Levels by Sarikman

Walkthrough by manarch2

Level 1 – The Mountainous Temple
: 6

To the Temple

down and turn left. Jump to the right hand platform, turn left once again and jump to the ledge with Shotgun Ammo. Slide down the slopes, jump at the end to grab the edge of the next platform. Climb up and go to the rightmost point, climb the next ledge and up, then slide and jump with a right curve, then do a backflip onto the safe square. Run-jump to the dark opening and pick up Flares, then drop down and follow the corridor. At the end you can climb up right. Crawl through the tunnel; you can stand up soon.

SECRET 1: Drop down the ladder and get into the crawlspace where you can find a Large Medikit. At its end, climb up to another crawlspace and drop into the dark passage you visited before, get back to the cave with the ladder.

Jump to the other side and then on the right hand slope, backflip onto the second slope and slide onto a single platform. Jump to the icy bridge and then into the snowcave. Pick up a Large Medikit. There is a structure ahead of you. Jump on the right slope and into the alcove, turn left and jump further, then to the crevice. Shimmy all the way left and climb up into a crawlspace. When you can run again follow the tunnel, finding the Shotgun in a left gap, and proceed further. Find Shotgun Ammo in a right crawlspace and get out again and follow outside.

Temple Courtyards

Around the left corner you can find Shotgun Ammo, thereon go right and find a Little Medikit. Go further here and climb on the block. Monkeyswing on the border wall, follow the wall left to the end to find the first Elements Temple’s Key and drop into the courtyard. Shoot two mutants and explore the three alcoves for two Little Medikits and M16 Ammo. Go – looking from the wall – in the far left corner, climb the block and jump to the opposite platform. Climb up and jump to the ledge right of the slope, then on the one with the second Elements Temple’s Key.

SECRET 2: Go to the – looking from the wall – right hut and climb the block right of it. Monkeyswing over the hut and get M16 Ammo.

Now enter the temple and find a Large Medikit in the near right and a Little Medikit in the far left corner of this room. Go to the temple and insert the two keys to open the door.

Inside the Temple

through the passage, find a package of Flares and jump through the fire traps in the corridor. Kill a mutant in the room with the flashbeam. Do not drop into it or you will miss part of the gameplay! You can go into any of the three doorways, you always return to this room. The best way is to do it as it is written here, so you will have many weapons and ammo in difficult situations.

Right Passage

Run into the right corridor with a door that opens and closes behind you. In the next room be careful and trigger the rolling spikes, then get back to the entrance. Now jump on the next slope, slide and jump before the spikes here get you. Slide down some more, then jump to the right edge.

SECRET 3: Shimmy to the rightmost point, climb up and jump into the right alcove to find M16 and M16 Ammo. Jump back to the slope and backflip

Jump to the crevice and shimmy left until you can drop. Pick up a Little Medikit, then quickly get back as some spikes are coming from the ramp. Now run towards the alcove with the third Element Mask and get to one of the ramps. Trigger the spikes one by one and drop quickly back to avoid them, then get up the ramp. Get into a room where stones fall off the wall, watch out and jump to the button that opens the door. When you push it, jump backwards to avoid the stones. Exit and kill four mosquitoes in the next room, picking up M16 Ammo from the far left corner. Climb the opposite block, turn left and climb up, slide down and follow the slope sequence until you are on the high wall. Turn right and enter a room with falling stones (be careful) and climb the ladder at the end. Follow the corridor to a deadly water room. Jump left over the water, shimmy right and climb up. Fall again back and grap the ledge to avoid the falling stones. Climb up and run carefully and jump to the next ledge. Drop in the gap, push the button and get down using the crawlspace. Return to the flashbeam room.

Middle Passage

Go in the middle passage, the door opens and closes behind you. Drop down the passage in the right moment when the flames are away and jump over the firetile. Follow the passage, time the fires and jump on the block, in the right moment down and over two firetiles. In the next room jump to the monkeyswing in the right moment and get to the other side. Now, there is a little block puzzle with the face tiles. Push the right and left blocks, then push the middle one away to reveal a switch. Pushing it erases the fire.

SECRET 4: Push the boxes away so that you can get into the passage behind the left box, where you can find M16 Ammo (thanks to Sarikman here).

Now jump into the room below, jump to the right platform with a Little Medikit (not on the M16 Ammo one – it’s deadly). Back, turn right and jump to the safe far platform, then to the slope, jump with a right curve and grab the ledge, climb up into the next room. Slide and climb on the nearest pillar, shooting four mosquitoes. A good solution is to use M16 to kill them fast. On a far right pillar you can find Shotgun Ammo. Jump back, to the left slope and try to reach the ledge with Flares, hanging from the opposite ledge, shimmying left, dropping and jumping with a left curve. Or you can jump from the pillar where you killed the bugs, to the right slope. Slide for a while and at the end jump with a right curve to hang from the next pillar. Climb on the exit pillar and leave, but first get M16 Ammo from the far left ledge (not the Flares opposite). Slide down, kill an attacking mutant and take the second Element Mask. Climb up the far right slope structure as follows: Jump to the first slope, slide backward, jump to the second, then up. Grab the ledge, get up, slide, jump back to the second slope and jump with a left curve on the platform. Grab the crevice and shimmy left to the exit. Shimmy far as possible, climb up, turn and jump to the ledge with the M16. Drop into the next room and shoot two mutants, or better, climb the ladder and run away. Also, you can just hang from the ledge and climb up again to shoot the monsters and climb the ladder safely. Push the button and at the end jump up to the room with the flashbeam again.

Left Passage

Go into the left passage, the door opens and if you pass, it will close again behind you. Drop into the pool and avoid the blades, dive and find Shotgun Ammo on a ledge. Opposite of the four tunnels with the blades, there is another hole in the wall. Swim into a room with four exits, the first left one leads to M16 Ammo.

SECRET 5: The second right one (at junction swim left, then up and find a little hole) leads to a Large Medikit and the third secret of this level.

Swim into the second right one and at the junction swim right in the little hole, follow to the end, swim up and follow the long tunnel to a air hole and an underwater lever that opens a door somewhere. Swim back all the way to the big water room.

SECRET 6: Swim through one of the lower tunnels and find Shotgun Ammo on the ledge.

Now swim through the upper right. A formerly closed door is open now so swim through the corridor and climb out at the end. Pick up Shotgun Ammo and follow to a room with two mutants. Kill them, take Shotgun Ammo and go into the next room, shooting another three mutants. Tip: To kill these five enemies, place Lara in the linking corridor of the two rooms – the mutants couldn’t follow. Another way to kill the last three is to place Lara on the steps in front of Element Mask and avoid with sideflips their fire and return quickly on the steps. They can’t reach you there so you will be free to shoot them with the M16. Finally, you can take the Element Mask from the alcove and a Little Medikit from left of it. Climb the ladder right of it and follow the passage (partly diving) to the start of this area – get back to the room with the flashbeam.

Placing the Masks, Cave Jumps

Place all three Element Masks in the receptacles and you now have access to the button in a corridor. Push it to erase the fires in the flashbeam. Get there and drop, use the crawlspace to end in a darkish corridor. Pick up M16 Ammo and the Uzis. Climb the long ladder and go right. Find Flares and Uzi Ammo in the left and right side passages. Climb the next long ladder to outside the temple. Find a Little Medikit right. Drop into the courtyard and go right to find a ledge you can jump onto. Slide down and jump to the following platform, to the triangular ledge and left to the block. Run-jump to the next one, slide down left and jump to the triangular side of the platform, from there to the opening in the wall. Go to the leftmost point of the big slope and slide down. Jump to the next one, one more, then jump and grab the monkeyswing above you. Get to the other side, drop and go over that little walkway. At the end, turn 45 degrees left and jump with a backflip on the leftmost slope, then on the next slope. At the end, jump to the crawlspace and get up to end this level.

Level 2 – Escape with the Artifacts
Secrets: 5


You start this level sliding down a slope behind the crawlspace you entered at the end of level 1. Turn right and go left around the corner. Climb the right ladder and up the slope at the end, backflip to an alcove. Run-jump to the passage above the slope, but sprint quickly into the right alcove as a spike boulder rolls down! Run up when the boulder’s away, then jump over the next one. Danger awaits you, so run down the passage and jump into another right alcove.

SECRET 1: Turn around and right to see a ledge. Jump there and find Grenades and Shotgun Ammo. Return to that last alcove.

In the next passage you can find 2x Rockets, a Large Medikit and on a corner block the Rocket Launcher.

SECRET 2: Go back to the entrance of this room and find a movable block right. Pull it twice and run around it to find the Grenade Launcher.

Find a button left of the exit to open a gate somewhere elsewhere. Now return to the boulder slope and climb the last one, jump over the boulder and exit this area.

SECRET 3: Jump on the slope and back on the alcove you once used to get over that slope. Drop to the ledge and shimmy left until you can get up. Turn left and see one of the wall crawlspaces. Jump there and get into it to find Grenades. Get back on the ground.

Lava Room

Return to the start and this time go to the opposite direction, around few corners and shoot four mosquitoes. Go in the far left corner and find Shotgun Ammo. Turn and find a passage opposite, climb the blocks and jump into an alcove with a Little Medikit. Drop down and run to the big doorway. There are two boulders awaiting you, you know the technique, sprint in the first right, than in the left alcove before they hit you. Now get up and into the lava room you saw while pushing the button.

SECRET 4: Turn left and climb the block by jumping on the lowest part. Monkeyswing over to some Grenades and return.

Look at the rightmost slope. Jump to it and shimmy to the leftmost point. Climb up and slide, then jump at the latest moment to the next slope, then with a left curve to the third one, then two “easy” times more to land on a flat tile. Run to the right tile and run-jump to the next block, slide and jump to the next slope, then to the far one and grab the ledge. Shimmy far right as possible, climb up and jump as far as you can to the next slope, either drop and grab the ledge, then backflip with a midair turn and a left curve or try jumping directly with a left turn to the next slope, backflip to the last one and from there it is an easy jump to the exit.

Trap Collection, First Artifact

Get out of this room, slide down the slope and jump over two blades. Drop to another slope and Lara finds her way down at her own. Drop into a dark room with a spike ceiling that will lower when Lara has entered the room… You have to find three switches to escape, find the first on the right wall, the second directly opposite and the third directly right on the right wall of the second. Backflip with a mid-air turn and sprint towards and through the exit. A room with two still frozen Shivas awaits you. Go a bit right to trigger the first one. Three grenades were enough for him. Find Uzi and Shotgun Ammo on the left and right blocks, then go through the pillars and hear a door open. Head to the far right corner and enter a passage with two blade traps, simply jump over them in the right moment, and get to the next room. Run-jump to the opposite block when the swinging pot is far away, take Grenades, the Serpent Stone and the Infada Stone with you, then run-jump back and over the blades to re-enter the Shiva room. Pick up a Little Medikit and insert the Serpent Stone in the receptacle on the other side of the pillar ahead. Kill the second Shiva and exit this room via the gate opposite the gem receptacle that is open now.

Mutant Prison, Second Artifact

Run up the stairs, pick up some Rockets at the end and find yourself in a room with many mutant cells. When entering it two of them will be released, so after killing them with a good weapon run to the ladder on the central pillar and climb it. Take the Element 115 and three more mutants will be released. Kill all of them and explore the cages for Flares, Rockets (a mutant will be released), a Large Medikit in the last one’s cage (the last mutant will be released) and Shotgun Ammo. Push the button and a door in the big hall opens.

Block Puzzle, Third Artifact

Head through and find a block puzzle. First of all, pull the right block to climb on it and jump to a ledge with a Little Medikit.

SECRET 5: Pull the latter block to the opposite wall (there’s a face on the ceiling). A left door opens and you can find Grenades and Rockets in the adjacent crawlspace.

Pull the latter block to the middle one, so that they form a line, looking from the higher block. Push this one on the right block now. Push and pull the middle one around the right one, so that you can climb on it and pull the left, higher one once. Lower in the crawlspace behind you. Get through and run-jump from the icy bridge to the snowy ramp. Climb up left, slide, jump and grab the ledge. Climb up and find the Eye of Isis in an alcove. Get out and find Rockets right of it. Turn and run-jump from the walkway to the other opposite one. Now run-jump to the right hand corner ledge. Find a crawlspace and go through the open gate. Climb the highest block now and from there you can get into a high alcove.

Shiva Room

Follow the long corridor and slide down a bit at its end. Pick up Grenades and slide into the next room, where you will meet another Shiva. Kill it and go in the passage behind the right frozen Shiva to find Rockets. Go to the opposite slope construction and backflip up the first, then jump up until you find a wall lever. Pull it down to activate the next Shiva. Get a Little Medikit in the grotto behind the lever. Kill the Shiva from above or on the floor, as you like it. Get into the newly opened door and fight two mutants (Tip: Trigger them while on the top and jumping above the gap, then kill them from above). Push a button in one of the cages to open the next gate in the grotto. Get there and slide down the ramp instead of entering the crawlspace.

Boss Fight

Go downstairs and slide, thereon drop into the room with Willard himself. Take the Rocket Launcher (best way because you see how much ammo you need) and shoot four times at him while constantly running around. When he retires for a moment, push one of the two buttons (if you are fast, you also can pick up the Serpent Gem). He awakes, you shoot four times and push the next button. He awakes again. Now you have to shoot him again, but be sure you and he are in a good position (i.e. you are near the ramps in one corner and he is in the other “half” of the room). After shooting the fourth time jump the slopes and get into a passage. Quickly push the button and the spider will be trapped in the other half and is thus harmless. Get back over the right and long crawlspace. Jump back to the central ring and from there to the left ladder. Climb it to the top and use the Serpent Stone to release the cage with the last artifact. Drop down the right ladder, slide and grab the next ladder, get down a bit and backflip with a mid-air turn to grab the ledge of the walkway. Crawl right and run-jump to the exit stairs. Run up the long stairs and then the ramp, climb the left ladder and slide down. Right is the formerly ignored crawlspace, ignore it again but slide down the next slope. Go right and some doors open for you.


See a cutscene of the last Shiva waking up, follow the passage and use the crawlspace at the end to get to the room with the last artifact. Kill the Shiva and take the Ora Dagger with you, a door opens at the top of this room. Just a few steps to do to escape. Climb the block opposite of the very first entrance to this room, get into the left crawlspace and hang off the left ledge. Shimmy left until you can stand up. Turn left and jump to the next crevice, shimmy left and climb up once again. Turn left again and jump to the ledge with the ladder. Get on that one, climb left and up, to the top. Turn right and run-jump to the crawlspace, go up at the end and jump to the exit platform. Climb the rocks and follow the passage outside to watch the ending slideshow. You have made it!