof, there are Flares to your right. Jump over the NW safe tiles until you can reach the top of the roofs again. Jump down to the next tiles, you can then shimmy left to the last lower safe tile, jump up once more, then go on with jumping until you can finally get the Shotgun with Shotgun Ammo in a W alcove.

First Symbol Piece

Get down into the pool, climb out, kill the next two bats and head S up the stairs to push a button. The door near you opens; get into the room and go around the left pillar to find a button – push it to open the door behind you. Get some Uzi Ammo in the next room, placed upon a pedestal, then take out your pistols and jump on the slope to jump up and shoot at the bell. A block rises in the previous room. Shoot the boxes for Shotgun Ammo and push the floor lever to see a door open somewhere. Get down again and into the N, opposite part of the courtyard (kill a snake on your way) to find the now open door. Get in and head into the right chamber to find a button left, push it to open the door in the last room; get in and push the floor lever to see the next door open somewhere. The only door in this area however stays closed for now.


Go out again and shoot a tiger; the SE door is open now so head in and open the right double door. At the end of the following corridor go into the last left alcove and pull the wall lever. Get out and open the left double doors. Go into the corridor, shoot a bat and go into the right room. Again take your pistols to first shoot a bat, then jump backwards onto the slope and shoot at the bell to open the door in one of the previous areas you noted then. Remember this, but before getting there go into the right big chamber. Shoot two crows and climb the right ladder, then monkeyswing to the other side of the room. Climb the ladder, shimmy left around two corners, drop on the ramp and shimmy left around a corner.


Climb up when the blades are far left, get right to pick up a Large Medikit. Get to the last ledge, shimmy left all the way and climb up, run into the left corner to push the button. Jump into the pool and S to open an underwater door. Pull the underwater lever inside to open the N underwater door, pull the underwater ceiling lever to raise a block on the central structure. Pull the block around it and before climbing on it, search the walkway around the pool for a Little Medikit and Shotgun Ammo. Back on the central structure climb on the block, then on the raised block and on the middle pillar. Jump on the rope and swing E on the walkway. Go left and shoot the box for the Gold Key. Down in the water, climb out and on the middle pillar, on the rope and swing to the exit again. Now get into the N door, in the room you visited before and into the left chamber. The right door you saw to be opened has the first Tai Chi Symbol Piece for you.

Second Symbol Piece

Get out and NE to find the door that can be opened with the Gold Key. Inside, there is a little pool room. For a secret stay outside and go behind the E pillar to find a lever, pull it and sprint into the room and to the opposite, where a timed door is open for a few moments. Sprint and jump in for the
Silver Secret, Shotgun Ammo and a Large Medikit. Step on the marked tile E to open the door again. In this room, you can see an E block has to go onto another marked tile W. Push and pull it there and the E door opens. Another block is in the way here; push it into the next room and under the N button. The left of the two doors in this room opens. Simply jump on the first of the fire platforms and time your jumps up (you can stand safely in the corners of the platforms) until you reach a ledge with a lever. Pull it and the right door in the last room opens.


Drop down and run there, first of all jump into the water to find Flares. Swim to the SW corner and climb out, climb on the ramp (leftmost point), then jump to the next ramp, climb up and jump with a left curve on the next slope, then again with a left curve, then with a right curve to the wall ramp and backflip onto the safe ledge. If you need it you can also first grab the ledge, shimmy right and climb up to backflip on the ledge. Jump to the W ledge and pull the lever, then drop in the water and climb out W, get into the open alcove to get the second Tai Chi Symbol Piece. Return all the way outside and to the last (W) door. Combine both symbol pieces to the Tai Chi Symbol and insert it in the nearby receptacle to open the door.

Entrance Hall

A flyby sets in to show you the next room in the monastery. In this room, you have to open quite many doors, so let’s get on a search for the needed levers first. The first one is on the floor level S behind a pillar. Now get up the stairs and then left around the corner to the S walkway. You can see the jumplever on one side of a pillar, jump there and pull it down. Get back up again after dropping to the floor and now to the N walkway, at its end pull out the block twice, climb on it and jump to the next jumplever. Afterwards get back up and to the block, pull it W until you can reach a monkeyswing from the top of it. Get to the last jumpswitch and pull it down. Now go to the floor level and into the S hand door that is open now.

First Blue Gem

After following some corridors a cutscene plays in when stepping into a high room. The first gem can be seen at the top, so let’s start climbing! Before, dive into the pool for Uzi Ammo. Run up the stairs, turn right and jump to the platform, at the end jump to the pole (stand a bit more behind the edge and jump) and get to the ledge, climb up and jump to the next ledge, climb the ladder and backflip to the higher platform. Jump to the crevice in the wall, shimmy left until you can drop on the next platform. Run-jump to the ladder, get up and jump to the NE crevice, shimmy around a corner, get on the ladder and backflip. Use the pole at the NE ledge to get to the other side, climb up and jump either using the slope or directly on the golden block, turn NE and jump up, then around the corner, jump to the left part of the crawlspace (right, you can’t get up) and crawl to its end, get up and head to the ladder. Turn right and spot a Little Medikit in an alcove, jump there to get it, thereon jump back. Use the ladder to get to the topmost point of this area. Get the Blue Gem and after pushing the N button make your way back down (Tip: two steps left from the button, turn right and dive down into the water).

Second Blue Gem

Get to the main hall again and this time take the N door, still on the floor level. Step on the middle tile to open the door, get through – a timed sequence over some fire tiles awaits you. Step in the room and all fires are deactivated, run-jump over them you have to do this without a stop, jump over the first four platforms, do a left sideflip to the last one and a stand-jump with a left curve to the ledge. Climb up – a Little Medikit and the second Blue Gem is yours. Dive into the water and climb out E, run up the stairs. For a secret step on the S tile of the E walkway, an underwater door opens, jump in the water and quickly swim NW to reach it before it closes. Get the
Bronze Secret, Uzi Ammo and a Little Medikit, follow the tunnel, climb out and up some big stairs, pull the lever at the end and jump into the water. Swim to the E and climb out, use the high crawlspace to get out of this room again. Before exiting step once more on the tile that deactivates all fires and jump over the pillars until you can use a jumplever on the S wall. Use it and climb up to the E walkway again.

Third Blue Gem

Get to the main hall and up the stairs, go into the NW rooms. In the NW corner you can find a Small Waterskin on a pedestal. The S door is open so get the Blue Gem. Do you think that was too easy? Pull the N button to open the door. A boulder trap is in the middle, get through it and to the NE corner to push the button that raises a SW block. Climb it and onto the S walkway, time the jump over the burner to the pole, use it to get to the second, time the next jump over the burner again, climb the ladder, watch out, when you drop, there’s a breakable tile. Jump to the slope so that you slide backwards, shimmy far left, climb up, backflip with a mid-air turn and a grab to the ledge. Shimmy to the middle, wait for the boulder to roll away, climb and run-jump with a grab over to the platform, avoiding the blade, climb up and jump to the pole, and to the other ledge.


Climb the ladder and jump to the breakable tiles, run to the end and jump to the exit. Find some Uzi Ammo right and exit this room, there are many deadly tiles in the next, pull two levers to raise a block, climb on it and to the walkway, pull the block twice, jump down, climb up again and pull it in the corner, climb it up, run over the roof to a breakable tile, drop in the room below and push the S button to see some doors open. Drop into the hole, slide down and jump on the left slope before the boulder catches you, drop, slide and backflip with a mid-air turn and a right or left curve away from the first boulder trap. Get out of this room again.

Fourth Blue Gem

Run downstairs and out in the courtyard, where you will find a smaller and not so deep lake. Fill your waterskin in it. Run back all the way into the monastery and upstairs, enter the last, SW door. Use the full waterskin to fill water on the shell, the right door opens so that you can get the last Blue Gem. Climb into the S opening and follow the crawlspace to its end, climb out backwards and follow the corridor S to find a button to your right to open the door in the little chamber. Backflip to avoid a boulder and enter the new room. Jump first in the pool to find two underwater ceiling levers under the N and S bridges. This raises two blocks NW and SE; climb on both and jump to the jumplevers from there. Climb out of the water and up the S white block when you pulled both, jump to the W platform and pick up a Little Medikit. From here jump and grab the central platform, from here NE to the floor lever. Push it to open another door. Now return all the long way back to the monastery hall, use the block in the previous room and push it under the crawlspace entrance therefore. In the hall run downstairs and to the big red double doors. Place all four gems in their receptacles and they open.

Final Steps

Jump over the slopes and head into the right room to pick up the Crowbar from the pedestal. Now run into the opposite room and spot a button SE, pull it to open a trapdoor in this room, you cannot reach the crawlspace in this room from here. Run back into the monastery hall and up the stairs, then in the SW door and see the open trapdoor. From here hang off the ledge and drop to the crawlspace, crawl to its end and get out. Pry the Star off the wall and get back in the crawlspace, drop into the room below. Get out of this room and left to insert the Star, the next doors open. Run into another courtyard and shoot a tiger. The last secret in this level can be found here if you want, climb on the right a bit higher ledge and from here jump to the roof, for some Uzi Ammo slide down on the other side of the walkway, then return, shimmy left until you can climb up, get up to the walkway near the house and head left to jump up the rocks. Get on the top of the house and jump NW to the rock platform to get the
Gold Secret, Shotgun Ammo, Uzi Ammo and a Little Medikit. Get back down all the way, then head S to push the button that opens the big door. Jump into the left hand pool to pick up a Torch, wade S with it and jump up, pressing Forward, to get out of the pool.


Get out of this room and head back to the main hall of the monastery to light the torch on a pedestal fire. Return to the previous area and head to the door opposite to where you found the torch. Light the wall torch here. Get in and pick up the Sanctuary Key from the pedestal, also find Shotgun Ammo in this chamber. Get out again and run W of the courtyard to see the open door. Jump in the small pool inside to find more Shotgun Ammo, shoot the right box for a Large Medikit. Step on the central tiles to awake two dragons. Shoot them while doing sidejumps and the keylock gets accessible. Use the key to finish this level.

Level 3 – Epilogue

Author: Matie
Secrets: 0

In a cutscene, Lara enters the room where the first Crystal Skull should have been.

Lara: An empty pedestal. Something's got taken it away from here.
Zip: Let's see what this place has got instead. Nice wall decoration!

[Lara goes to the wall, inspects it]

Lara: It's more than just a decoration. Hmm... Three keys open the way to the skulls...
Zip: The question is: where are they?

[Lara opens the door]

Lara: Here's your answer.

After you get back control over Lara, pick the Vanuatu Key from the pedestal.

Zip: So what now?
Lara: I'm going to Malinesia, I think I know where this key's from.

Get outside through the open doors and follow the rock passage…